Newspaper Unknown - February 2, 1925

A Clipping From The Highland Park Press
The following is an article taken from the Highland Park Press of Chicago at which place Miss Williams was superintendent of the hospital at the time of her demise. We are not able to quote all that this paper has to say about the usefullness and good qualities of Miss Williams but desire to give her friends the facts in the case.

"Miss Olive A. Williams, superintendent of the Highland Park Hospital since June, 1919, died suddenly Tuesday morning, February 10 while undergoing an operation for gallstones at the hospital. Her condition was complicated by the effects of goiter, it was explained at the hospital, and death occurred while the patient was under the influence of an anesthetics.

"The entire community was shocked and deeply grieved at the report of Miss Williams' death. Notwithstanding the condition which necessitated the operation, she had been attending her duties as usual on Monday and was in excellent spirit when she went to the operating room Tuesday morning.

"Miss Williams' services to the hospital and the community during her incumbency as superintendent were beyond praise. Her faithfulness was widely appreciated by all who knew of her self sacrificing spirit and devotion to duty. During her superintendence the hospital has made great strides in both buildings, equipment and service to the community, in all of which growth and progress she was a moving spirit and much of the credit for (missing part of article) Highland Park was held in higher esteem than the beloved superintendent of the hospital and her sudden death in the prime of her usefulness has thrown a pall over the community, where there is wide spread sorrow mingled with repeated expressions of appreciation of her splendid service to the community. To the hundreds who were patients from time to time in the hospital during her administration her death is a personal loss and a source of poignant grief.

"The funeral service was held at two o'clock Thursday afternoon at the Presbyterian Church and then the relatives left for Springfield with the remains. From there they went overland to Athens, where interment was made beside the graves of Miss Williams' parents."

Transcribed by:Bertha Emmett


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