Pioneers of Menard & Mason Counties
Including Personal Reminiscens of Abraham Lincoln & Peter Cartwright
By T.G. Onstot, 1902

The Campbellites

Page 123

In early days it was no stigma to call this division of the army of the Lord Campbellites. They were the followers of Alexander Campbell and were not ashamed of there parentage. Now, we believe, they prefer to call themselves Christians, which is not objected to, unless they lay claim to being the only church that is entitled to the name. In early days it was said that the Campbellites and the dog-fennel took the town every fall; that is, the church had a revival about the time the dog-fennel crop ripened. Some worthy evangelist would come along and after a few days' preaching would increase fifty to a hundred and go on his way rejoicing. I remember Aaron White as a zealous advocate of the doctrines of this church. He always carried his Testament with him, with marked passages of scripture, ready to defend his faith.

At Sugar Grove William Engle was a preacher belonging to this church. He was a short, heavy-set man, of good speech, and never let any man get ahead of him in an argument. All old settlers remember "Bill" Engle. He was a jolly story teller. I heard him and "Fog" Atchison telling in Petersburg which had the fattest sheep. An ox hooked one the other day and we rendered it up. It was all tallow and its tail made a tallow candle." He got the laugh on Atchison.

The Christian Church has many schools and colleges. One at Eureka turns out many young men well educated. The church had taken advanced ground on the temperance question and most of its preachers and members are prohibitionists.

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