The Grandfathers
Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families
Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981

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The Name of Abner

The name of Abner entered the family through the family of Hezekiah and Keziah (Banks) Hall. It is thought to have stemmed from Abner Anthony a powerful and well-known Methodist preacher of colonial Bedford county, Va. It was not a traditional family name at the time of its introduction. It became popular in the family.

Abner Hall, d. 1843 son Hezekiah Hall, d. 1811
Abner Banks Hall, d. 1896 son Abner Hall, d. 1843
Abner Smith, son Sarah, dau. Hezekiah, d. 1811
Abner Miles, g/son " " " "
Abner Overstreet son Dabney Overstreet, d. c. 1858
Chas. Abner Hall son Chas. W. Hall, d. 1938
Abner Banks Hall, d. 1924 son Jas. Wesley Hall, d. 1870
Chas. Abner Hall, d. 1971 son Jas. Newton Hall, d. 1928

From the data shown, the name Abner entered the family in 1795 and continued until 1971 - a little less then 200 years. Not the duplication of names in different generations; i.e., Abner Banks Hall and Chas. Abner Hall.

This name does not appear among our southern cousins - most of them were Baptists!


Add one more:
Earl Abner Hall, 1889 - 1909, killed while learning the trade of brickmason.
His line: William, d. 1757; Hezekiah, d. 1811; Abner, d. 1843; Abner Banks Hall, d. 1896; Calvin Francis Hall, d. 1955; Earl Abner Hall, d. 1909. ____________

And still another:
Abner Banks Hall, d. 1896, had a son named for him that died as an infant.

And another!
William Abner Clark, 1855 - 1881, son, Corydon and Matilda Jane (Hall) Clark.



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