The Grandfathers
Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families
Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981

Page 125

Another Wounded Veteran

James Floyd Hall, b. 1925, is a permanently disabled veteran of World War II. He was with the first wave of Marines that stormed the beach at Iwo Jima. He was wounded; he carries a five-inch bayonet scar on his left. Today, he is incapacitated by complications brought on by his service wounds. The doctors call it 'myelinization' - the breakdown of the protective coating on the nerves.

Fortunately, he lived at a different time than Hugh Trent (above)! James Floyd Hall not only has his medals but the benefits of the Veterans Administration.

James Floyd Hall, II, his son, served in the same unit of the Marines, the Fifth Regiment. He was wounded in Viet Nam!'

Their family line: William (1); Hezekiah (2); Abner (3); Jas. W. (4); Jas. N. (5); Chas. Abner (6); Jas. F. (7); Jas. F. II (8).



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