The Grandfathers
Vol.I, The Hall and Overstreet Families
Carrol Carman Hall, Springfield, IL, 1981

Page 260

Hall Family Burials

There are two cemeteries at Athens, Illinois: Old West Cemetery, given by Abner Hall to the town in 1843 and The Hall Cemetery given to Athens by Joel Hall, a bachelor druggist and of a different Hall family, in the late 1880s.

Most historic is Old West, where the pioneers were buried. More modern in its upkeep, etc., The Hall Cemetery became popular for burials of family members of later generations. As a result, members of the Hall-Overstreet family are buried in both places.

Other family burials are at Indian Point, Petersburg, and Oakford and in small country graveyards.

An interested family searcher, using this history as a name course, can find the graves and markers (those that still exist) in Old West and, of course, in the newer, better kept, Hall Cemetery.



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