The Grandfathers
Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families
Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981

Section VII
Chapter 25, Page 264

Hall-Overstreet Family Records

A partial list of family marriages occurring in Menard
county, Illinois during the year 1841 - 1865 inclusive. +

GroomBrideDateBy Whom Married
Wesley Hall ++
Nancy Ferguson
Coleman Smoot, J.P.
John Nelson Hall +++Sara Parker4-17-1842John Imison, J.P.
Mathew LounsberryNancy Overstreet10-20-1844J.M. Robinson, J.P.
George Hall +++ Nancy W. Short 4-15-1848A.J. Graves. M.G.
Samuel Lounsberry
Susan Overstreet
Jas. Robinson, J.P.
Isaac Ogden
Julia Overstreet
A.H. Goodpasture,M.G.
William B. England
Martha F. Hall ++++
J.M. Hurt, J.P.
William F. Roberts
Elizabeth A. Ayers ++++
R.A. Criswell, M.G.
James ClineEliza Hall ++++11-20-1856James Mott, M.G.
Isaac Ogden
Jane Overstreet
L.B. Carpenter, M.G.
Samuel Lounsberry
Margaret Overstreet
G.B. Wolf, M.G.
Abram Smith HarrisArminda Jane Clark ++++3-16-1865H.P. Curry, M.G.
Dabney Hall +++ Tabitha A Short4-13-1865R.A. Criswell, M.G.
J.P = Justice of the Peace  M.G. = Minister of the Gospel 

+After 1839 the Athens area became a part of Menard county, Illinois. Petersburg, the county seat then became the site of many marriages.
++Wesley Hall, descendant Thomas Hall, brother of Abner, Elisha and James Hall who pioneered Illinois. All descendants Hezekiah Hall, 1741 - 1811
+++All descendants of Elisha Hall, 1783 - 1838, Athens, Ill. pioneer
++++All descendants of Abner Hall, 1795 - 1843, Athens, Ill., Pioneer.

All Overstreets descended Dabney Overstreet, second son of John Overstreet, 1760 - 1848; all pioneers to Menard county, Ill.

N.B. Samuel Lounsberry and Isaac Ogden each married two Overstreet women, sisters of their first spouses who died. These families all lived in the Oakford, Ill. area of Menard county



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