Newspaper Unknown

Died, at Fort Dodge, Iowa, on the 6th of the present month, my dear father, EHEN COLBY, of Elgin, Ills.

He died while on a visit to a daughter in the former place. And although over four hundred miles from home, a band of brothers ministered tenderly to his wants, casting sunshine over the evening of his life. He passed away so peacefully and quietly, giving evidence of the most beautiful trusting faith in Him who said: "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." His last words were, "I'm glad I'm going home."

The noble fraternity, of which he had been an honored member for more than half a century, received him at Elgin, and performed the last sad rites. They met him as they had never done before. There was no clasping of hands, and no words of welcome; but they tenderly placed him beside my angel mother, who long since passed "over the river."

We know they are safe on the other side,
Where all the ransomed and angels be;
Over the river, the mystic river,
My father and mother are waiting for me.

For none return from those quite shores
Who cross with the boatman cold and pale;
We hear the dip of the golden oars,
We see the gleam of the fluttering sail,
And lo they have passed from our yearning hearts;
They cross the stream and are gone forays.
We may not sunder the vail apart
That hides from the vision the gates of day.
We only know that their harks no more
May sail with us o'er life's stormy sea,
Yet somewhere, I know, on the unseen shore,
They watch, and beckon, and wait for me.

And I sit and think when the sunset's gold
Is flashing river, and hill, and shore.
I shall one day stand by the water cold,
And list for the sound of the boatman's oar.
I shall watch for the gleam of the flapping sail;
I shall hear the boat as it gains the strand;
I shall pass from sight with the boatman pale,
To the better shore of the spirit land.
I shall know the loved who have gone before,
And joyfully sweet will the greeting be,
When over the river, the peaceful river,
The angel of death shall carry me.

Transcribed By: Brenda (Hamilton) Johnson


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