Newspaper Unknown

The Cass County Democrat, of Beardstown, of the 16th inst., contains the following of the death of Dr. John A. Curry: Last night at 6:45 Dr. John A. Curry died at his residence on Second street after an illness of two weeks of typhoid fever.

The deceased was born in Menard County, Ill., in 1830 where he resided for a number of years. In fact where he spent the most of his life.

Twenty years of his life was spent in the ministry, but owing to ill health he was compelled to leave the pulpit, after which he turned his attention to the practice of medicine.

For the past eight years the doctor has been a resident of Beardstown, and has commanded the respect of all, nor has anything been said against his character until his last trouble which everyone is acquainted with.

His trial was postponed until next June, but now Almighty God will be his judge and before his fellow men he wilt be considered innocent, as he protested to the fact that he had nothing to do with counterfeiting.

Transcribed By: Brenda (Hamilton) Johnson


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