Newspaper Unknown - March 1938

Sister Receives Word of Brother Missing in The F[l]ood
It seems as all the cabins in the* news of the disappearance of her brother, John Gentry, Riverside, California, who has been missing since the California flood.

Mr. Gentry and wife were residents of St. Louis and left there for Riverside in December where they operated a tourist camp and filling station.

It seems that all the cabins in the tourist camp were occupied at the time the flood waters rushed in. Mr. Gentry with three other men, sent Mrs. Gentry and some other women to higher ground while they, the four men attempted to rescue the remainder of the tourists.

However, the four were holding to a rope in their attempt at rescue, and the rope broke. They were seen tumble into the water and none of the four have since been seen.

The case is a very sad one. Mr. Gentry was a steel worker and was employed on the C. I. P. S. building at the time it was being built in Springfield. He followed this occupation for years until he became convinced this work was most too hazardous and it was then he decided to go to California to look for a location.

To the older folks of this community, John will be remembered as the youngest child of the late Zink Gentry and Mrs. Gentry (nee Strode). He was born on the farm occupied by Sam Cantrall.

Besides his wife, he is survived by his sister, Mrs. Cas Hart of Athens; his mother of California; several sisters and one brother, Fred.

*This is how it appears in the original newspaper

Transcribed by:Bertha Emmett


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