Newspaper Unknown - March 24, 1933

About noon Wednesday, March 22, the residents of Athens were shocked to hear of the news of the death of Henry Struce, a well known and highly respected citizen of this city. Mr. Struce ended his life by firing a shot from a .38 cal revolver into his heart; the bullet passing through the body.

He had been in ill health for the past year or more, and is said to have been despondent because of his afflictions. He consulted specialists at Springfield and Peoria, and it was thought that the condition of his health was improved.

Mr. Struce worked in the mines of Athens for a number of years but later retired. He was a bachelor and lived alone in his home located in East Athens. He was born in Germany and was 58 years of age at the time of his death.

A coroner's jury was impaneled and rendered a verdict, giving suicide as the cause of death. Little is known by the people of this community as to the early life of Mr. Struce and his immediate family.

He is survived by three brothers, John of Decatur, Indiana, one in Germany, and one in St. Louis. Funeral services will be held sometime Saturday, pending arrival of his brothers.

Transcribed by:Bertha Emmett


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