The Grandfathers
Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families
Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981

Section I
Chapter 4, Page 42

Given Name Comparison for the Colonial Va. Hall Families

II -a
Family of: +     
Wm. Hall
d. 1757
Family of: ++
John and Magdalene (Smith) Hall       
d. 1794
Family of +++
       Hezekiah and Keziah Banks Hall        
d. 1811
Name   | Name    Possible Source| Name  Possible Source
John 3|John  3-4father-uncle?|  grandfather
Hezekiah+  |William  3grandfather| -4uncle
Elisha 3|*Matthew  3uncle in Penna.| 3-4family name
Charles  |Jesse  3 |  grand aunt
William 3|Hezekiah  3from uncle|  family name
Thomas 3|Elisha  3-4family name| 3-4Banks family?
Sarah 2|Tabitha  3-4family name| 3-4Penna. Halls?
Rebecca 3|Keziah  3from aunt| 3-4local name
Sussana  |David**   from mother's g-f| 3from mother
Cousin marriages
No cousin marriages
Code: +from court records ++ from grandson's list +++ from marriage record
I, II, II-a=basic generations in Bedford Co. Va.
-4=persistency of name in generations beyound I and II and II -a
Hezekiah's name not in court order as he became 21 prior to settlement of the estate. John was 21 at time of William's death in 1757.

Authors notes: * (Thomas?) Matthew - if so, adds another Thomas to the list, supporting name of another brother of William, d. 1757.
Family data

I.    John as oldest son inherited all William's property. As in Custom of the time, younger children 'minors' made wards Of the court and placed in other homes. These seem orientated to Campbell and Franklin counties. Hezekiah's name placed in list by author Names of related groups - Estes, DePriest, Perkins
II    Arranged according to a grandson's list (1874) Family lived on Rockcastle Creek and generally stayed in Va. Had mill, owned slaves, supported the CSA. Migration below Ohio River to Tenn., Miss., Ky., Mo. Only recorded Banks marriage in this line. Smith line.
II-a    Arranged according to Will and marriage data. Lived on Back Creek. No slaves. Family migrated above the Ohio River to Oh., Ind., Ill. And Ia., Nearly all left Va. Were Unionists in Civil War. Assumed Banks line in group. Other lines: Dabney and Overstreet.

Comments: Underlined names above in chart show persistency of given names from original family groups through generations three - four and beyond. David in group II not in proper order. Key names to tie groups together **Elishia - Tabitha in addition to John - William - Thomas. Colonial families did not use middle names or initials. No records available of children that did not become adult.



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