Newspaper Unknown - March 23, 1938

Clark Boy, Petersburg
Killed By Train

A very sad accident occurred at Petersburg about 4:40 p.m. Wednesday, March 23, when Wayne Edward, 8 year old son of Harry and Florence Clark was run down about four blocks north of the Petersburg station by the C. & I. M. No 7, southbound passenger train, in charge of conductor Blaven, and Pete Higgins as engineer, was killed.

The boy was walking heedlessly down the track and apparently did not hear the whistle. It is understood the child had defective hearing.

Coroner Moulton, Petersburg, held the inquest at 9 o'clock Thursday morning with the following jurymen: Foreman, John Geriets; Chas. Hinman, Rolla Knoles, Wm. Wasilewski, Henry Hinds and Jesse Pritchett. The jury exonerated the railroad company of all blame.

Evidence brought out at the inquest was that the boy was carried 75 feet down the track and dropped on the rail. The train ran over him and severed the head from his body. The family were former residents of this city.

As we go to press, funeral services are incomplete but it has been decided that burial will be made in the West cemetery at Athens.

Transcribed by:Bertha Emmett


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