Abner Feagans Death
Petersburg Democrat. Dated April 29, 1871

SAD ACCIDENT - On Monday last a shocking accident occurred which resulted in the death of an old citizen, Mr. Abner Feagans. The circumstances of this sad affair are substantially as follows: Mr. Feagans, on Monday, took his team and crossed over to the east side of the river for a load of wood; on his return the tire came off of one of the forward wheels of the wagon, which he put on again as well as he could, and succeeded in getting it to town; when he entered East First street the tire again came off and frightened the team which immediately passed up the street at the top of its speed. Mr. Feagans would have succeeded in stopping the horses, in all probability, had not the felloes and spokes given away to such an extent as to throw him from his seat on to the broken wheel by which he was dragged a distance of nearly one hundred and fifty yards, stripping nearly all the clothes off him and lacerating his body in a shocking manner. The team was finally stopped in the vicinity of Wright's mill, and Mr. Feagans taken to his residence where he expired, between five and six o'clock in the evening, some two hours after the accident. Mr. Feagans was sixty years old, has been a resident of this town for the last twenty-five years, and leaves a large family to mourn the loss of a kind husband and indulgent father, so rudely torn from them, in good health, by this terrible and shocking accident.

Submitted by: John Feagans


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