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Gone Home, Mrs Mary Denton, consort of William Denton, deceased, and the mother of numerous and esteemed family died at her residence near Greenview on the 19th inst. at the ripe old age of 81 Years. Mrs Denton was a native of Virginia and immegrated with her husband to this County in the winter of 1830-31 where she has since continued to reside. here, surrounded by an interesting family of nine children, only 4 of whom survive her death, Mrs Denton has lived through all the years of her residence among us, an example of a truly devoted wife and mother, and an excellent neighbor. She was a a member of Christian denomination and was thoroughly earnest and conscientious in her religous work. Having passed her four score years she was ripe for the reaper, death, and final summons found her prepared for the last great change. She was buried on Tuesday last in Rose Hill Cemetery (To which her husband and others of her family are soon to be removed fromthe old family burying gound. Rev Kennedy of this place conducted the funeral service. The concourse of neighbors and friends who were present at the last sad rites was unusually large.

Mary Cogil Denton b. Nov 15, 1794 Russell Co., Va, died Apr 18, 1875. She was the daughter of John Cogil and Alcy Cogil.

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