From the Petersburg Observer, Date unknown.

The reception tendered by Mrs. John M. Smoot and daughters, Mrs. John L. Laning and Mrs. A.E. DuQuoin, on Tuesday afternoon to the new daughter and sister, Mrs. Harold Smoot (nee Louise Nance), was an elaborate affair and perfect in every detail besides being a delight to the feminine eye in its lavish display of stunning millinery and exquisite summer gowns.

The color scheme throughout was yellow and white, the dining room being especially beautiful.

Mrs. A.G. Nance and Mrs. George Warnsing, mother and sister of the bride, presided at the table, assisted respectively by Mrs. C.B. Laning and Mrs. C.C. Frackelton.

Mrs. Lester Ott and Mrs. W.J. Cheaney served delicious frappe and the music, which was especially delightful, was under the care of Miss Virgie Rainey.

Mrs. Charles Smoot, Mrs. Gaines Greene and Mrs. E.S. Cheaney also assisted in entertaining the guests.

Over a hundred women attended during the afternoon.

Submitted by: John Feagans

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