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On last Saturday in the forenoon there was laid to rest the earthly remains of Miss Hannah Neff, whose death notice appeared in last week's Observer. Her death occurred after a lingering sickness, and prolonged at times intense suffering, and was therefore, not an unlooked for event, and to her a welcome relief. Her health had for a decade and longer, been underminded by a complication of diseases, which finally confined her to bed and caused her death.

Early in life she had made a profession of her faith in the Savior, and this faith grew and ripened into the Christian character of conscientious fidelity, earnest devotion, generous kindness and sustained her in a marvelous degree in the severe trial of her sickness. That her sour triumphed over her sensitive physical nature during her last few weeks on earth was apparent to all. Her face became radient with a supernatural light. Her soul so long storm-tossed on life's sea and shaken by its billows of pain and anguish glided calmly and triumphantly into the haven of rest. Her room became illumined with an unearthly light, and so became beautifully and sacred the scene of loving smiles and final messages.

The funeral services were held by the family residence, two and a half miles east of Petersburg, conducted by Revs. Gerrit Snyder of Springfield and W.E. Williamson of Petersburg. The choir from the Cumberland Presbyterian church, of which the deceased was an esteemed member, sang sweetly "Asleep in Jesus;" Waiting and Watching." The services were planned in every detail by the departed, and was largely attended by many friends.

Funeral of Miss Hannah Neff.

The Democrat
The funeral services of Miss Hannah Neff, whose death was mentioned in last week's Democrat, occurred Saturday morning at the family residence, 2 miles east of the city, and were conducted by Revs. Gerritt Snyder, of Springfield, and W.E. Williamson, of this city. The attendance was very large and the services solemn and impressive. Rev. Snyder opened with a brief prayer and the choir of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, of which the deceased had been an honored member, sang sweetly "Asleep in Jesus." Rev. Dr. Williamson followed with Scripture reading and brief remarks bearing on the life and character, faith and resignation of the deceased. A son, "Waiting and Watching," followed, after which Rev. Snyder spoke from Rev. 22: 1-4, a passage which the departed had requested for the occasion. Mr. Snyder portrayed the future heavenly life as a continuation, development, purification and perfection of the believer's present spiritual life. He spoke of its freedom in the other world from all earthly ills, pain, sickness, sorrow and death, and therefore blessed beyond conception. "This life," concluded the speaker "is now her possession and every true believer's prospect." Another prayer and song closed the services at the house and the earthly remains of Miss Neff were tenderly conveyed to Rose Hill cemetery. Before the open grave were quoted: "The souls of believers are at their death made perfect in holiness and do immediately pass into glory; their bodies being still united to Christ rest in their graves till the resurrection." "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth on me though he were dead, yet shall he life; and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die." These comforting words, with the benediction, closed the solemn service and sympathizing neighbors and acquaintances departed cherishing the memory of a kind associate and tender friend.

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