Petersburg Observer, 6 October 1889

DIED -- At his home near Curtis, Ill., Sept. 24, 1889, of consumption, Henry Trumbo, in his 35th year. Deceased was born in Menard county in November, 1854. He was twice married; first to Belle Denton, daughter of G.W. Denton. She died, leaving two children: a son and a daughter. His second wife is a daughter of William McNeely, of Petersburg. Mr. Trumbo suffered severely for several months, but bore his affliction with Christian fortitude. He made a profession of religion when young and joined the Cumberland Church at Greenview. A week before his death, when he was suffering intensely and those who were watching at his bedside through he was dying, he suddenly clapped his hands and exclaimed: "Glory!" I have got there at last" and told his friends that he was in heaven perfectly free from all pain and would not wish to return to earth. He gave a glowing description of the City of Gold, and said he saw his sister widowed many years ago. But he was in heaven in the spirit and not in the body, for he lived out yet another week, and when death ended his sufferings he told the writer his vision and its strengthened his faith, and if we are ever so fortunate to get to heave we expect to meet brother Henry Trumbo there. Infidels and s…. will scoff at the idea of the heavenly vision, but the scriptures warrant … believing them to be true. Stephen the first martyr to the deity of Christ, told his slayers that he saw the heavens open and the son of man standing at the right hand of God, and all along down the ages at intervals the people here been …… to look into the glories of the future state and then struggle back to life to testify to them. Deceased leaves besides his family an aged mother, two brothers and two sisters mourn their loss. Funeral services were held at his late home Sept. 26th; conducted by Rev. Joseph Rogers, of Greenview, after which the remains were borne to Rose Hill cemetery, followed by a long train of sorrowing relatives and friends, and laid to rest till the trump of the first resurrection shall bid him arise.

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