Illinois State Journal, December 10, 1855

WILLIAMS - Departed this life, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J. K. Kincaid, of Indian Creek, in Menard County, on Friday night, November 30, 1855, Mrs. HANNAH WILLIAMS, relict of Mr. James Williams, aged 79 years. She was born in the year Independence was declared. Her husband, with his family, consisting of his wife and nine children, migrated to this State, from Bath County, KY., in the year 1823, and located on Indian Creek, now in Menard County, where the surviving members of the family and most of their descendants yet reside. It was then, indeed, a wild country - the prairies unbroken - occasionally the skeletons of the Buffalo were found upon them, and the remains of Indian children, in their rude coverings of bark, were also found fastened up in the trees of the neighboring forest. There then but few of the comforts and conveniences of life, as we now estimate them, to be realized in the Sangamon County. A few years have wrought a mighty change. The excellent constitution of Mrs. W. enable her to live to an advanced age - and her numerous descendants and acquaintances regard here with reverence and affection. She was endowed with a strong mind, and in all the relations of life she aimed to be useful. She, indeed, lived the life of the Christian - enjoying all the satisfaction that the world would give, but still looking forward, as the great object of her existence to that better country, whose builder and founder is Wed. She belonged to the Presbyterian Church, in which she has been united for more than half a century previous to her death. Living, she furnished to those around her and within her inference, an example of what they should be in life; and dying, she calmly yielded her spirit into His hands, whom she had long trusted, and who doeth all things well.

Submitted by: Stephen P. Burke


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