The Grandfathers:
a personal bi-centennial history
The story of the families of one
man that spans the history of the
United States of America

By Carrol Carman Hall

Volume I

An 'anecdotal' accounting of the
Hall - Overstreet family
(his father's) ….

of Bedford Co., Virginia that
pioneered in Ohio and then
moved on to Illinois ….

Where they platted and named
The village of Athens in
Menard County ….the Lincoln

Privately published at Spring-
field, Illinois, 1981 ….
The 150th year of the founding
of Athens….

"We can give our children a name---but, with a 'family history'
we can give them a 'heritage'…"

Special Notice
Only fifty copies of this history have been printed.
It is not priced for sale. Copies will be given to the
'Cousins' in the family and to a selected list of family
members or other parties who contributed to its writing by
furnishing essential information.

Copies of the volume are to be placed in various
libraries where interested family members or those conducting
genealogical searches may review its contents.

Copies of this family history may be found in the following libraries:

Illinois State Historical Library, Springfield
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
Library, Sons of the American Revolution, Louisville, Ky.
Public Library, Athens, Ill.
Public Library, Petersburg, Ill.
Illinois State Archives, Springfield
Sangamon Valley Room, Lincoln Library, Springfield, Ill.
Virginia Historical Society Library, Richmond
Public Library, Bedford, Va.
Library, Church of the Later-Day Saints, Salt Lake City
Jones Memorial Library, Lynchburg, Va.
Briggs-Lawrence County Public Library, Ironton, Oh.
Iowa State Historical Library, Des Moines
Public Library, Fairmont, Minn.
Everton Library, Logan, Utah
Newberry Library, Chicago, Ill.

The family history is developed on the background of Colonial Virginia, The Revolutionary War, the migration westward to Ohio and then to Illinois. Especial attention is given to the history of Athens, Illinois (Menard Co.); its early beginning, its founding in 1831, the pioneer period and the Civil War to WWII.


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