Moline Lutheran Hospital


Swedish Americans affiliated with the Augustana Synod of Lutheran Churches in America elected a board for the establishment of the Lutheran Hospital in Moline.

In 1915, a rented building served as the first hospital until the could build its own facilities. A benefit concert for the new hospital was held at First Lutheran Church February 25, 1915. Olof Cervin was selected as architect. The hospital was built and opened on February 4, 1916. The first class of nurses graduated in 1919. The Nursing School was affiliated with Augustana College in Rock Island.

In 1918, the Board of Directors of the Lutheran Hospital of the Rock Island District of the Augustana Synod consisted of: Rev. A. F. Bergstrom, Moline. Mr. A. G. Anderson, Rock Island, Rev. Ira O. Nothstein, Rock Island, Mr. C. H. Godehn, Moline, Rev. A. D. Fredin, Fairport, Iowa, Mr. P. Westerlund, Orion, Rev. Ulrik Runnquist, Swedona, Mr. K. T. Anderson, Rock Island, Rev. E. W. Magnuson, Geneseo, Hon. F. A. Landee, Rev. J. A. Hemborg, New Windsor, Dr. J. E. Westerlund, Cambridge. Miss Emelia Dahigren was the superintendent.

The officers were Rev. A. F. Bergstrom, Rev. Ira O. Nothstein, Secretary, and Mr. C. H. Godehn, treasurer. In 1926, the hospital added a fourth floor to its east wing, and in 1929 it built a five-story building adjoining it. Kenneth Moberg was with the hospital from 1956 to its end as administrator until the last year, when he became the president and CEO.

Mabel M. Anderson was the director of nursing, 1931-1952, and Josephine A. Brandt held that same position from 1952 to 1968, when she became vice president for nursing and served until 1976. In 1989, Lutheran Hospital merged with Moline Public Hospital. .Then in 1992 Franciscan Hospital in Rock Island was added and formed the Trinity Medical Center, which is a new facility at 7 th Street & John Deere Road, and the former Franciscan Hospital. The Lutheran Hospital was demolished in 1998 and then the Public Hospital in 2002.

Information from "Swedes in Moline" by Lilly Setterdahl


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