*New Rule Signs for Cemeteries*
By Jeanie Lowe
July 2008

     There is a new and improved look at all Menard County cemeteries that are controlled and maintained by the Menard County Cemetery Maintenance Association. The old signs were sorely in need of updating and the new signs blend into the atmosphere and are much less offensive. It's good to see our tax dollars being used for these sorts of improvements.

     The new signs reflect an ordinance recently passed which provides guidelines on how recording of stones should be done, when there is a need to “touch” the stone. For more information or to obtain a permit, call the cemetery office number at the bottom of the page. Or you may e-mail them at: menardcocemeterymd@sbcglobal.net

Following are the rules listed on the sign.

*Cemetery Rules*

1.  No alcohol of any kind.

2.  All Pets must be on a leash.

3.  No planting of any kind will be permitted unless approved by the Cemetery & Maintenance District.

4.  No digging of any kind.

5.  All foundations must be installed by the District.

6.  No one except immediate family or District personnel may remove any decorations from any grave site.

7.  No parking on the grass.

8.  Please take all trash when you leave.

9.  Only three (3) decorations per grave site.

10.  Only one (1) shepherd hook per head stone & it must be hanging over the stone.

11.  No persons except District personnel shall mow in the cemetery.

12.  No glass, including those wrapped in tin foil or loose rock or rock in containers.

13.  No loud music or parties.

14.  All Cemeteries will be closed from Dusk until Dawn.

15.  No moving or sitting on headstones.

16.  No cleaning, rubbing or chalking of stones without first obtaining permit with the exception of immediate family members.

17.  No one is allowed in the cemetery when maintenance is being performed or during a burial service with the exception of those connected with the service.

18.  All permits must be obtained from the District Office, located at:
      19127 State Hwy 123
      Petersburg, IL 62675.

19.  Failure to follow these rules could result in arrest and up to a $500 fine if convicted.

These rules were put into place by Ordinance – NO. 102, Enacted on March 12, 2008 by the Menard County Cemetery Maintenance District Board of Trustees.

Click here to read the entire text of Ordinance No. 102

For more information please contact the Menard County Cemetery Maintenance District Office at (217) 632-3022

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