Marion Baum Train Death
Newspaper Unknown, 1914

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Fell Under the Deadly Wheels - Marion Baum of Tice Meets Death by Falling Under Train - His Body is Badly Mutilated - Lives Only a Few Hours After the Accident - Dies Saturday Evening. Marion Baum had one leg severed from his body, the other mashed and his body badly mutilated in attempting to board a moving freight train at Tice last Saturday afternoon, about two o'clock, from the effect of which he died at the Springfield hospital that same evening, where he was taken for treatment. The unfortunate man had often used the freights to ride out a short distance on the way home to the farm, just a little way to the north and east of Tice. It was found in this case that the support which he had grasped, came loose, throwing him under the deadly wheels. The crew picked him up and he was hurried to the Springfield hospital on passenger train No. 1, leaving here at 2:21 p.m. He died at the hospital at a little after 9 o'clock Saturday evening. The coroner's jury assembled at Springfield rendered the verdict that "Marion Baum, a farmer who resided near Tice, came to his death on Saturday night from injuries accidentally received while attempting to board a moving C., P. & St. L. freight train at Tice, the grab-iron on the car breaking loose, causing him to fall beneath the train." The remains were sent to the home of his mother near Tice on Monday. The funeral occurred at 10 o'clock on Tuesday forenoon, conducted by Rev. Love of the Presbyterian church. Interment at Rose Hill cemetery. He leaves to mourn his loss as immediate relatives, his aged mother, Mrs. Margaret Kehl Baum, one brother, Henry Baum, one sister, Mrs. John Rhodes, all of this county. To them the sympathies of the entire community go out in their sudden and awful bereavement.


Fell Under Cars and is Killed - Stolen Ride Fatal to Martin Baum. - Falls From Train in Endeavoring to Jump Off and is Run Over, Both Legs Being Cut Off - Dies in Hospital Here. Marion Baum, residing near Tice, Menard county, stole a ride on a southbound freight train on the Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis railroad yesterday afternoon at Tice. When the train, which was moving very swiftly out of town, had gone but a short distance - Baum, it is supposed, lost his hold and fell under the wheels of the car, severing one of his legs and breaking, severely cutting and tearing the other. The injured man was rushed to the city on the southbound afternoon train from Petersburg, where he had been taken, and was removed to the Springfield hospital, where he died as a result of the accident at 10:30 o'clock last evening. The body was removed to the undertaking establishment of E.P Metcalf, where it will remain, awaiting the arrival of relatives to claim the body. It was stated that Baum evidently thought the train from which he fell was coming to a stop and was trying to alight from the car, when the iron handle to which he was holding pulled loose from the wood and threw him beneath the wheels.


Finds Baum's Death Accident - A coroner's jury yesterday returned a verdict that Marion Baum, a farmer, who resided near Tice and whose death occurred at Springfield hospital last Saturday night of injuries accidentally received while attempting to board a moving C., P. & St. L freight train at Tice, the grab-iron on the car breaking loose, causing him to fall beneath the train.

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