Newspaper Unknown - January 1931

Gerald J. Cooper, son of Mr. And Mrs. James Cooper was born March 30, 1909 in Petersburg, Ill. And departed this life January 4, 1931 at the age of 21 years, 8 months and 6 days.

Gerald had spent his entire life in this community, having for the past ten years made his home with his grandmother, Mrs. Charles Bell. Though yet young in years he had made for himself a place in the life of the community. His temperate habits, his thrift and energy had won for him a place of esteem in the hearts of his neighbors and friends. One is known by his neighbors and the estimate Gerald's neighbors place upon him is one of high regard. He is spoken of by them as a boy of clean habits and dependable.

He was especially devoted to his home and found pleasure in the company of his loved ones, being considerate of their welfare and concerned for their happiness.

Those members of the family remaining are: his grandmother, Mrs. Charles Bell, one sister, Lorine Gladys Cooper, one brother, Virgil, three uncles, Walter Sewell and James and Jesse Bell besides other relatives and a great many friends.

Transcribed by:Bertha Emmett


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