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On Saturday evening, Nov. 28, of diphtheria, Harriet Ann, daughter of Dr. F. P. Antle, of this place, departed this life in the twelfth year of her age.

Few are ever called to mourn as great a loss in one so young, as were the relatives and friends of this gifted and pious young girl. It was Sabbath morning, Nov. 22d, when the disease first made its appearance, but her friends were not uneasy about her until the next Wednesday when the symptoms became very much worse. Her father, who was in Arkansas on account of his health, was immediately telegraphed to return. He arrived at home on Friday evening to find his beloved daughter beyond the hope of recovery. She sank rapidly on Saturday, in the afternoon, it became evident she could last but a short time. Her heart-broken parents and weeping friends gathered around the little sufferer to receive her last words and final farewell. Those who were there will never forget the scene in that chamber of death. She alone was not troubled, patiently she endured her sufferings and fearlessly she approached her final end. She endeavored to comfort her grief-stricken parents by entreating them not to mourn for her, as she was not afraid to die. The blessed Savior had been precious to her in life, and He fulfilled His promise to her death, "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee," as David experienced, "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou art with me." The triumph of this young Christian in the face of death should forever dispel all doubts as to the Divine comfort and support of the religion of Christ.

Hattie very early in life manifested remarkable intellectual powers and as she grew in years her mind developed rapidly in quickness and strength, so as to justify the bright hopes of parents and friends as to her future. But the chief beauty of her character was her sympathetic and tender heart. In the home circle no one was so ready as Hattie to find occasions to manifest love for parents, brother and sisters; in school she won all hearts by her generosity and kindness; the sick and poor were never forgotten, and many incidents illustrating her genuine interest in them, are related by those who now miss her cheering words and thoughtful care; she was far beyond her years in these acts of charity. The truths of the Gospel as learned in the family and Sabbath school early took deep possession of her and at an age when most children are but beginning to comprehend the first principles of the Truth, she manifested an abiding faith in the Savior. Taking Him as her friend and guide, she never ceased to trust Him and to love Him. It was this Friend who sustained her in her last moments, and it was the prospect of being ever with Him that robbed death of all its gloom and terrors to her.

Thus has the Lord of the vineyard taken one of those choice natures who so brighten and beautify the world, fro us. Thus early did He ripen this chosen one for His own glory. We thought He was preparing her for a long and useful life here, but He who rules in wisdom and love had decreed otherwise.

As the bird to its sheltering quest,
It has the storm on the hills is abroad
So her spirit hath flown from this world of torment
To repose on the bosom of GOD!
Where the sorrows of earth never more
May fling o'er its brightness a state;
Where in rapture and love it shall ever adore,
With a gladness anointed with pain;
And its thirst shall be slaked by the waters which spring.
Like a river of light, from the throne of the ...!

There is weeping on earth for the lost
There is bowing in grief to the ground
But rejoicing and praise mid the ... ..,
For a spirit in paradise found.
Though brightness hath passed from the earth,
Yet a star is new-born in the sky
And a .. hath gone home to the land of the birth
Where are pleasures and fullness of joy;
And a new harp is strung and a new song is given
To the breezes that .. the gardens of heaven"

Transcribed By: Brenda (Hamilton) Johnson


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