Woldridge Family Reunion

June 21, 2008
Rt. 1, Box 15
Fay, Oklahoma 73646
Phone 580-887-3316 or 3317
e-mail: indianrecords@pldi.net
web site – www.indianrecordsinc.com

Descendants of Abe Lincoln's first client – David Woldridge – will travel from all over the country to a reunion planned by Harlena June “Nene" (Woldridge) and her husband Oscar Humphreys of Fay, Oklahoma. We are trying to contact all who would be interested in attending. Please sign the Woldridge blog and let us know about you: http://www.illinoisancestors.org/menard/cemeteries/woldridge_cem/woldridge_old.html

Following is the invitation from Nene (Woldridge) Humphrey:

The time has come for the Woldridge family members to find each other.
We know where just a small few are and we intend to find the many many more that have gone missing for many years and we need your help in doing so. This family in America goes back to John Wooldridge (with two oo's) who came to this country landing in Virginia.

He had six children, the third being his son William Wooldridge who had Richard Wooldridge Sr. who had five children, the fifth being Richard Woldridge Jr. who had ten children, the oldest son being David Wooldridge. He was born in 1801 and after he was grown he moved to the Springfield, IL area to farm and he dropped on of the O's from the spelling of the Wooldridge to become Woldridge as the family name.

He married Margaret G. Hawthorne and they had seven children. Both died in 1857 and are buried on what was their farm near Petersburg, IL. Since many years passed by and in the 1960's the grave markers of the total cemetery were bulldozed into a nearby ravine and the ground is being farmed over. The graves of 30 or so people.

A movement is in progress to try to restore somewhat this area for our forefather and this needs to be discussed more when we get together. The forth son of David and Margaret (Hawthorn) Woldridge, Jackson Heath Woldridge moved to Fay, Oklahoma to homestead in the land runs. There is a lot more to be said so let's all get together and visit, visit, at the Woldridge Reunion it is all set up and the building is reserved at,

Fay, Oklahoma (School)
June 21, 2008 (Saturday)
A Noon meal is planned as pot luck covered dish.

We need Woldridge addresses to send this mailer to. Please let us hear from you.


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