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Funeral of Tornado Victim
Services Over the Remains of Mrs Knoles Held This Afternoon

The funeral of Mrs Mary A Knoles the lady who was killed Saturday night in the Dewey tornado was held from the Christian Church at ll o'clock and largely attended. The funeral was delayed half an hour by the lateness of the train which brought the remains and funeral party here from Dewey.

The remains were taken directly to the church, and there Rev. E J Stewart of the Baptist church conducted the service.

The pallbearers are A. S. Rupard, O D Hulin, J W Hachman, Walton Everman, J. E. Davis and O. B. Tolson.

After the sermons the remains were taken to Union Cemetery and there interned (must have been moved to Godbey Cemetery later.)

The deceased was born in Illinois and later lived in western Kansas. She was married twice her first husband being a McGary (John A McGary). Mr. Knoles (Jacob J Knoles) resides in Los Angeles.

In addition to Mr. and Mrs Charles Echleman of Dewey, there were present today the following person from a distance. Mrs Riley and Mis Denton, sisters of Mrs Knoles, Charles H. Denton, of Colony, Kansas, a brother; Mrs R. Wieck of Iola, a daughter; Robert McGary, of Independence, a son; and Mis Stella Morgan of Cherryvale a friend of the family.

There were many experience of tender sympathy for Mr. and Mrs Charles Echleman, the son and daughter of Mrs Knoles and at whose house the unfortunate lay met her death.

Transcribed by: Bette Jo Lawson


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