The Grandfathers
Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families
Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981

Section IV
Chapter 13, Page 142

Hall-Overstreet Family Records

A partial list of family marriages occurring in Sangamon county, Illinois during the years 1834 - 1858 inclusive. +

GroomBrideDateBy Whom Married
Matthew Rogers Sussanna Overstreet 12-23-1834 Rev. Peter
Louis Ganderson Delia Overstreet 6-21-1835 Rev. Jas. Shepherd
James W. Hall Catherine Claypool 1-3-1836 Rev. Joel Hughes
Lipe C. Hurt Eleanor Overstreet 11-20-1836 Rev. Jas. Shepherd
John R. Overstreet Rachel Cantrall 4-13-1839 Rev. I. M. Little
Abraham Primm Lucinda Hall +++ 6-18-1839 Rev. Young McClellan
Corydon Clark Matilda Jane Hall ++ 11-2-1843 Rev. Geo. Roberts
Abner Banks Hall ++ Helen J. Francis1-4-1844 Rev. Geo. Roberts
Isaac D. Patterson Sarah Hall +++ 3-7-1845 Rev. I. M. Little
William Moran Nancy Hall ++ 4-20-1845 Rev. John W. Taylor
James P. Hall +++ Mary Jane Pierce 12-24-1850 Rev. Albert Hale
John Hall ++++ Laura Stone 2-26-1858 Rev. Albert Hale

+ Until 1839 the area in which the Hall families lived was a part of Sangamon county, with the county seat at Springfield. In later years those wishing to be married in the Presbyterian church frequently married in Springfield. With the exception of Sussanah Overstreet, the other Overstreet women were daughters of Dabney Overstreet. John R. Overstreet was his son.
++ Family of Abner Hall, 1795 - 1843
+++ Family of Elisha Hall, 1783 - 1838
++++Family of James Hall, c. 1790 - c. 1850.
Sussannah Overstreet was the widow of Rev. John Overstreet, Jr. 1785 - 1834.

The marriages listed above, excepting the Rogers-Overstreet marriage, are of the second generation of the family, children of the Illinois pioneers.



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