91 Years Old
Mrs. Mary E. Watkins

Newspaper Unknown, 1950

Salisbury, Aug. 26--Mrs. Mary E. Watkins, of Salisbury, who ws 91 years old Aug. 16, was honored at a family dinner Sunday at her home. She was born in Menard county and has resided in her present home for 55 years. Her husband, George, died 40 years ago.

Mrs. Watkins had nine children, five of whom are living. They are: Mrs. Ollie Horton, Springfield; Mrs. G. C. Irwin, Sun Valley, Calif.; W. L. Watkins, Jacksonville; W. E. Watkins, Glassford, and J. A. Watkins, of St. Louis. She has 34 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren.

Piecing quilts is Mrs. Watkins hobby.

[Additional information: Her full name was Mary Elizabeth Hohimer Watkins, born August 16, 1859. Her daugher Maude was married to Grover C. Irwin. Newspaper source was likely The Illinois State Journal or The Petersburg Observer]

Submitted by: Susan Monaghan


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