Grave Stones Found - McEndree, Sumter, Keagle 




Menard County, Illinois --  17N 6W, Section 13

Six stones were found this month in the Sugar Point cemetery in Menard County, IL. Three of those had not previously been recorded.  Stan Lowe took pictures of the stones on 26 June 2007 and they are online here.

The 1981 reading done by James Toal for publication in the cemetery books, list 10 names in this cemetery. Five names were added to the original listing, about 20 years later, when Shirley Aleguas found their names in the Menard county death records and they were identified as  having been buried in this cemetery. Then, on a very cold day in January 2002 Jeanie Lowe, with the help of Duane Albert and John Robinson, found and took pictures of four of the stones on the list.  At that time the burial ground was full of briars, brush and small trees. It was hard to find the stones.

The Sugar Point Cemetery or sometimes called Claypool after a man who once owned the land, is now being cleaned up by a neighbor to the cemetery and he is doing a wonderful job. With the briars, brush and small trees all cleared away, the stones are becoming more easily found. We believe that more will be found as the restoration of this little cemetery continues.

These stones were added today: 27 June 2007:

Keagle, James F. d. 19 July 1853 Aged 9 yr 4 days Son of J. & A. Keagle
* Keagle, Samuel C. d. 17 Sept 1847 Aged 11 Months 17 days Son of J. & A. Keagle
McEndree, Levi d. 15 Feb 1844 Aged 17 months 4 days Son of  G.C. & P. McEndree
McEndree, Asbury d. 25 Feb 1864 Aged 1 yr 4 months 16 days Son of G.C. & M. Endree
* Sumter, James J. d. 23 Jan 1856 Son of G.W. & A. Sumter - was previously listed as infant with no first name
* Sumter, Margaret d. 25 Feb 1860 Aged 2 yrs. 17 days Dau of G.W. & A. Sumter

Also found was the top portion of the stone for Mary Keagle which gives the rest of the birth date
Keagle, Mary b. 22 Aug 1793 d. 15 Aug 1851 Wife of John Keagle

NOTE: names with an asterisk were in previous listings with no pictures

Written and submitted by Jeanie Lowe
27 June 2007
Pictures taken by Stan Lowe
26 June 2007

Tombstone pictures taken previously:

CENTER, Joseph W.   d. Oct. 2, 1868 Age 73 yr 7 mo 17 da   top view ... bottom view

KEAGLE, Susan   d. Oct. 8, 1853 Age 24 yr Dau of J. & M. Keagle

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