Pioneers of Menard & Mason Counties
Including Personal Reminiscens of Abraham Lincoln & Peter Cartwright
By T.G. Onstot, 1902

He Preferred Grant's Whisky

Page 66

In the war of the rebellion the officers were very jealous of one another. Many of the defeats might be traced to the officers being afraid that some other man would get the honor of a victory. Gen. Palmer was always kicking for promotion till he kicked himself out of the army. Before the war was half over a lot of these officers, being jealous of Grant's continued victories, waited on old Abe and clamored for Grant's removal. He heard their complaints and asked them what was the matter with Grant. "Isn't he a good fighter," said he. "Yes." Replied the officers, "but he drinks too much whisky." "What kind of whisky does he drink?" asked Lincoln. "I wanted to know, for if I could find out I would order a barrel of the kind Grant drinks for each one of the generals in the army." They saw the point and quietly withdrew. Transcribed by:Brenda Hamilton Johnson



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