Alexander Markwell Gets A Visitor


Pat Morgan, a descendant of Alexander Markwell, recently came to Menard
county, Illinois and visited the Smoot Cemetery. She found the cemetery,
in a beautiful country setting, but overgrown. Through the weeds and
dozens of other stones, she found Alexander Markwell's stone.

About five years ago, the cemetery benefited greatly from about 30
boyscouts who cleaned the cemetery and cut down a lot of overgrown
brush. The local farmer now burns the cemetery off about once a year to
help keep the growth down.

Denny Custer is the descendant who originally came to Illinois in 2003
to search for the Alexander Markwell stone. After hours of work on a
rainy day, the stone was found. It had fallen over and was buried under
a few inches of dirt. Denny was there when the stone was found with the
help of the boyscouts. It was a great day for Denny and his wife. Denny
made a very generous contribution to the Scout troop that day for all
their hard work. It was a great day. Denny then had the stone placed
upright and so it was good to see that the stone is still standing proud.

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