Henry Luke Dies of Poisoning.
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Coroner's Jury Decides That Arsenic Was Taken With Suicidal Intent.
Henry Luke, a middle-aged German, who moved from a farm on Sandridge about two years ago, and with his wife resided in a cottage in the Third ward, formerly owned by W.J. Custer, died at his home as six o'clock Thursday morning of arsenical poisoning. A coroner's jury composed of Henry Eischenauer, F.W. Burhorn, Frank Golden, Wm. Estill, H.O. Rogge and Wm. Bryant, after hearing the evidence of the dead man's wife and Dr. Moulton, returned a verdict to the effect that the deadly drug was taken with suicidal intent. The evidence adduced was as follows:

Mrs. Wilhelmine Luke: Wife of deceased. Had been over to Mrs. Wiseman's Wednesday evening. Came home about 8 o'clock and my husband said he had taken a physic which I supposed was bitter salts. We went to bed and about 10 or 11 o'clock he woke me and said he was feeling badly and began throwing up. Sent for Dr. Moulton about 3 a.m. Was afraid he had taken poison. Had not said he would kill himself but sat around so quiet I was afraid for that reason took a packet or arsenic which I had to Dr. Moulton for advice. I threw poison in fire when I came home. We got along very well in our married life. He had $2,000 life insurance.

Dr. H.P. Moulton: Was called between 3:00 and 3:30 a.m., March 12, to see Henry Luke. Found him in convulsions. Sent for Dr. Wilkins. Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Luke came into my office with a package of arsenic, which she said she thought her husband got in Springfield, and asked if it was enough to kill a man. I said: "Yes, a dozen or so." She also said her husband tried to chloroform himself the night before; that he was despondent, but that if I took the poison away he would get more. Mr. Luke died at 6 a.m. of poison by arsenic.

Besides his wife the unfortunate man is survived by three children, all grown. His funeral will occur from the German M.E. church on Sandridge at 10 o'clock Saturday morning, Rev. Maurer officiating. Interment in Sandridge cemetery.

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