The Grandfathers
Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families
Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981

Section I
Chapter 4, Page 44

A Colonial Marriage Bond

Know all men by these presents that the John Hall & Euclid Wills are held firmly Bound to the Cwealth of Virginia in the Sum of Fifty Pounds to them. & Payment will & Truly be made We bind ourselves our heirs & firmly by these presents Sealed & Dated this 30th Jany. 1778.
The Condition of the above Oblign is Such that Whereas there is a Marriage Shortly intended to be had & Solemnized between the above Bound John Hall & Molly Wills. If Therefore there be made no lawful Cause to Obstruct the Same then the same Oblign to be Void otherwise to Remain in full force & Valid.
Sealed & Deliverd       John Hall {seal}
In the presence of      Euclid Wills {seal}

(on back of bond)
To the Clerk of Bedford County
Sir This is to testify that I am willing that you should grant Lisonce of marriage Between John Hall
& my Daughter Moley wills And you will oblige in kind.
Euclid Wills Jany. 28th 1778

Several family researchers has assumed this bond is between John Hall, son of John Hall, d. 1794, and Molly Wills daughter of a neighbor.
The Wills family, active in the revolution, were to have descendants living in the Goose Creek - Rockcastle Creek area as late as the Civil War.
With no evidence to the contrary the writer accepts the forgoing



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