The Grandfathers
Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families
Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981

Page 154

Names on the Land

Wherever families settle, they often create landmarks bearing their names. Over the United States there are thousands of Hall landmarks. Here are a few, known to the author, directly associated with his family:

On the old Bedford county, Va., maps of the Rockcastle Creek area showed 'Hall's Mill Road.' If still in existence it is likely a farm service road.

Just north of Athens, Ill., (Menard Co.) and meandering across the north edge of the village is Hall's branch - a small creek. This was on early settled Hall land.

Three miles southwest of Athens, along the Sangamon River bottom is a small lake formed by the river over-flow. This is Hall's Lake, on land originally owned by family members. It is on some maps.

Hall's Lake which is the largest of five lakes, now in the limits of Fairmount, Minn., was named for Elisha Banks Hall, son of Elisha Hall, 1783-1838, one of the brothers that settled Athens, Ill.

Hallsburg, Texas (now covered by a power company lake) was named for Dr. William E. Hall, 1848-1923, a grandson of the Elisha Hall, who pioneered Athens. Dr. Hall gave land for a railroad right-of-way.

Carlyle Hall Road is an important county road north of Seattle, Washington aiding commuter travel to and from the city. Carlyle Hall was a direct descendant of Abner Hall, brother to the Elisha Hall named above.

Hallsville, Ill., (Dewitt Co.) was named by descendants of a Hall family from Bedford Co. Va., that came to Ill. by way of Ky. They are thought by some to be related to Athens Halls - this relationship has not been verified.

There were Hall schools, Hall cemeteries, etc. In most instances the original source of the name is not known.



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