From the Petersburg Observer, Date unknown

The above organization met last Tuesday evening and completed the arrangements by the adoption of rules and by-laws. Also, those not having instruments placed their order for the purchase of the same. The following is the officers and names of members, with the instrument assigned each:

Cornets:-- J.R. Feagans, Leader and Director, Curt. White, A.F. Rogers, Jas. L. Hawkins, Geo. U. Miles, Secretary.
Clarinets:-- Cave Levering, Jr., Treasurer, Frank Pride, B.F. Arnold, J.E. Davis.
Piccolo:-- A.E. Wiley.
Altos:-- Will Kelley, Frank Bell, Tot Shipp.
Tenors:-- Fred Black and Chas. Quaintance.
Baritones:-- F.M. Tarry and John Bahmann.
Basses:-- Mart. Carmody and Jos. E. Clayton.
Trombones:-- C.S. McCullough, J.G. Smith, Chas. Kipfer, Henry Kern.
Drums:-- Bass Drum, J.M. Montgonery, Tenor Drum, R.L. Bean.
Two Drum Majors

Submitted by: John Feagans

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