Dec. 13, 2012

Mystery pictures submitted by Wayne DeMunn. Take a look and see if anyone is familiar.


May 14, 2013

Pictures around Boone County coutesy of Wayne DeMunn

Biographies transcribed by Denise Border.

Old Belvidere School Pictures


Aug. 9, 2013

More pictures of Boone county courtesy of Wayne DeMunn


Mar. 10, 2014

Over 30 new biographies have been added. They were transcribed by Denise Border. Thank you so much Denise!!!

If you have a Facebook account check out Wayne DeMunn's north Illinois Genealogy page. You can post quieries there and also he has a lot of wonderful pictures there.

Sept. 3, 2014

History of the Methodist Church

More Pictures of Belvidere

Belvidere Societies



May 18, 2015

Tricia Flynn has generously submitted manhy clippings of her family in WW2 and also many clipping of obituaries and marriage license of her family, the Frazers. Thanks so much Tricia!!!!