Pioneers of Menard & Mason Counties
Including Personal Reminiscens of Abraham Lincoln & Peter Cartwright
By T.G. Onstot, 1902

Duff Armstrong's Statement

Page 100

It was our intention to interview Duff Armstrong while he lived at Easton in reference to the above case, but before we could he moved to Pleasant Plains. We noticed afterwards, in the Globe Democrat, an account of his side of the case, in which he said that a number of the boys were at camp-meeting and nearly all were intoxicated. There had been considerable fighting during the day, and he, being tired, lay down on a dry goods box and went to sleep. While sleeping, some person pulled him off the box; he expostulated with the person and laid down again. When the same party pulled him from the box the second time he arose up and a general fight commenced. The next morning he heard the Medscar was killed in the fray and that he was accused of the murder. That's all he knew about the affair. This statement is so different from what the witnesses swore to in the court that we give it for what it is worth.

Transcribed by:Brenda Hamilton Johnson



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