Berlin, Illinois, July 28, 1888

The Uncertainty of Life.
In His mysterious Providence, whose ways are not our ways, our dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. James Antle, of Salisbury, have been called on to pass through a sore trial, involving bereavement so heavy that our hearts are filled with sorrow on their account.

On the morning of July 24th the angel of Death visited their home and took from their embrace their little darling Johnnie, aged 2 years, 6 months and 24 days. His disease was congestion and inflammation of the stomach and bowels; was sick only a few days, and everything was done for the dear little sufferer that loving hands could do, but - all to nopurpose; the time had come when our little lamb was to be gathered into the fold above. To the sorrowing parents we would say:

"You heard not the harpe of the angels,
You saw not the visions divine,
That waved the sweet soul of your darling
Away from the sorrow of time;
From life, with its pain and its anguish,
Its sorrows, temptations and sin,
Lo! The gates of the city were opened,
And the little one beckoned within."


Transcribed By: Brenda (Hamilton) Johnson


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