Cordova Cemetery

The Cordova Cemetery
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The Cordova Cemetery Association was incorporated in February of 1855 after there was a purchase of a five acre plot of land east of the town. The Association was composed of the owners of the lots in the cemetery and doubtless as was the custom of the day, the care of the lots was the responsibility of the owners.

In 1879 a wooden fence was erected along the front of the cemetery and a wire fence around the rest. This not only defined the area but kept the livestock from the surrounding farms away from the cemetery plots. The tool house, built in 1897, no longer stands today.

The oldest grave recorded on a headstone is 1845. Since the records prior to 1881 were lost, the earliest recorded sale of a lot is 1880.

A curious headstone is that of 17 year old Jeremiah J. Pearson which states that he died on February 31st! This is a mystery since no February has 31 days.

Many early pioneers and their families are buried in this cemetery. Thanks to the cemetery association, many improvements have been made and it has been extremely well maintained over the years and is a beautiful part of the community.

The cemetery records are maintained by Vernon Hazlett and may be found at

Volunteer Jerry Guinn photographed most of the headstones in 1999 and those photos are available at the Cordova District Library.

Submitted by Cordova District Library
Jo Cohrs