Acheson Martha, widow; U. P.; from Ohio .

Adams G. W. former; dem; from England .

Adams M. W. carpenter; dem; from Va.

Ahlstrandl Fred, employee in Weir Plow Works; from Sweden .

Ainsworth L. H boarding house; ind ; from Massachusetts .

Alger Mrs. M. widow; Chris; from Ohio .

Allen Robert, employee, Weir Plow Co.; rep; Meth.

Allen Charles, engineer; dem; from New York .

Allen Fred A. fence artist, bds. at Baldwin House; dem; from Massachusetts .

Allen George H. clerk; ind ; born Illinois .

Allen J. H. farmer: rep; U. P.; from Ohio .

Allen Laura, Presb; from New York .

Allen N. prop, hotel Union; dem; from O.

Allen R. N. retired: rep; from New York .

Allen Wm. stone cutter; rep; Meth; born Illinois .

Anderson Charles, employed in Weir Plow Works; from Sweden .

Anderson N. shoemaker: dem; Luth; from Sweden .

Anderson Peter, lumberman; rep; Luth; from Sweden .

Armsby Geo. E. retired; dem; from Mass.

Appleby Geo. laborer; rep; U. P.; from Pennsylvania .

Apsey Geo. laborer; rep; Epis; from Eng.

Arendt Ambrose, blacksmith; rep; Meth; from Pennsylvania .

Arendt George, policeman; rep; Meth; from Pennsylvania

Arendt John, laborer; rep; Luth; from Pa.

Arms J. D. grocer; rep; Presb; from Mass.

Armsby Fred E. farmer, bds. at Baldwin House; dem; owns 1,330 acres.

Arnold A. E. bookkeeper, bds. Baldwin House; rep; from Connecticut .

Atchinson N. trav. agt; U. P.; from Ohio .

Atkins Seth, moulder; dem; from Conn.

BABCOCK E. C. retired; rep; Bapt; fromMassachusetts .

BABCOCK DRAPER, Merchant; Monmouth; born in Wales, K. Y.. Dec. 1, 1827; came to this Co. in 1843, and was engaged with his father in general merchandising in the same location he now occupies; has held office of Co. Treasurer three successive terms; was Deputy U. S. Collector from the passage of the law appointing Collector until the consolida­ tion; was one of the organizers of the First National Bank, and has been a Director ever since; has also held office of Mayor, and a Trustee of Monmouth College; he married Mary E. Elliott in 1852; she was a daughter of Rev. Joseph Elliott, and was born in New York in 1830; has four children.

Baber Louis, laborer; rep; Meth; from Kentucky.

Bailey J. W. travelling agent Weir Plow Works; rep; from Maine.

Bain Samuel, retired; rep; U. P.; from North Carolina.

Baine George, employee Weir Plow Co.; rep; from Indiana.

Baine R laborer; rep; Meth; from Va.

Bake W. C. clerk; dem; Presb; born Ill.

Baker Jno. R blacksmith; rep; Meth; from Virginia.

Baldwin George W. of Baldwin House; rep; from Pennsylvania.

BALDWIN HIRAM, Proprietor of Baldwin House, Monniouth; born in Chester Co., Penn., Dec. 9,1808; came to this Co. in 1840; Rep; hotel value, $20,000; the Baldwin House is one of the oldest hotels in the city; Mr. Baldwin married Miss Maria Mackey, March 28,1831, who was born in Lancaster Co., Penn., Aug. 18, 1808; have two sons, James W. and George W., who are associated with their father in running the hotel, under the firm name of Baldwin & Sons.

Baldwin James W. of Baldwin House; rep; from Pennsylvania .

Baldwin John H. plasterer; rep; from Pa.

Baldwin M. S. grocer; rep; Presb; from Pennsylvania .

Baldridge Samuel, farmer; rep; U. P.; from Ohio .

Barbour George R. bookkeeper Weir Plow Works; dem; from Connecticut .

Barnes Rev. J. G. pastor First U.P. Church ; rep; from Pennsylvania .

BARNUM ORLANDO S. Merchant and Farmer; Monmouth; born in Oswego Co., N. Y., Feb. 7,1830; Rep; Bapt; owns 260 acres; he came to this State and Co. in 1844; holds office of Supervisor; married Harriet E. Allen in 1856; she was born in New York.

Barrett George, laborer; dem; Luth; from Germany .

Barton J. B. carpenter; rep; U. P.; from New York .

Barton T. S. clerk agricultural implements; dem; Meth; from Pennsylvania .

Baskerville Emanuel, feather renovator; rep; from England .

Bates Henry H. grocer; rep; Meth; from O.

Bates J. A. grocer; rep; Meth; Maryland .

Bates L. A. clerk; rep; from Ohio .

Beaumont Sarah; Meth; from Pennsylvania .

Beaumont Walter, laborer; dem; Meth; born Illinois .

Bay Albert, city marshal; rep.

Bay Mrs. Maria, widow; Meth.

Boynton Ira, farmer; dem; born Illinois .

Boynton J. A. grocer; dem; from Maine .

Beachum Wm. brick layer; dem; Lib.

Beck Jno. boots and shoes; rep; Luth; from Denmark .

Becker A. N. merchant; ind ; Bapt; from New York .

Beckwith B. retired; rep; Bapt; from Conn.

BECKWITH HENRY C. Secretary of the Monmoutli Mining and Mann factoring Co. ; born in Ashtabula Co., O., , Nov. 29, 1844 ; came to this Co. in 1840; Rep; Bapt; owns 100 acres, Sec, 28; he served two years in the 13th I. V. C. in the late war; was one of the organizers of the Monmouth Mining and Manufacturing Co.; married Alice P. Bower, Aug. 25, 1869; she was born in Ohio; has two children.

Beeclee E. C. clerk; Ind ; from Maine .

Beistrup Geo. employe Weir Plow Works; Luth; from Denmark .

Bell Fred, carpenter; Ind ; from England .

Bell Thos. carpenter; dem.

Benson Oliff, laborer; from Sweden .

Benson Thos. coal digger; from England .

Berry John, local editor Revieiw; boards at Baldwin House; rep; from Pennsylvania .

Best Mrs. Lizzie; widow: from New York.

Bickmond Robt, dyer; dem; from Scotland.

Billings Mrs. Sarah, widow.

Bivens Isabella; U. P.; from Tennessee.

Black Jno. retired; rep: U. P.; from Ireland.

BLACKBURN CHAS. E. Dealer in Harness and Saddlery Hardware; Monmouth; born in Indiana, Sept, 10, 1847; Rep; Pres; he came to this Co. iu 1853: enlisted in the 151st I. V. I., and served till close of the war; married Miss Olive Jewell, Nov. 2, 1871; she was born in Warren Co., April 29, 184!).

Blackburn Mrs. K. G.. widow; Meth; from Ohio .

Blanchard Ed. collar manufacturer, whole sale and retail; from Kentucky.

Blair Simon, laborer; rep; from Tennessee.

Blosser John, employee C. L. Buck.

Boggess Mrs. Jas. B.; Meth.

Bolack Joseph, employee in mills; dem; from Canada.

BOND WM. G. Sheriff; Monmoutli; came to this Co. in 1834; has held office of Collector and Supervisor previous to his election as Sheriff; was mustered in the service of the late war as Captain; was promoted to Major; served three years; first wife was Elizabeth Donner; had four children; second wife was Irene J. Pennington; third wife was Mary E. Moore.

Boss Arthur, painter; rep.

Bosserman A. B. merchant; boards at Bald­ win House; dem;from Pennsylvania.

Boozan Rich, laborer; dem; Cath; from Ireland

Bower James, stock dealer; rep; from Ohio.

Bower Z. B. book keeper; rep; from Ohio.

Bowman C. E. billiards; rep; from Penn.

BoyceMrs. Eli; Meth; from Ohio .

Boyce "Win. W. painter; dem; Ohio .

Boyd J. N. student; rep; Presb; from Penn.

Boyd K. II. farmer; rep; Presb; from Penn.

Boyd W. B. Weir Plow Works; rep; Presb; from New York .

Bradshaw J. H. harness maker; dem; from New York .

Brady Rev. E. A. local minister Methodist church; rep; from Pennsylvania

. Branch Martin, laborer; rep; Meth; from

Alabama .. Bramhall Frank, wagon maker; dem; from New York .

BREED C.B. M.D. Homeopathic Physician: Monmouth; born in Buffalo , N.Y., March 10.1851: came to this Co. in 1868 , has been engaged in the practice of lus profession since 1873; married Miss Frances L. Cornell in 1875; she was born in Warren Co.

Brewer J. T. merchant; rep; Univ; from Virginia .

Brewer, J. W. physician; dem; from Penn.

Brewer Jno. E. druggist; from Penn.

Brewer Win. T. clerk; rep; U. P.; from New York .

BRISTOL C. B. Local Shipping-Clerk of Weir Plow Works; born in Va. , Feb. 18, 1840; came to this Co. in 1868; Rep; Presb; owns house and lot, value §2,000; enlisted in Co. B, 65th Regt. I. (veteran) V. I. , 1862; remained in the service until Aug. 3,1865 ; mustered out with rank of Sergt.-Maj.: married S. J. McFarland, of Indiana Co.. Penn. , May, 1867. Broderick Wm. laborer; dem; Cath; from Ireland .

Brooks Elixa, U. P.; from Ohio .

Brooks W. W. coal-digger; rep; Presb; born

Illinois . Brown Chas. brick-layer and plasterer; Ind ; from New York .

Brown Chas. mason; rep: from New York .

Brown John, banker; rep; from Penn.

Brown Joseph, fanner, works for C. Hardin.

Brown Mrs. Mary H. widow; M. E.; from Pennsylvania .

Brown Thomas, laborer; rep; U. P.; from Virginia .

Brown W. W. restaurant; dem; from New York .

Brownlee Emily, U. P.; from Ohio .

BROWNLEE MRS. JOANNA,born in Washington Co., Pa. , July 11, 1826 ; came to this Co. in 1850; tj. P.; Mrs. Brownlee is widow of French Brownlee, who came to this State in 1838; he enlisted in the 36th I, V, I. ; left home Sept 3, 1861, and was sworn into service at Aurora, Sept 12; died in hospital at Chattanooga, Dec. 25,1863, after a lingering illness ; Surgeon Lytle said of him after his decease: "He was one of the faithful, not only to his countrv, but to his God;" he was buried at Little York; was born in Washington Co., Penn., Aug. 28, 1823; held the offices of Supervisor and Justice of the Peace for several years; four daugh­ ters, Teresa K., Sylvia L., Irena P. and Epha M.

Bruner Rev. F. 31. pastor Christian Church.

Bruen John, farmer; dem; from New Jersey .

Bruen Miss Mary L., Presb; from New Jersey .

Buck C. L. stock dealer; rep; from Vt.

Buckholz Chas. harness-maker; rep; born Illinois .

Bufflngtou Thos. farmer; rep; Quaker; from Pennsylvania .

BuftingtonWm. M. Asst.-Postmaster; rep; from Pennsylvania .

Bullis W. laborer; dem.

Bunker Albert, laborer; rep; from New York .

Bunker Geo. laborer; rep; from Ohio .

Bunker Mrs. J. M. dress-making; from Ohio .

Bunker Zack, laborer; rep; born Illinois .

Burlingim H. merchant; rep: from New York

Burnett Wm. H. farmer; dem.

Burns Peter, engineer; dem; from Canada .

Burrell Daniel, carpenter; rep; UP.; from Pennsylvania .

Burrell J. G. carpenter; rep; U. P.; from Pennsylvania .

Burrell Samuel, gardener; rep; U. P.; from Pennsylvania .

Burrell Wm. gardener; rep; U. P.; from Pennsylvania .

Burnside Robt. retired farmer.

Butler J. H. cooper; dem; born Illinois .

Buzan Jacob L. farmer; dem; from Ky.

Byers Jacob, farmer; rep; Meth; from Penn.

Byers Solomon, farmer; rep; from Penn.

CABLE CHANCE Y M. farmer; rep; Bapt, from New York .

Cable Henry, farmer; Meth; from New York .

Call Harry, mail-carrier; rep; from Ohio .

Callow John, superintendent Harding estate; rep; from Isle of Man.

Campbell A. T. postal-clerk; rep; from Pennsylvania .

Campbell Jno. M. grain dealer; rep; from Pennsylvania .

Campbell Jno. M. clerk; rep; from Ohio .

Campbell M. D. grain dealer; rep; U. P.; from Pennsylvania

Campbell Thos. retired; rep; U. P.; from Ohio

. Campbell Wm. gardener; dem; from Penn.

Campbell Rev. W. T. pastor Second U. P Church; rep; from Ohio .

CANNON A.R. Mechanic; born in Warren Co., Ill., March 8, 1835 ; Rep; owns house and lot, valued at f 1,000; Mr. Cannon has been a resident of this Co. since his birth; married Catherine S. Johnson, of Seneca Co., N. Y., Dec., 1862; six children, Eva L, Nina L., Emma E., Nellie B., Archie M. and Willie (deceased).

Cannon James, cook; rep; from Georgia .

Cannon John, mason; dem; from Kentucky .

Cannon Louis, mason; dem; from Missouri .

Cannon Stephen, laborer; Cath; Ireland .

Cannon Wm. laborer; born Illinois .

Card Henry M. laborer; rep; Bapt; from Virginia .

Carland James, laborer; rep; from Ohio .

Carling Samuel, laborer; dem; from New Jersey.

Carr Judson, carriage maker; dem; born Illinois .

Carr Jno. carriage dealer; dem; Bapt; from New York .

Carr Jno. carriage maker; dem; Bapt; from New York .

Carr Nathan, retired; dem; from New York .

Carroll John, employee Weir plow works; rep; Bapt; from Indiana .

Carringer A. S. blacksmith; rep; from Penn.

Carrigan M. J. painter; rep; from Mass.

Cassel Mons . farmer; rep; Luth; from Sweden .

Catlin R. B. barber; rep; from Penn.

Catlin S. carpenter; rep; Meth; from N. Y

Cecil N. hotel; dem; from Maryland .

Chaflfee J. A. hardware; dem; from Vt.

Chapin Prank, painter; rep; from Ohio .

Chapin Geo. carpenter; rep; from Ohio .

Chapin Warren, carpenter; rep.; Prot

Chapin Will W. carpenter; from New York .

Chapman Thompson, laborer; dem; from Kentucky .

Chapman W. L. laborer; dem;born Illinois .

Chase J. H. livery; rep; from New York .

Chesher H. J. traveling agent plow works; rep; from Ohio .

Cheviton Edwin, laborer; rep; from Isle of Wight.

Childs Wm. A. retired; rep; from Mass.

Church W. W. wagon maker; dem; born Illinois .

Churchill G. Franklin, farmer; dem; born Illinois .

Churchill Jas. H. laborer; dem; born Ill.

Churchill N. farmer; dem; from New York .

Churchill T. M. carpenter; dem; born Ill.

Clark Curtis, employee coal yard; rep; from Ohio .

Clark G. W. retired; rep; from Ohio .

Clark John, collier; dem; Cath; Ireland .

CLARK JOHN S. Editor and Proprietor of Monmouth Atlas; Monmouth; born in Hudson, N. Y., 1819; came to this Co. in 1857; Rep; Presb; Mr. Clark purchased the Monmouth Atlas Sept., 1857; and has since that time been its editor.

Clark James, drayman; dem; from Ky.

Clark J. Q. employee Plow Co; rep; Ohio .

Clark Mary, dress maker; from New York .

Clark Mrs. O. S. dress maker; Chris; from Ohio .

Clark Samuel, associate editor Atlas; rep; Bapt; born Illinois .

Cloter Samuel, carpenter; rep; Prot; Ohio .

Claycomb Geo. teamster; rep; born Illinois .

Claycomb H. D. teamster: rep; born Ill.

Claycomb Samuel, clerk; rep; born Illinois .

Claytor Geo. L. employee Weir Plow Co.; rep; from Ohio .

Claytor Samuel, carpenter: rep; from Va.

Cleland Robert, teamster; dem; Meth; from Pennsylvania .

Clendenin Geo. S. druggist; ind ; Bapt; from Pennsylvania .

Clippinger J. C. carpenter; rep; Meth; from Ohio .

Coates C. constable; rep; Lib; from Penn.

Cole James, moulder; from Missouri .

Colville B. P. painter: rep; from Ohio .

Colville James, butcher; rep; from Ohio .

Colville Joseph; painter; rep; Chris; Ohio .

Commins James, laborer; from Ireland .

Conrad G. P. billiards; dem; from Germany .

Conrad Wm. billiards: deni: from Penn.

Conrad Wm. clerk; boards Baldwin House; rep; from Germany .

Cook Wm. carpenter; rep; from New York .

Cooper Mrs. H. M.; U. P.; from Ohio .

Cooper Jas. retired; rep; from Ireland .

Copeland Caleb, carpenter: rep; from New York .

Copeland David, painter; rep; from New York .

Copeland Thos.blacksmith; rep; U.P: from Ireland .

Corey Jas. employe agricultural shops; born America .

Cornell J. E. proprietor Baldwin House omnibus line; rep; born Illinois .

Cornell R, H. painter; rep; born Illinois .

CORNELL MRS. SARAH, Widow; Monmouth; born in Middletown, Orange Co., N. Y., Aug. 30, 1821; came .to this State in 1847; she married Theodore Cornell in 1847; he was born in New Jersey, July 17,1815, and died Sept. 26,1866; has five children living: two deceased.

Conner C. painter: Lib; from Germany .

Costello Jtimes; laborer; dem; Cath; from Ireland .

Costello John, machinist; dem; Cath; from England .

Costello Thos. laborer; Cath; from Ireland .

Cotes F. II. miller.

Cowan Wm. blacksmith: rep; from Penn.

Cox J. M. barber; from Michigan .

Crandall A. carpenter; Ind ; from New York .

Crandall Geo. D. carpenter, from New York.

Cretchville David, laborer; rep; Meth; from Tennessee .

Crow Mrs. Ella; from New York.

Culberson Jas. W. milkman; rep: Presb.

Cumming Rev. J. S. elder Meth. church; rep.

Cunningham David; dcm; Cath: Ireland .

Cunningham Jas. farmer; rep; from 6hio.

Curley Jas. laborer; Ind ; from Ireland .