The Grandfathers
Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families
Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981

Page 174

The Name of James

Assuming that the given name of 'James' originated with James Higgs, father-in-law of Mahlon Hall in colonial Pennsylvania, it has persisted through the Abner Hall branch of the family until the present date and may be the most persistent name for boys in the group. Here they are:
James Higgs, d. 1753
James Hall, d. 1841 g/s J. Higgs
James Hall, d. 1850 s. Heze. d. 1811
James Hall, b. 1850, s. Jas. d. 1850
Jas. W. Hall, s. Abner Hall, d. 1843
Jas. N. Hall, s. J.W. Hall, d. 1870
Jas. L. Hall s. J.N. Hall, d. 1928
Jas. R. Hall, s. J.L. Hall, d. 1962
Jas. F. Hall, s. Chas. A. Hall, d. 1971
Jas. F. Hall II, s. J.F. Hall, b. 1925
Jas. F. Hall III, g/s/ J.F. Hall, b. 1925

The Higgs family
were Quakers, living
in Pennsylvania.
James Higg's daughter
Jane married into the
Hall family.

This name has persisted
in the family for two and
a half centuries.

Other sons names James are to be in other family branches.



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