Mrs. Balster

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Mrs. Mary Balster celebrated her 82nd birthday Tuesday. Mrs. Balster, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Heeren Gerdes, was born Sept. 30, 1859, on a farm three and one-half miles west of Petersburg. Forty-eight years ago she and her husband, John D. Balster, now deceased, moved to the farm four miles north of the city, where she still resides.

She is the mother of three children, Miss Anna and John, at home, and Harry G. Balster, cashier of the Schirding Bank. She has four grandchildren, John H. Balster of Peoria, Private Wayne D. Balster, stationed with the 61st C. A. of the U.S. Army, now in the Louisana war maneuvers, sons of John G. Balster, and Miss Ann and Edwin K. Balster, children of Mr. And Mrs. Harry G. Balster, both of Chicago.

Saturday evening she was the guest of honor at a turkey dinner at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Harry G. Balster. Other guests were Miss Ann Balster and Mr. And Mrs. Edwin K. Balster, Mr. And Mrs. Ralph O. Winenweder, all of Chicago; Miss Anna Balster, John G. Balster, Mrs. Minna Kruger, Mrs. A. Satorius, Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsey and Miss Freda Ortgesen. After dinner the guests enjoyed moving pictures, shown by Mr. Winenwerder, which he had taken here on a previous visit.

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