Newspaper Unknown - February 11, 1938

Former Resident of Athens Dies in Colorado
Word has been received here of the death of Mrs. Irene Fisher Pollock, Colorado Springs, Colorado which occurred at that place, Friday, Feb. 11th.

Mrs. Pollock, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. David Fisher of this city was born in this community where she grew to young womanhood. She paid a visit to her parents about a year ago and at that time was in very poor health. It is understood her death was caused from cancer.

Besides her husband and son, she is survived by her parents, three brothers, Corydon of this city; Hubert and Elmer Fisher of Springfield; two sisters, Mrs. Lou Kelly, Chicago and Mrs. Nora Sutton of Springfield.

Funeral services were held, and interment made at Colorado Springs.

Transcribed by:Bertha Emmett


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