January 22, 1892

CLARK;- John O. Clark, youngest son of Corydon and Matilda Clark breathed his last on Saturday morning, January 16th, 1892, aged 25 years, 1 month and 8 days. He was born and raised in this community, and by his kind ways and genial spirit was enabled to number all his acquaintances as friends, and many hearts were saddened by his seemingly untimely death. Several months ago he became afflicted with a throat trouble which baffled physicians' skill. Change of climate did no good. Slowly but surely the disease did its work. He realized for several days preceding his death that there was no hope for his recovery and said he was prepared and ready to go. When the end came, he ceased to breathe and so died without a struggle.

To his mother the bereavement is most sad. This is the sixth time within eleven years that the death angle has entered the household, and the father and five children have been laid away in the cemetery hard by. She has the sympathy of the entire community in this last sad affliction.

The services were held at the M.E. Church Sunday afternoon at two o'clock. Rev. J. F. Poorman conducted the funeral, and was assisted by Elders W.H. McGinnis and Claiborne Hall. Many more people were present than could gain admittance to the church. The remains were interred in the West cemetery.

Transcribed by:Rajean Gallagher


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