The Grandfathers
Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families
Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981

Page 112

She Sewed Up His Pants

Good 'grandmother' stories are hard come by - they were plenty busy having babies!

Here's a Hall family story that involves a grandmother and Abe Lincoln:

The grandmother was Jane (Overstreet) Hall, wife of Abner Hall, and mother of the parties discussed in this chapter.

'It occurs that at one time during Lincoln's earlier years, when he was a surveyor, that he ripped his britches - and considering his limited wardrobe, this was a serious situation.

'Jane came to his rescue, she sewed up his rips.'

Since the author was not present on the occasion, he cannot personally vouch for the act. However, since he is a Hall and must stand by his kin, he tells this family story. Well - it could be!

After all, Abe was around Athens a lot. Abner Banks and Jennett (Francis) Hall ran the tavern there and Jane and her family lived next door.

(Contributed by, Marjorie Jordan, Gardnerville, Nevada - a Hall family descendant in the Abner and Jane (Overstreet) Hall line.)



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