Woodford County

Farmers and Breeders



Hosts Note:  Many thanks to Amy Robbins-Tjaden for transcribing this fascinating document onto a spreadsheet.  The names in this section have been faithfully transcribed as they were published, even though in many cases the publisher should have known better.  But translating misspellings into "sounds like" is just one of the hazards of genealogy. 



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Cazenovia Clayton Cruger El Paso
Eureka Greene Kansas Linn
Metamora Minonk Montgomery Olio
Palestine Panola Partridge Roanoke
Spring Bay Worth    


Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Gaddis Alber W. Funks Ida Kansas Sec 20 T140a Carlock, W.B. 1892
Gangloff George Miller Susie Metamora Sec 19 O81a   1873
Gangloff Henry Scheirer Susan Metamora Sec 30 O93a   1885
Gangloff L.G. Seckler Nellie Partridge Sec 36 T160a Gangloff, John 1890
Gangloff Joe A. Eichhorn Clara Worth Sec 26 O80s   1886
Garber Henry J. Wagner Matilda Olio Sec 9 T240a Wagner, Peter 1895
Garber J.A. Schertz Martha   Metamora Sec 3 O240a   1867
Garber J.H. Littler Myrtle L. Metamora Sec 1 T80a Garber, Jacob 1917
Garber Oliver Loveless Josephine Worth Sec 7 O135a   18983
Garber V.F. Camp Lena Cazenovia Sec 23 O200a   1895
Gardiner J.E. Armstrong Emma Palestine Sec 13 T160a Madison, Mary 1867
Gardner Harvey Cusac Beulah Minonk Sec 27 T80a Goodwin, Bert 1915
Garman Almer     Worth Sec 18 T40a Belsley, Sall 1895
Garman Mary Belsley     Worth Sec 18 T144a Belsly, Peter 1895
Garman Maurice     Worth Sec 18 T96a Belsly, Peter 1895
Garrells Fred T Koch Elizabeth Clayton Sec 28 T200a Forney, H.C. 1892
Gash J.T. Jeffres Constance Panola Sec 31     1917
Gaspardo Charley Vittone Josephine Clayton Sec 23 T160a Forney, David 1901
Gass John F. Hoffer Kerdile Worth Sec 32 T120a Dwyers, Mary 1914
Gastman U.B. Uphoff Katie Clayton Sec 21 T160a Uphoff, B.W. 1883
Geifelman William Hexamer Emma Palestine Sec 29 O120a   1875
Geiken A.H. Mrs     Greene Sec 4 O320a   1862
Geiken John Karl Martha Clayton Sec 33 T120a Geiken, A. H. Mrs 1885
Geiken John H. Meents Antya Lenn Sec 22 O100a Geiken, A. 1905
Geiselman J.F. Thompson Ina El Paso Sec 32 T14a Witt, C.D. 1871
Gensler Casper Rossman Mary Clayton Sec 36 T160a Manley, W. 1902
Gentry Richard C. Broughton Mary Montgomery Sec 2 T340a Reel Est. 1914
Gerber Philip     Roanoke Sec 35 O200a   1897
Gerber Reuben Schoor Louisa Roanoke Sec 34 O40a   1899
Gerdes Dick Bens Phoebe Clayton Sec 21 O120a   1868
Gerdes Fred B. Feider Tillie Minonk Sec 12 T80a Strassberger, Christ 1914
Gerdes George H. Koch Anna Clayton Sec 23 O80a, T40a Forney, H.C. 1883
Gerdes  H.M. May Gertrude Panola Sec 14 T120a Gerdes, J.S. 1887
Gerdes Jake Janssen Lizzie Minonk Sec 12 T80a Jury, A. 1914
Gerdes Martin Timmerman Katie Minonk Sec 19 T120a Bates Est. 1886
Gerdes Theodore Grassman Annie Minonk Sec 27 T160a Danforth, Fred 1907
Geuw Lou A. and J.C. Misses     El Paso Sec 4 O3a   1905
Gibbons James J. Kelly Sarah Panola Sec 7 O167a   1864
Gibbs John Nethercott Jennie Panola Sec 35 O40a   1906
Giesking W.C. Tunis Alice Cazenovia Sec 23 T160a Rupert, L.S. 1886
Gilliatt Felix Miller May Clayton Sec 4 T180a Stoddard, B.M. 1899
Gingerich P.N. Bowen Stella Palestine Sec 7 O80a   1875
Gingrich Jacob Bachman Phoebe Metamora Sec 3 O320a   1860
Gingrich J.O. Koch Anna Worth Sec 26 O160a   1848
Goehring Louis L. Scheerer Katherine Spring Bay Sec 1 O198a   1864
Golden Oder Picker Clara Panola Sec 31     1916
Gollon Stanley     Minonk Sec 11 T80a Locker, Henry 1909
Gommels Frank U. Schroder Gretje Clayton Sec 31 O125a   1875
Goodfellow Dena Mrs     Linn Sec 11 O40a   1881
Gooding George     Cazenovia Sec 34     1917
Gooding Silas Hearst Hattie Cazenovia Sec 34     1912
Graber Joseph Hauter Lina Olio Sec 10 T80a Schert, David 1917
Grafelman J.W. Meyer Geche Greene Sec 4 T280a Fisher Est. 1866
Grafelmann C. Beenders Etta Cazenovia Sec 35 T240a Tanton, John 1864
Graham Henry W. Smiser Margaret Montgomery Sec 1   Graham, Robert 1881
Graham Robert       Montgomery Sec 1 O80a   1858
Grassman Gustav Agnes (Sister) Minonk Sec 22 T80a Schlosser, Chas. 1883
Grassman W.C. Schlosser Martha Clayton Sec 15 T120a Schlosser, Charles 1886
Gray James M. Raney Sarah Panola Sec 7   William Beale, William 1908
Gray J.A. Williams Mary El Paso Sec 28   Krug, Henry 1913
Greber John B. Sutter Bertha Worth Sec 18 O90a   1867
Grebner Frank Schneider Angeline Worth Sec 23 O79a   1872
Grebner John J. Schneider Louisa Worth Sec 17 O230a   1869
Greear H.R. Bruce Lelah Linn Sec 7     1817
Green Henry Woosley Laura Kansas Sec 30 O80a   1892
Greenagel Joe A. Mason Blanche Metamora Sec 20 T95a Greenagel, David 1889
Greene C.E. Sloan Iona Panola Sec 16 T200a Hamm, Miss and Pitman, Ed Mrs 1904
Greis J.C. Kolb Caroline Linn Sec 28 O40a, T102a Greis, A.L. 1878
Gresham Cara Jennings Dora Olio Sec 21 T250a R.C. Gresham. R.C. 1852
Gresham Orville     Olio Sec 17 T87a Gresham, J.C. 1890
Gresham R.C. Farmer Mary Olio Sec 17 O240a   1852
Gries L.F. Schleich Katie Linn Sec 24 O40a, T257a Gries, A.L. 1875
Gries Roy Haig Elsie Linn Sec 23 T160a Gries, A.L. 1890
Grieser Charles Straussmyre Josephine El Paso Sec 15 O507a   1852
Grieser John Hintzman Mary Metamora Sec 32 O160a    
Grieser P.G. Schiltz Clara Minonk Sec 26 O160a   1870
Griffin William Van Middlesworth Cora Cazenovia Sec 31 T200a Banta Bros. & Co 1916
Griffith W.H. Wetzel Marie Minonk Sec 9     1912
Grim John     Kansas Sec 21     1853
Gronewold Carl Ivens Emma Linn Sec 20 T160a Gronewold, J. Mrs 1896
Gronewold Ehme Bauman Hattie Minonk Sec 25 O80a   1890
Grove Ben  Schmith Hazel Worth Sec 25 T80a Grove, Henry 1889
Grove Leslie King Sadie Olio Sec 23-26 O220a   1877
Grove Orville Esch Freida Worth Sec 26 T180a Grove, Elias 1895
Grove  W.H. Geiselman Angeline Kansas Sec 13 O240a   1867
Guard Arthur Kingdon Laura Panola Sec 26 T120a Guard, Frank 1883
Guard J.H. Kreiter Anna Panola Sec 27 O120a   1863
Guinnee Martha Mrs     Minonk Sec 29 T80a Thomas Kirby, Thomas 1880
Gull Wm. J. Fevers Violet El Paso Sec 21 T200a Gull, Charles 1891
Guth Dan Roth Sarah Metamora Sec 5 O160a   1917
Guth Sol E. Heiple Elsie Panola Sec 9 T159a Guth, Joseph 1915
Haas Andrew Kelly Elizabeth Panola Sec 32 O103a   1877
Haas Arch S. Cleary Loretta Panola   T500a Barringer, P., Haas, Arch S. and O'Connell 1884
Haas Frank     Spring Bay Sec 25 O160a   1851
Haas P.W. Hauck Mary El Paso Sec 5 T111a Garrabrant, Lucie B. 1863
Haas Ralph Schlink Anna Panola Sec 27 T140a Haas, Joseph and Ralph 1887
Haferman J.W. Rev. Sommer Cora Linn Sec 36 T40a St Peter's Church 1912
Haig A. Bohlander Barbara Greene Sec 1 O120a, T80s Camp, Mary 1862
Haig David Furrow Hazel Cazenovia Sec 14   Shugart, Warren 1917
Haig Elmer Peterson Mabel Greene Sec 6 T80a Peterson, S.L. 1895
Haig John L. Scott Lou Cazenovia Sec 2 T240a Haig, Adam 1887
Hallam Basil Bradle Elsie Olio Sec 32 O200a   1878
Hallam Crawford Davis Nora Olio Sec 29 O210a   1875
Hamilton Robert A. Bradley Laura H. Palestine Sec 3 T228a Otto, A.E. and S. 1912
Hammers C.H. Scott Leona Greene Sec 14 T160a Hammers, Eleanor Mrs 1905
Hammers J.R. Steck Lillian Greene Sec 14 O80a, T80a Hammers, R.B. 1886
Hanshaw C.L.     Kansas Sec 1 O104a, T53a   1907
Hanshaw Doss Simmons Lizzie Kansas Sec 1   Hanshaw, C.L. 1917
Harber Eggie Miller Annie Clayton Sec 36 T160a Schneider, John 1889
Harber Fred Happley Orra Linn Sec 15 T80a Harber, Jacob 1886
Harbers Hacob F. Schoon Mary Linn Sec 15 O160a   1862
Hardyman A.J.  Riley Mary Linn Sec 8   Goodell, Charles and Mrs 1917
Hare William C. Gifford Grace Cazenovia Sec 20 O40a   1885
Hare W.W. Weaver Amanda Cazenovia Sec 28 T37a Mundell, J.S. 1869
Harms A.W. Vissering Betke Clayton Sec 17 O320a   1865
Harms D. Meinders Teda Olio Sec 6 T178a Johann, G. Mrs 1913
Harms Ed    De Worth Ella Clayton Sec 17 T320a Harms, A.W. 1890
Harms Harm Dicks Margaret Greene Sec 8 T280a Woltzen Est. 1888
Harms Henry H. Tjaden Katherine M. Linn Sec 28 O280a, T70a Harms, Lena and Woltzen, Emma 1869
Harms Heye Overlander Lete Roanoke   T220a Belsley, Sol 1882
Harms H.M. Seggerman Helen  Panola Sec 30 T200a Harms, H.M. Mrs 1870
Harms John A. Poppinga Frances Clayton Sec 27 T160a Coleman Est. 1912
Harms John H. Kark Hattie Panola Sec 5 T150a Harms, J. H. 1883
Harms John R. Miller Minnie Linn Sec 21 O160a   1862
Harms J.H.   Annie Minonk Sec 21 O160a, T80a Farney, Mrs 1882
Harms Lena Miss     Linn Sec 27 T2a Harms, Lena and Woltzen, Emma 1857
Harms Will Thierer Dora Linn Sec16 T160a Harms, John 1896
Harper Harry Curtis May Kansas Sec 8 O160a   1916
Harris Larren Boswell Mary Cazenovia Sec 9     1917
Harris Rollin H. Seaver Elizabeth Panola Sec 13 T80a Gerdes, Jacob 1904
Hartman Emil Ferter Louise Olio Sec 7 O110a   1876
Harter Fred Taylor Myrtle   Cruger Sec 23 T150a Davidson, W.O. 1891
Harter Mike Jr Roth Katie Cruger Sec 14 T200a Harter, Mike Sr 1881
Hartman Emil     Greene Sec 29 T250a Hartman, Henry Mrs 1896
Hartman John W. Seggerman Anna Greene Sec 29 T250a Hartman, Henry Mrs 1889
Hartman Sarah Helderle   Montgomery Sec 6 O85a   1871
Hartter Daniel Hamm Magdalena Olio Sec 30 O160a   1914
Hartzler J. Roy Saltzman Martha Minonk Sec 34 T160a Saltzman, P.J. 1915
Harvey D.R. Erkmann Carrie Roanoke Sec 18 T160a   1880
Harvey E.B. Williams Iva Olio Sec 18     1917
Hassebrock Henry Rippel Frieda Olio Sec 2 T120a Rippel, Charles 1914
Hasselman C.F. Bowes Emma Minonk Sec 23 T320a Von Veitinghoff, J.G. Mrs. and Goodwin, John Mrs. 1907
Hasty Alva Whistler Susie Cruger Sec 35 T165a   1916
Haugartner Paul Rocke Lena Roanoke Sec 27-22 O275a   1884
Hawk Millard Wells Ethel Linn Sec 10 T120a Hawk, James 1886
Hawk Phillip Perry Daisy Linn Sec 11 T160a Hawk, Elex 1916
Hawk W.J. Reed Margaret Linn Sec 10 T120a Hawk, Maria 1915
Hayes George W. Wensted Rachel Olio Sec 21     1916
Hazelwood I.D. Harl Rosie El Paso Sec 6     1917
Hebner John Tucker Ethel Roanoke Sec 8 T160a Shirer, F. 1880
Heck Fred Schneider Mary Cazenovia Sec 29 O240a   1867
Heck Jesse Weber Ida Cazenovia Sec 28 T160a Ranney, Milo 1894
Heedt John Mehrings Emma Linn Sec 35 T120a Heedt, Fred 1890
Heiken Ben  Frerichs Gertrude Cruger Sec 25 T284a Meek, J.W. 1890
Heiken John Cordes Margaret Cruger Sec 36 T200a Banta, Annie 1889
Heikes William     Worth Sec 4 O45a   1888
Heilungs Ralph Johnson Tena Minonk Sec 20     1881
Heininger Adam Obery Louise Worth Sec 24 T160a Heininger, Dock Mrs 1867
Heininger E.C.     Roanoke Sec 35 T280a Henry Heininger, Henry and Heinzman, Lawrence 1886
Heinold Henry Sander Katie Olio Sec 11 T160a Sanders, Henry 1912
Heintzman Michael Waldschmidt Katherine Metamora Sec 30 O187a   1871
Heldenmaier Michael     Spring Bay Sec 36 O80a   1878
Heldenmaier Sam     Spring Bay Sec 36 O80a   1881
Henderson Hiram Slown Ella Palestine Sec 33 T200a Van Seyoc, William 1915
Hendricks Charles Barbar Rosie Partridge Sec 12 T160a Schorch, Ernest 1901
Herbst Fred Hodel Anna Roanoke Sec 23 T160a Herbst, E.L. 1891
Herr Fred F. Kindig Maude S. Panola Sec 18 T377a Herr, Martin 1876
Hesselein Fred     Partridge Sec 25 T81a Meister, George 1867
Hesselein William Babara Ella Worth Sec 4 O102a   1880
Heuberger Joseph Beutel Mary Olio Sec 2 O80a   1875
Hexamer Fred Hoppert Elizabeth Palestine Sec 31 O160a   1868
Hexamer Jake Shepherd Pearl Palestine Sec 21 T100a Oster, I.D. 1881
Heyungs Henry Huntzinger Clara Roanoke Sec 36 T80a Huntzinger, John 1888
Hielscher Alfred Koehler Clara Minonk   O40a, T73a Koehler, Elizabeth  
Hike George Thrasher Hattie Minonk Sec 27 T80a Goodman, Gertie Mrs 1911
Hill E.E. Gillespie Alice Greene Sec 11 T120a Knoop, Lena Heller 1915
Hilligoss R.C. Boon Ibbie Worth Sec 7 O121a   1907
Hindert B.L. McGrail May Minonk Sec 34 T105a McGrail, Jas. 1888
Hindert John     Minonk Sec 33 O160a   1885
Hindert L.J.     Clayton Sec 25 T320a Hindert, U.J. 1895
Hinrichs Christ Mrs     Minonk Sec 35 O80a   1886
Hinrichs George Woltzen Rose Greene Sec 6 O255a   1870
Hinrichs Harm Rosenberg Annie Greene Sec 7 T180a Hinrichs, John and J. Mrs 1878
Hitch Joseph Bingner Florence El Paso Sec 18 T80a Hitch, Robert 1885
Hitch Roy J. Blumenshine Osa May El Paso Sec 18 T80a Hitch, Robert 1878
Hitchcock George Schneider Lizzie Worth Sec 31 O40a   1915
Hock Frank Hindert Clara Clayton Sec 36 T208a Hindert Est. 1886
Hock Frank M. Gretter Sophia Clayton Sec 35 T240a Hock Est. 1862
Hodel Benjamin Minger Emily Metamora Sec 14 O200a   1889
Hodel Chris Schumaker Elizabeth Roanoke Sec 9 O40a   1882
Hodel Eli     Olio Sec 10 T80a Hodel, John Mrs 1887
Hodel Joe       Roanoke Sec 17 O80a   1896
Hodel Peter Minger Ida Metamora Sec 14 O100a   1869
Hodel R.C. Brown Ollie Olio Sec 16 T80a Hodel, Eliza Mrs 1892
Hodel Samuel       Roanoke Sec 28 O100a   1877
Hodel Silas Huber Carrie Roanoke Sec 3-4 T120a Hodel, J. Est. 1891
Hoffman Adolph Snider Emma Spring Bay Sec 25 O480a   1886
Hoffman Herman     Minonk Sec 15 T160a Battles, R. W. and Simpson, J.A. 1903
Hohn C. Elmer Braun Katie Cazenovia Sec 29 T372a Mundell, Joe and Tanton, Essie 1903
Holderly Sam Sorch Lizzie Montgomery Sec 13 O74a   1902
Hollis John Bye Lizzie Linn Sec 8 T160a Peabody, Frank F. 1909
Hollis T.T. Dean Laura Linn Sec 7 T80a Rea, Mary Mrs 1909
Holloway C.W. Kramer Mary Greene Sec 15 T160a Toole, P.D. 1915
Holstman E.T. Adams Lillian Worth Sec 29 T40a Holstman, F. 1913
Holstman F. Heidrich Emma Worth Sec 29 O40a   1913
Holt J.M. Roth Amelia Panola Sec 21 T320a Holt, J.M. and Roth, Peter Mrs 1909
Hood R.E. Lightfoot Frances Cazenovia Sec 22 O70a   1877
Hoover Martin Remeley Elizabeth Cazenovia Sec 14 O207a   1880
Hopp P.L. Templeman Myrtle Minonk Sec 28 T160a Filger, Stella 1908
Hopper Owen Moreillon Kaba Minonk Sec 36     1917
Hormell George Dearth Myrtle Kansas Sec 21 O20a   1901
Horn George Willhelm Julia Panola Sec 16     1914
Hoshor Albert Fredick Louise Spring Bay Sec 23 T480a Hoshor, Perry 1872
Hoshor Talbot Birkner Rosie Spring Bay Sec 23 T80a Hoshor, Perry 1884
Householder Debold Schertz Anna Olio Sec 4 O890a   1858
Householder Peter Sauder Laura Olio Sec 4 T160a Householder, Debold 1886
Huenefeld Henry Grunkemeyer Anna Linn Sec 35     1917
Humphrey Mary Belsley     Cruger Sec 35 `O80a   1864
Hunley Henry Smith May Clayton Sec 17 O120a   1916
Hunter Clara     Partridge Sec 15 O700a Hunter Est. 1909
Hunter Emily     Partridge Sec 15 O700a Hunter Est. 1909
Huntzinger Frank Kool Caroline Roanoke Sec 34 O240a   1867
Huntzinger Joe Schuler Emma Roanoke Sec 35 T160a    
Huntzinger J.H. Ludeman Hannah Roanoke Sec 33 T160a Huntzinger, F. 1868
Hunzinger Charles Miller Emma K. Palestine Sec 1 T140a Hunzinger, John Sr 1873
Hunzinger Emma Miss     Palestine Sec 10 O40a   1867
Hunzinger Frank Jr (Hunzinger) Emma, Samuel (siblings) Roanoke Sec 35 T160a Hunzinger, John Sr 1880
Hunzinger Henry     Palestine Sec 10 O80a   1872
Hunzinger Jacob Reel Ada Palestine Sec 6 O97a   1870
Huschen August Rebemaker Frederica Palestine Sec 4 O219a   1889
Huschen Henry Flohr Tenni Clayton Sec 28 O55a, T100a   1903
Hutson Nat Fendell Nola Cruger Sec 3 T110a Caperon, R. 1900
Hynes Joseph and Francis     El Paso Sec 24 T160a Hynes, Michael 1877
Hynes Michael Hylefeor Johanna El Paso Sec 24 O160a   1852
Hynes Will Lynch Ella Easter El Paso Sec 19 O180a   1883
Iliff Herbert A. Carrithers Pearl Linn Sec 3 O85a, T211a Combes, Frank and Martini, Aug. 1910
Imhoff Joseph E. Schertz Alvina Metamora Sec 9 T150a Schertz, C.H. 1869
Imhoff J.A. Schertz Bertha Roanoke Sec 7 O166a   1898
Imhoff S.P. Garber Nora Cazenovia Sec 35 O160a   1877
Ioerger Edmund Folkers Tena Minonk Sec 22 T117a Bowman, Ilert 1896
Ioerger George E. Meade Maude   Panola Sec 5 T120a Ioerger, Anna Mrs 1885
Ioerger Henry D. Miller Lorine Panola Sec 4 T240a Ioerger, Esther Mrs 1887
Ioerger Joseph Schneider Lena Worth Sec 27 O240a   1869
Ioerger Peter A. Daum Kate Panola Sec 3 O160a   1857
Ioerger Wilbur H. Sakes Minnie Panola Sec 4 T120a Ioerger, Anna Mrs 1893
Irons Frank Miller Elizabeth Montgomery Sec 15 O320a   1872
Irons Leslie C. Evelsizer Minnie Montgomery Sec 11 O352a   1873
Irons William Schlomer Louise Montgomery Sec 11 O160a   1879
Isch H.A.   Lena (sister) Metamora Sec 34 T160a Isch Est. 1873
Ivens John   Emma Cazenovia Sec 26 T160a Tanton, R.F. 1883
Ivens Ora Call Edna Metamora Sec 16 O159a   1889
Jacoby Jacob Reader Carrie Montgomery Sec 3 T120a   1915
Janssen Anna Mrs     Clayton Sec 20 T80a Shields, James 1871
Janssen Anna Mrs     Minonk Sec 30 T240a Janssen, A.W. Mrs 1887
Janssen Frank T. Buck Katherine Clayton Sec 30 T80a Janssen, John L. Mrs 1885
Janssen George D. Besett Edith Minonk Sec 28 T240a Janssen, Bertha Mrs. and Slimers, Anna Mrs. 1887
Janssen Harm R. Schoon Anna Linn Sec 11 T80a Goodfellow, Dena Mrs. and Schoon, John E. 1887
Janssen J.L. Mrs     Minonk Sec 30 O160a   1886
Janssen Mary Mrs     Clayton Sec 30 O250a   1884
Jenkins Clyde Damerell Govilla Cazenovia Sec 15   Gingrich, Arthur 1910
Jennings Lucy Mrs     Cruger Sec 2 O118a   1835
Jett Curtis O. Kaylor Lelia M. Kansas Sec 10 T186a Velde, D.D. 1905
Jezek Louie Lauser Bertha Wiken Roanoke Sec 20   Schertz, Ben 1911
Jochums George Lohr Lena Clayton Sec 22 T120a   1879
Jochums Joe B. Worthington Fern Clayton Sec 34 T80a Kindig, Rev 1885
Jochums John Claussen Take Clayton Sec 14 O160a   1874
Johann G.C. Fleming Jessie Olio Sec 6 T280a Johann, G. Mrs 1888
Johnson Albert North Laura El Paso Sec 16 T127a Slocum, James 1890
Johnson Art  Beaver Mabel Partridge Sec 28 T40a Johnson, Isabelle 1885
Johnson Arthur F. Brown Daisy Panola Sec 33 O160a   1897
Johnson C.F. Baumann Anna Greene Sec 5 T160a Johnson, W.E. 1877
Johnson E.P. Jones Lula Metamora Sec 28   Woodford County Farm Supt. 1874
Johnson Frank E. Wangler Katie Kansas Sec 2 O35a, T57a   1876
Johnson George McHugh Leona Panola Sec 31 O104a    1871
Johnson George A. North Maggie El Paso Sec 16 T200a Davenport, W.H. Est. 1894
Johnson Henry Harms Lizzie Linn Sec 22 T160a Harms, Ben and Woltzen, Annie 1908
Johnson John A. Wilts Maggie Olio Sec 11 O159a   1871
Johnson John A. Gerdes Fannie Clayton Sec 16 T200a Peters, Henry 1884
Johnson Joseph Brown Gertrude Minonk Sec 19 O2a   1917
Johnson William H. McClure Mary Kansas Sec 10 O95a   1873
Johnson W.I. Edson Ella Partridge Sec 17 T110a Johnson, Easebell 1892
Jones A.L. LaRue Ida Minonk Sec 6 T240a Stoddard, B.M. 1913
Jones A.R. Moomaw May Minonk Sec 29 T200a Dennis, F.A. Mrs and Hanlin Est. 1907
Jones B.E. Mahaffie Nora Clayton Sec 11 T400a Dennis, Frances Mrs. and Van Doren, J.W. Mrs. 1903
Jones F.L. Baily Anna El Paso Sec 21 O240a   1869
Jones Ray E. Nellinger Ella M. Linn Sec 2 T170a Nellinger, George 1915
Jones Thomas L. Askey Alice Palestine Sec 9 O160a   1887
Jones Will     Palestine Sec 9 O160a   1878
Jones William Winkler Katherine Partridge Sec 10 t185a Jones, Jane 1865
Jones W.A. Durfey Nellie Panola Sec 32 T220a Shuck, Mrs 1907
Jording August Rippel Emma Olio Sec 2 T120a Rippel, C. 1913
Jury F.O. Thompson Margaret Linn Sec 19 O320a   1869
Jury J. Lee     Minonk Sec 9 T220a Jury, A.L. 1893
Jury Mary Mrs     Minonk Sec 8 O2a   1858
Jury Welby Pickard Lilla Minonk Sec 8 O320a   1862

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Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Kaiser Emory Ummel Mary Palestine Sec 36 O260a   1891
Kalkwarf Henry     Minonk Sec 26 T160a Kamp, Mary A. 1890
Kamm C.H. Zoller Carrie Metamora Sec 9 T160a Snyder, S.M. 1897
Kamp Joe Goehring Clara Worth Sec 4 O180a   1876
Kamp Omer M. Metzger Adalina Kansas Sec 2 O30a   1886
Kanive Walter Stonier Josephine Linn Sec 2 T169a Hollenback, Geo. Mrs 1913
Kapraun John J. Vogel Caroline Greene Sec 2 O320a   1889
Karl George W. Frichs Sarah Linn Sec 35 O165a   1877
Karr J.M. Willhelm Olive Panola Sec 17   de Vries, L.J.R. 1914
Kaufman B.J.     Cruger Sec 11   Kaufman Bros. 1872
Kaufman Bros.       Cruger Sec 11 O250a    
Kaufman F.H. Moore Edna Cruger Sec 11 O40a Kaufman Bros. 1869
Kaylor H.B. Conkler Gertrude Kansas Sec 10   Kaylor, Walter  
Kearney L.C. O'Rourke Mary A. Palestine Sec 23 T160a Kearney, C. Mrs 1881
Keller John Ulrich Anna Olio Sec 32 O223a   1875
Kellogg George Duke Ruth Cazenovia Sec 36 T100a Murphy, Alvin 1882
Kelly Ed Schlink Olive Panola Sec 6 T93a Kelly, Mary 1886
Kelly Leo J. Mangin Madeline Panola Sec 6 T80a Kelly, Mary 1892
Kelly Martin F. Vogel Veronica Panola Sec 6 T80a Kelly, Mary 1889
Kelly Thomas Kirby Josephine Greene Sec 12 O80a   1884
Kelsey Walter Ruvenacht Elsie Panola Sec 9 O80a, T140a Ruvenacht, C.H. 1901
Kemp Christ Mrs Boyer Ethel Partridge Sec 32 T220a Kemp, Barber 1884
Kempf Barbara     Roanoke Sec 20 O40a   1867
Kempf Ben Martin Anna Roanoke Sec 21 O120a   1872
Kennedy George Bond Lockie Cazenovia       1915
Kennedy James M. Hart Mary Cazenovia     West, William G. 1915
Kennell Edward Miller Sophia Panola Sec 3 T240a Donner, Pete and Strubhar, Catherine 1906
Kennell John W. Bachman Sarah Linn Sec 32 O240a   1862
Kennell P.S. Keller Sarah Linn Sec 31 T156a Kennell, J.W. 1893
Kennell P.W. Ulrich Katie Roanoke Sec 5 O333a   18690
Kenyon D.D.     Cazenovia Sec 17 O80a   1846
Kenyon Frank Phipps Gertrude Palestine Sec 36 T320a Kennell, J.J. 1886
Kenyon G.F. Foster Fannie H. Cazenovia Sec 27 T240a Dodds, J.E. 1879
Kenyon James  Arrowsmith Mary Cazenovia Sec 18 O20a, T96a Weber, Fred 1875
Kenyon Will L. Wefler Sophia N. Cazenovia Sec 19 T80a Sneider, George 1882
Keonig Gottlib Henniger Sussie Minonk Sec 6 T240a Stoddard, B.M. 1887
Kerker C.H. Miller Mary Metamora Sec 7 O160a   1860
Kerker Frank Alig Frances Worth Sec 20 O80a   1871
Kern A.W. Williams Sarah Metamora Sec 31 O40a   1875
Kern R.W. Ricketts Effie Metamora Sec 36 T120a Wagner, Emanuel 1905
Kern William Christ Sarah Worth Sec 25 O80a   1874
Kettwich Eilert Knapp Katherine Minonk Sec 25 O80a   1889
Kettwich Henry Barth Philopena Clayton Sec 2 O40a, T260a Barth Est. 1907
Kettwich John Harms Gertie Minonk Sec 32 T85a Harms, J.H. 1897
Kienhofer Charles Holzinger Emma Worth Sec 24 T167a Kienhofer, J. 1868
Kiesewetter Peter Sr. Theobald Rose Worth Sec 20 O180a   1886
Kindig Cecil Bryant Nina Myrtle Greene Sec 6 T144a Peterson, S.L. 1881
Kindig D. Wilson Emma L. Greene Sec 20 O225a   1871
Kindig David H. Lemon Salina Palestine Sec 19 O177a   1870
Kindig Oliver J. Young Marie Greene Sec 16 T100a Kindig, Amanda E. 1890
King Jacob Lehman Emma Cruger Sec 26 T200a Dorward, F. and King, Lydia 1908
Kingdon Charles Lishness Iva El Paso Sec 12 T120a Berg, F. 1888
Kingdon Louis Gibbs Grace Panola Sec 35 T560a Various 1865
Kingdon Roy   Kingdon Isa Panola Sec 33 T120a Kingdon, W.H. 1890
Kinhofer Michel     Worth Sec 24 O167a   1860
Kinsinger David     Cruger Sec 15 T80a Kinsinger, Emilie 1890
Kinsinger John D. Wolcott Myrtle Olio Sec 17   Leonard, Howard 1916
Kirby Frank A. Lasher Lucy Minonk Sec 20 T100a Breen, P.H. 1885
Kirby James Raby Nannie Panola Sec 3   Baughman, L.A. 1914
Kirby William Kirby Martha (sister) Minonk Sec 29 T80a Kirby, Thomas 1880
Kirchgessner Albert Waldschmidt Anna Partridge Sec 23 O203a   1911
Kirchgessner Charles Gilles  Teresa Partridge Sec 26 T100a Kirchgessner, Joseph 1908
Kirchgessner Frank Breckenridge Mary Partridge Sec 25 T72a Schneider, J.G. 1916
Kisselwetter Fred Bialunig Barber Worth Sec 20 O124a   1870
Kissewetter Pete Fandel Zyella Worth Sec 1 T90a Gangloff, J.J. 1892
Klaman Herman Vosberg Elsie Panola Sec 18 O103a   1875
Klaman John Johnson Minnie Panola Sec 15 T200a Hall, R.H. 1869
Klaner E.E. Ellet Nellie Linn Sec 5 T200a Peabody, N.W. 1913
Klaus William Brown Mary Cruger Sec 24 T179a Dickinson, R.B. 1890
Kleen Frederick Knapp Margaret Minonk Sec 32 T285a Kleen, Garmer 1890
Klein Frank J. Sattler Lena Linn Sec 23 T268a Mrs. P. Fagot, P. Mrs. and Greies, Adam 1882
Klein George E. Seckler Bertha Metamora Sec 16 T160a Wetmore, Nellie M. 1879
Kleopfer Philip Suter Ida Linn Sec 12     1917
Klug A.J.B. Danner Mary El Paso Sec 20 T103a Griener, George 1882
Klug C.J. Dawson Lizzie Panola Sec 30 T93a Schafer, Ed Mrs 1869
Knack Charlie Timmerman Jenny Minonk Sec 11 O160a   1892
Kneip Andrew Alig Susina Worth Sec 27 O140a   1884
Knepp W.A. Baer Freda Palestine Sec 13 O80a   1900
Knoblauch Ben Meismer Mary Cazenovia Sec 8 T240a Knoblauch, D. 1889
Knoblauch Joseph G. Rudolph Rosie Metamora Sec 31 T80a Cress, Benjamin 1888
Knoll Edward C. Wilkey Lottie Palestine Sec 15 T80a Hunzinger, F. Sr 1886
Knoll Harvey W. Renken Dena H. Palestine Sec 12 O100a   1881
Koch Albert Tarman Clara Clayton Sec 26 O80a   1882
Koch Charles Grampp Lena Clayton Sec 23 O80a, T70a Shuck, Jacob 1877
Koch Chester Pinkham Elsie Panola Sec 19 T173a Koch, John E. 1894
Koch John Schweizer Katie Panola Sec 21 O200a   1890
Koch Joseph Vissering Johanna Clayton Sec 35 O120a   1882
Koch J. Keenan Cecelia Clayton Sec 7