Woodford County

Farmers and Breeders



Hosts Note:  Many thanks to Amy Robbins-Tjaden for transcribing this fascinating document onto a spreadsheet.  The names in this section have been faithfully transcribed as they were published, even though in many cases the publisher should have known better.  But translating misspellings into "sounds like" is just one of the hazards of genealogy. 



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Cazenovia Clayton Cruger El Paso
Eureka Greene Kansas Linn
Metamora Minonk Montgomery Olio
Palestine Panola Partridge Roanoke
Spring Bay Worth    


Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Quinn Thomas Childers May Panola Sec 33 O120a   1890
Quiram Carl Harms Anna Linn Sec 21 T160a Harms, John Mrs 1914
Quiram Edward Laibe Anna Cazenovia Sec 2 O97a   1905
Quiram William Fitschen Freda Partridge Sec 3 T150a Fitschen, Angelo 1910
Quithamer J.B.     Cazenovia Sec 12 T80a Black, Fred 1880
Raby Carl Childers May Panola     Lyons, William 1916
Rader Harry   Otto May Kansas Sec 17 T280a Snavely, S.W. 1915
Ranney Mark J. Parminter Lillie M. Metamora Sec 4 O325a   1867
Rankin J.D. Greiner Caroline Palestine Sec 35 T155a Greiner, F.F. 1914
Rankin J.T. Eads Myram Palestine Sec 35   Rankin, J.D. 1916
Rassi Jacob Wuethrich Louisa Greene Sec 19 O160a   1880
Rastetter A.D. Kinsinger Anna Cruger Sec 15 O80a   1888
Raver James Slaight Nora Spring Bay Sec 11 T40a Oleen, Lena 1917
Ray A.L. Meginnis Nina J. Greene Sec 21 O160a   1903
Ray E.L. Ray C. Bella Greene Sec 20 T 240a Ray, G.J. 1870
Reaba Paul Coffman Irene Montgomery Sec 16 O35a   1873
Rebenstein George Mienaer Riemke Cruger Sec 2 T128a Procter Est. 1916
Redenious D.W. Johnson Gertrude Roanoke Sec 12 T160a Belsley, D. 1885
Redenius Albert     Clayton Sec 18 T105a Redenius, T. 1881
Redenius Hannah     Roanoke Sec 36 T80a Minger, Fannie 1870
Redenius Harm A. Ridder Wilhelmina Greene Sec 18 O220a   1868
Redenius John A.     Greene Sec 7 T207a Redenius, W.B. Mrs. and Redenius, W. 1893
Redenius William     Roanoke Sec 36 T80a Minger, Fannie 1870
Redenius Wait G. Bauman Emma Greene Sec 7 T207a Redenius, W.B. Mrs. and Redenius, W. 1893
Rediger E.W. Bachman Martha M. Roanoke Sec 26 O120a   1904
Rediger Louis     Partridge Sec 24 O170a   1866
Redmore John Mrs     Minonk   T160a Riley, Sam 1868
Reeb Henry C. Kennell Katie Roanoke Sec 5-6 O120a   1913
Reed Dell H. Brand Bell Panola Sec 2 T80a Reed, J.C. 1883
Reed J.T. Doyle Asa Minonk Sec 2   Bane, Allen 1906
Reemers Ramer Kauffold Gertrude Greene Sec 21 O80a   1872
Reents Andrew H. Heedt Lena Linn Sec 36 T160a Reents, Antje 1876
Reents George Weber Allie Greene Sec 5 T99a Reents, Antje 1880
Reese Louis Smith Rosie Clayton Sec 12 T160a Kennedy, Thomas 1891
Reeser B.E. Reel Clara Olio Sec 34 T200a Reel, William 1872
Reeser John R. Good  Susanna Olio Sec 26 O202a   1889
Reeser Peter Bloomstock Emma Worth Sec 3 T428a   1913
Reh Max Weers Marie Clayton Sec 28 T97a Schuck Est. 1910
Rehner Ernest Wagner Ella   Partridge Sec 32 T280a Wagner Est. 1896
Reich Eliza Mrs     Kansas Sec 4 T120a Dennis, M. 1907
Reich Michael M. Stephens Hazel M. Kansas Sec 4 T120a Dennis, M. 1907
Reiner Seth Wragge Maggie Linn Sec 34 T140a Mennen, James 1892
Reinhardt Fred P. Zeddelmein Caroline Panola Sec 1 T100a Ruvenacht, Kate Mrs 1891
Reinholtz Harvey   Keil Theresa Cruger Sec 3 T149a Reinholtz, H. 1916
Reinken William H. Folkers Dorothea Linn Sec 28 T120a Tjaden, Menke 1884
Reising George A. Petri Emma Worth Sec 21 O168a   1871
Reising Leo T. Villger Elsie Partridge Sec 34 O280a   1893
Relig William Kuntz Minnie Olio Sec 4 T167a Bechtel, Sam 1873
Remmers Jake Peters Emma Palestine Sec 10 O80a   1870
Renolds Chris Woosley Letitia Kansas Sec 19 O36a   1917
Rentch John Sornberger Katie Worth Sec 32 O40a   1907
Rewert Jurgen Ennen Harmka Clayton Sec 32 T40a Moretz, D. 1893
Rewerts William G. Strick Elsie Linn Sec 24 T110a Rewerts, R.F. 1896
Reynolds William F. Davison Emma Worth Sec 33 O10a   1900
Rexroth George Guth Mary Metamora Sec 32 O160a   1897
Rich A.J.     Cruger Sec 36 T160a Rich, Jacob 1888
Rich Clifford Johnson Nellie Metamora Sec 10 T165a Wilson, M.W. 1890
Rich F.W. Leonard Lucy Metamora Sec 21 O80a   1855
Rich Jesse L. Heiken Gertrude Cruger Sec 35 T240a Rich, Jacob 1889
Rich Silas G. Teague Belle Cruger Sec 3 T40a Rich, Jacob 1879
Ridder William Johnson Johanna Roanoke Sec 23 O16a   1900
Rider August Eartlay Reka Cruger Sec 10     1912
Rider Seab Baker Lyla El Paso Sec 12   Berbes Bros. 1911
Riehl Levi Schuch Louise Palestine Sec 30 O115a   1887
Rients Dick Parks Annie Minonk Sec 24 T200a Rients, Tjark and Rapp, Mrs 1892
Rients George F. Upts Catherine Minonk Sec 25 O80a   1871
Rients Henry     Minonk Sec 24 T120a Rients, Tjark   1894
Rients Lue Kettwich Sena Minonk Sec 1 T160a Rients, George 1890
Rippel W.A. Wessel Caroline Greene Sec 32 O80a   1879
Ripper Henry Miller Anna Panola Sec 35 T160a Rippel, Charles 1889
Ripple Mary Mrs     Panola Sec 36 O80a   1889
Robbins E.W. Newton Effie Linn Sec 7 T160a Robbins, J.W. 1911
Robbins J.W. Irwin Lizzie Linn Sec 7 O160a   1870
Roberts A.Y. Cox Mamie Panola Sec 10   Abbott, C.S. 1916
Roberts Charles Kridner Ida Palestine Sec 14 O120a    
Robinson A.L. Irving Anna Metamora Sec 2 T320a Robinson, Emma E. Mrs 1887
Robinson Emma E. Mrs     Metamora Sec 11 O320a   1858
Robinson F.M McMurtrie Emma Metamora Sec 10 T320a Robinson, Emma E. Mrs 1880
Robinson George W. Alt Julia Metamora Sec 2 T160a Robinson, Emma E. Mrs 1879
Robinson S.M. Hawk Florence Cazenovia Sec 1 O120a   1867
Rocke Chris Rocke Anna and Mary (sisters) Roanoke Sec 26 O80a    
Rocke Jeff Stoller Lucy Roanoke Sec 27 O80a   1874
Rocke Joe Gerst Tekla Roanoke Sec 23 O188a   1870
Rocke J.L. Minger Mary Metamora Sec 27 O240a   1876
Rocke William Steffin Persida Roanoke Sec 24 O105a   1876
Roemersberger George Zimmerman Emma Montgomery Sec 24 O85a   1890
Roemersberger Henry Ellis Clair Cruger Sec 34 T160a Banta, A.J. Mrs 1889
Rogge John P. Tjaden Gleaske Linn Sec 33 O160a   1898
Rogy David A. Wiyss Emma Spring Bay Sec 23 O80a   1865
Rohman G.F. Allig Victoria Worth Sec 6 O186a   1866
Rohmann Clarence Scheirer Frances Partridge Sec 35 T120a Gangloff, John 1894
Rohmann Joseph P. Schneider Kate Partridge Sec 35 O120a   1916
Rohmann Lawrence Ammie Mary Worth Sec 28 O80a   1855
Rohmann Pete      Spring Bay Sec 26 T20a Williams, Ira 1887
Ross S.D. Gravett Kitty J. Kansas Sec 10 O200a   1900
Rossmann Lawrence Noe Anna Minonk Sec 32 T200a Loerger, Jacob 1882
Roth Joe Gingrich Elizabeth Worth Sec 34 T268a Roth, Michael 1883
Roth John Holt Mattie Panola Sec 16 O160a   1874
Roth J.H. Zoss Lena Olio Sec 27 O240a   1900
Roth Peter Mrs     Panola Sec 16     1888
Roth Phillip Hefler Anna Panola Sec 27 O200a   1887
Ruble Will Wilson Nellie Montgomery Sec 2 T340a Reel, Lesley 1909
Ruestman Frank Kark Clara Clayton Sec 12 T86a Ruestman Est. 1877
Ruestman Peter Cremer Helen Clayton Sec 2 O110a Ruestman Est. 1885
Ruestmann George Strack Ida Clayton Sec 12 T80a Ruestman, Frank Mrs 1874
Rufing Joseph Zilm Clara Clayton Sec 19 T100a Rufing, A. Mrs 1874
Rummer Gust. Webber Sophia Linn Sec 15 O80a   1888
Ruvenacht John Engel Magdelena Panola Sec 3 O200a   1856
Ryan Dennis     Minonk Sec 29 T80a Ryan Est. 1877
Ryan John H. Rev Grove Lizzie Clayton Sec 7 O260a    
Safford C.B. Peabody Lottie E. Linn Sec 6 O160a   1872
Sake Anton     Clayton Sec 28 O160a   1887
Sake Charlie Miller Lena Clayton Sec 22 T80a Sake, Anton 1887
Sake Joseph     Clayton Sec 24 O80a   1872
Saltzman Ben Eigsti Lydia Minonk Sec 36 O160a   1867
Saltzman Peter     Panola Sec 2 O200a   1865
Sander Ervin Thwelies Myrtle Cruger Sec 35   Rich, Jacob 1916
Sanders John C. Berry Agnes Panola Sec 8   DeVries, Steven 1917
Sauder H.D. Eicher Anna Olio Sec 28 O253a   1871
Sauder H.F. Martin Mary Roanoke Sec 22 O250a   1867
Sauder J.B. Haugartner Anna Roanoke Sec 34 T160a Sauder, John 1890
Sauder P.H. Oertle Mary Olio Sec 29 T120a Reiser, C.B. 1893
Savage George Loscher Edna Linn Sec 3     1888
Saxton Richard Scott Florence Herron El Paso Sec 20 T240a Mayne, R. Est. 1900
Scharping Julius Rechter Ida Minonk Sec 16 T80a Timmerman Est. 1907
Scheffert Fred Altman Jennie Roanoke Sec 27   Schoor, Joseph 1915
Scheirer August Meismer Emma Cazenovia Sec 23 T100a Scheier, Mary and August 1886
Scheirer W.J. Waldschmidt Anna Metamora Sec 20 O40a, T100a Scheirer, Mary 1890
Scherer Fred Martin Priscilla Metamora Sec 1 O240a   1895
Schertz Amos A. Ulrich Lizzie Roanoke Sec 33 O160a   1879
Schertz August Ulrich Emma Cazenovia Sec 36 O40a   1878
Schertz A.H. Strubhar Esther Metamora Sec 13 T200a Schertz, P.D. 1889
Schertz A.P. Ulrich Barbara Roanoke Sec 32 O160a   1875
Schertz Benjamin Belsley Kate Roanoke Sec 19 O240a   1876
Schertz B.J. Smith Emma Roanoke Sec 32 O160a   1871
Schertz J.W. Gerber Laura Roanoke Sec 18 O160a   1884
Schertz C.H. Gingrich Annie Metamora Sec 8 O240a   1844
Schertz C.S. Gingrich Phoebe Roanoke Sec 32 O240a   1867
Schertz D.H. Imhoff Phoebe Roanoke Sec 33 O200a   1867
Schertz Ed C. Garber Emma Metamora Sec 5 T240a Schertz, C.H. 1880
Scherz E.E. Ulrich Ella   Roanoke Sec 32 O160a   1891
Schertz E.J. Drange Lena Cazenovia Sec 24 O200a, T40a Schertz, John 1887
Schertz E.R. Schertz Emma Metamora Sec 31 T178a Schertz, Peter 1881
Schertz Henry Esch Elizabeth Roanoke Sec 31 O251a   1873
Schertz H.G. Steider Louisa Metamora Sec 13 O160a   1871
Schertz L.C. Ellen Anna Metamora Sec 24 O160a, T80a Schertz, C.S. 1879
Schertz Manuel Nopzinger Lizzie Worth Sec 36 T185a Schertz, Peter 1904
Schertz Peter Esch Lena Worth Sec 36 O80a   1909
Schertz Peter Esch Lena Metamora Sec 31 O80a   1910
Schertz P.B. Belsley Barbara Metamora Sec 2 O252a   1874
Schertz P.D.   Anna Olio Sec 13-19-20-11 O320a   1849
Schertz P.R. Schertz Anna Metamora Sec 13 T200a Schertz, P.D. 1886
Schertz R.C. Stalter Tillie Roanoke   T180a May, Mrs and Schertz, Dave 1887
Schertz Samuel Knell Ida Roanoke Sec 6 O240a   1876
Schertz S.D. Garber Anna F. Cazenovia Sec 25 O280a   1871
Schertz S.E. Roth Emma Panola Sec 15 O60a, T100a Roth, Peter Mrs 1887
Schertz William Wagner Martha   Olio Sec 5 T180a Schertz, Peter 1905
Schieber David Kennell Minnie Greene Sec 34 O200a   1889
Schieber John W. Keswetter Margaret Cruger Sec 2 O155a   1867
Schierer A.C. Murray Delia Metamora Sec 30 T166a Schierer, John 1894
Schierer E.J. Gangloff Pauline Metamora Sec 18 O40a, T100a Schierer, John 1886
Schierer Ferdinand Mashashmand Mary Worth Sec 23 O160a   1882
Schirer Frederick Marshall Laura A. Roanoke Sec 4 O120a   1865
Schlaback J.D. Kirchner Anna Roanoke Sec 4 T80a Schlaback, Christian 1893
Schlomer Carl Reents Minnie Linn Sec 35 T170a Wessell, Chris  
Schlosser Frank Rossbach Lizzie Clayton Sec 14 T142a Schlosser, Charlie 1885
Schmidt Jacob Herold Cora Worth Sec 29 T24a Wessel, John 1914
Schmillen John Devon Alessa Panola Sec 12 T80s Monk, R.H. 1915
Schmith Hubert Rohmann Emmie Spring Bay Sec 26 T200a Williams, Earl 1873
Schnutt Frank E. Klein Gertrude Worth Sec 28 O74a   1872
Schmitt Pete Daily Floy Worth Sec 12 O120a   1915
Schneider Adam     Worth Sec 23 O100a   1863
Schneider Frank L.     Worth Sec 21 O85a   1870
Schneider Fred Conurro Myrtle C. Partridge Sec 36 T40a Ganglough, John 1874
Schneider H.H. Memmen Maggie Minonk Sec 8 O75a   1884
Schneider Joe H. Durst Adelia Worth Sec 26 T200a Greiner, William 1892
Schneider John A.     Partridge Sec 34 O79a   1916
Schneider John G. Long Cornelia Cazenovia Sec 15 O81a   1884
Schneider J.J. Hindert Rosie Clayton Sec 25 T320a Hindert, U.J. Est. 1887
Schneider J.V. Hike Lena Minonk Sec 31   Simpson, J.A. 1881
Schneider Peter A. Rudolph Theresa Worth Sec 21 O121a   1873
Schoaf Gilbert Hofstetter Minnie Cazenovia Sec 5 T240a Hofstetter, Philipina 1897
Schofield Gayle North Jeannette El Paso Sec 6 T320a Schofield, J.F. 1890
Schoon Charles J. Gerdes Margaret Linn Sec 15 T80a Schoon, John E. 1888
Schoon Eggie     Linn Sec 21 T80a McLaughlin, James 1881
Schoon Elmer Flohr Margaret Linn Sec 10 T100a Schoon, John   1894
Schoon George Meinhold Louisa Linn Sec 16 T80a Meinhold, Sophia Est. 1881
Schoon Herman Schlimmer Dora Cazenovia Sec 20 T5a Perkins & Eckhoff 1887
Schoon John E. Harpers Annie Linn Sec 10 O40a   1881
Schoor J.J. Schoor Ada Roanoke Sec 27 O240a    
Schrader Lewis   Gray Celina Greene Sec 24 T240a Bonar, Will 1909
Schramm Francis     Minonk Sec 19 T220a Schramm Est. 1890
Schramm Fred     Minonk Sec 18 T160a Schramm, William 1890
Schreiber William Bruns Kate Metamora Sec 35 T100a Fehr, F. 1910
Schrepfer Harry Seckler Edna Metamora Sec 18 T120a Schrepfer, J.M. 1889
Schrock Andrew Bachman Barbara Metamora Sec 4 O278a   1868
Schrock Emanuel Garber Anna M. Cazenovia Sec 25 T160a Garber, V.F. 1888
Schrock E.H. Schertz Anna Panola Sec 2 T200a Ruvenacht, S.H. 1903
Schrock Peter Imhoff Katherine Cazenovia Sec 26 T240a Imhoff, Mary Mrs 1881
Schrock William Ulrich Fannie Roanoke Sec 32 T160a Schertz, Dave 1910
Schroeder Jacob Woltzen Bena Greene Sec 6 O160a   1874
Schroeder Theodore Dunden Minnie Roanoke Sec 12 T120a Uden, John 1881
Schulthes Arthur Pfifer Ella   Olio Sec 3 T140a John Pfeister and Schuthes Est. 1889
Schulthes William     Olio Sec 3 T180a Bechtel, Ben and Emma 1886
Schultz A.J. Wells Anna C. Weber Kansas Sec 16 O100a   1915
Schumacker Andrew Steffen Emma Cruger Sec 2 T106a Schumacker, I. 1884
Schumaker I. Fair Bena Roanoke Sec 16 O240a 1863  
Schmaker Johanathan Simpkins Minnie Roanoke Sec 24 T136a Schumaker, Isaac 1882
Schumaker Samuel     Roanoke Sec 19 O165a   1869
Schuster John Lubben Meta Minonk   T130a Greiser, Pat 1917
Schuster Seede Flesner Trente Minonk Sec 10 T80a Goodwin, Gertrude Mrs  
Schwenk John V. Fandel Eva Worth Sec 16 O50a   1860
Schwenk Joseph Fundel Susanna Worth Sec 8 O80a   1870
Schwenk Otto J.     Worth Sec 29 O9a   1864
Schwitters Chris Kamp Ada Palestine Sec 14 T160a Schwitters, H. Est. 1911
Schwitters George B. Penner Julia Palestine Sec 14 T160a Graft, Mrs Ed 1886
Schwitters John Ludwig Elenore Palestine Sec 11 T120a Schwitters, H. Est. 1884
Scott Albert Blumerstock Maggie Worth Sec 11 O320a   1913
Scott Frank Scott Laura El Paso Sec 28 T160a Wilkey, B. 1889
Scott Jessie     Worth Sec 14 O423a   1916
Search W.M. Bateman Mollie Kansas Sec 4 T160a W. M. Bateman Est. 1907
Seaver Joseph L. Seigfred Lena M. El Paso Sec 24 T80a Collins, J. 1916
Seckler John Yost Mary A. Cazenovia Sec 32 O320a   1863
Seckler John A. Obery Katherine Metamora Sec 19 T200a Seckler, John 1889
Seggerman D.  Bramer Minnie Minonk Sec 23 O240a   1869
Seggerman Emil Seggerman Lena Roanoke Sec 36 T80a Lang, Ernest 1891
Seggerman E. H. Danekas Follie Minonk Sec 22 T160a Eft, Henry 1891
Seggerman Harm   Jutyting Gertie Palestine Sec 12 O80a   1865
Seggerman H.D. Aberdeen Margaret Palestine Sec 5 O160a   1900
Seggerman H. J. Bramer Cassie Minonk Sec 14 O240a   1864
Seibel Henry Hunzinger Mary Palestine Sec 1 O80a   1880
Seifert Charlie Tarman Magdeline Clayton Sec 5 T240a Sloan, E. D. C., Bob Livingston and Paul H. Davison 1876
Seifert F. E. Uphoff Anna Clayton Sec 19 T160a Reints, George F. 1876
Sengpiel Henry W. Vosberg Fanny Palestine Sec 2 O80a   1915
Shafer William B. Arnett Lou Big Cazenovia Sec 2 O40a   1855
Shaffer Charlie Fevers Myrtle El Paso Sec 2 O40a   1855
Shaffer J.W. Snowball Josephine El Paso Sec 29 O27a   1861
Shaffer William     El Paso Sec 29 T100a Shaffer, J. W. 1882
Sharp John Y. Miller Mary Montgomery Sec 10 T160a   1858
Shea John     Metamora Sec 5 O200a   1870
Shea N. P. Irving Julia Metamora Sec 33 O80a   1882
Shea Thomas     Metamora Sec 14 O80a   1878
Shea William     Metamora Sec 34 O80a   1874
Shepherd Charlie Kearney Elizabeth Olio Sec 23   Emken, E. H. 1874
Shepherd Earl Meharry Grace Palestine Sec 33 T80a Shepherd, E. Mrs. 1882
Shepler Elle     Partridge Sec 21 T40a Wagle, Albert 1913
Sheppard John Ward Agnes Metamora Sec 7 T150a Donohue, James 1917
Shirer John E. Wilson Violet Roanoke Sec 3 T190a Schirer, Fred 1893
Shottenkirk P. L. Hurst Rebecca Spring Bay Sec 15 O200a   1875
Shoup Ancil Woosley Goldie Palestine Sec 17 T160a Shoup, Ben 1887
Shoup T. H. Woosley Irene Palestine Sec 36 O20a, T14a   1879
Shuck Magdeline Mrs.     Clayton Sec 15 O400a   1851
Shuck William DeVries Gertie Panola Sec 17 O160a   1873
Shultz Henry R. Hill Sarah M. Cazenovia Sec 14 T160a Norris, Robert Mrs. 1877
Shultz John Gill Clara Cazenovia Sec 13 T320a Jury, John 1873
Shuman George Hamilton Lucretia El Paso Sec 18 O160a   1869
Shuman James Garrels Reka Clayton   T160a Westerman Est. 1905
Shupp Adolph Dubois Anna Worth Sec 10 O52a   1873
Siebert Frederick Stroh Anna Montgomery Sec 16 O120a   1869
Siemers John H. Rev Leffers Minnie Minonk Sec 16 T100a Siebens, Klass G. 1888
Sigman Rammer Mienar Fannie Olio Sec 19 T160a Barrett, George 1910
Simmons Frank Smith Mary M. Clay Palestine Sec 8   Pohlschnieder, J. J. 1887
Simmons Roy A. Davidson Mary E. Palestine Sec 20 T240a Davidson, J. C. 1883
Simpkins Tracy Beecher Grace Partridge Sec 13 T2a Kenyon, James 1890
Skaggs George Horn Olive Panola Sec 28     1916
Slabach C. D. Bachman Magdelena Metamora Sec 11 O160a   1870
Sloan E. D. C. Tarr Nancy Clayton Sec 5 O100a   1877
Slocum George H. Pfleeger Lizzie El Paso Sec 20 O115a   1876
Sloter Lewis   Luderman Anna Olio Sec 14 O160a   1892
Sluga George Nakowitz Marie Metamora Sec 8 T208a Snyder, John 1869
Smiser John Coppenburger Katie El Paso Sec 36 O120a   1860
Smith Bart Childress Mary Panola Sec 24     1909
Smith Christian H. Imhoff Mary Olio Sec 22, Sec 27 O210a   1888
Smith C. L. Yerkes Lilla Olio Sec 6 T282a Barrett, George 1873
Smith C. M. Moore Cenie Cruger Sec 2 T265a Moore, E. D. 1887
Smith Elizabeth     Worth Sec 33 O20a    1893
Smith Ellsworth Alexander Maud Montgomery Sec 8 T60a Robinson, H. M. Mrs 1887
Smith George H. Kuntz Freda Olio Sec 28 T160a Householder, D. 1915
Smith J. C. Streid Josephine Metamora Sec 23 O120a Oyer, Ed Mrs. 1877
Smith J. C. Thom Eva Minonk Sec 19 T203a Thom, G. B. 1874
Smith J. D. Belsley Anna Metamora Sec 15, Sec 22, Sec 23 O320a, T36a Garber, Valentine 1868
Smith J. J. Berry Elizabeth Roanoke Sec 34 O80a, T280a Schertz, B. J. 1890
Smith J. L. Fell Elizabeth Palestine Sec 23   Dunmire, T. L. 1915
Smith L. H. Orth Katie Metamora Sec 32 O80a, T80a Smith, W. H. 1905
Smith P. J. Gautsche Fanny Olio Sec 27 O140a   1910
Smith P. W. Smith Louisa Worth Sec 2 T2a Smith, Peter 1916
Smith S. E. Drange Emma Metamora Sec 23 O40a   1873
Smith W. G. Low Grace Metamora Sec 33 T400a Smith, W. H. 1888
Smith W. H. Foster Genevieve Metamora Sec 33 O525a   1873
Snider Daniel Shelley Isabelle Spring Bay Sec 14 O110a   1871
Snodgrass Frank Reich Katie Palestine Sec 31   Letcher, Albert 1888
Snow Ivan Hester Edna Palestine Sec 2 T260a Hester, L. L. 1915
Snyder Col. E. Childress Lucy Cazenovia Sec 27 T320a Stevenson, William 1884
Snyder David M.     Palestine Sec 10 O80a   1890
Snyder George Neuenschwander Mayme Linn Sec 31 T160a Seiger Est. 1889
Snyder George Irving Margaret Metamora Sec 16 T80a Snyder, Joseph 1894
Snyder H. A. Grundy Olive Panola Sec 17 T80a Grundy, E. C. Mrs. 1911
Snyder J. S. Buck Mattie Clayton Sec 15   Shuck, Magdeline Mrs. 1906
Sommer George Schertz Anna Worth Sec 36 O225a 1875  
Sommer John Folk Lena Worth Sec 33 T82a Sommer Est. 1852
Sommer J. H. Costner Lena Panola Sec 10 T80a Baughman, Joe and Ruvenacht, S. H. 1880
Sommer J. S.     Metamora Sec 24 O160a   1877
Sommerfeld Fred J. Schoof Ella   Minonk Sec 15 T240a Haws, Joe 1912
Souders William E. Potter Nettie Montgomery Sec 14 T181a Halock, William 1915
Sparks Clarence     El Paso Sec 5 T60a Jugh, R. 1902
Sparks G. L. Giselman Margaret Palestine Sec 29 O80a    
Sparks Floyd     Palestine Sec 34 O50a   1895
Sparks Lester Burges Jeannette Palestine Sec 34 O80a   1872
Sparks Walter Thomas Lillie   Palestine Sec 34 O220a   1871
Spear Irwin W. Templin Nannie El Paso Sec 1 T230a Shafer, Ed Est. 1912
Speas Adolph Ironside Lillie Cazenovia Sec 2   Moschel, John H. 1917
Specht William E. Schneider Rose Clayton Sec 26 T160a Schneider, George J. 1897
Speck Anton Ossenbeck Caroline Partridge Sec 27 O120a   1889
Spencer Joseph Williams Mittie Minonk Sec 22     1905
Spires Arthur F. Kessler Lula Minonk Sec 24 O78a   1885
Spires Herbert Hindrichs Lena Minonk Sec 24 O160a   1875
Spires Ves Boston Amelia Minonk Sec 24 O190a   1867
Springer Andrew Camp Katie Metamora Sec 21 O66a, T83a Camp, Peter and Joe 1896
Springer Joseph Ulrich Lizzie Linn Sec 33 T200a Kennell, Joe 1897
Springer Peter Esch Emma Metamora Sec 17 O240a   1890
Squires Bert Bonk Katie Minonk Sec 13 T160a Andrews, James 1902
Staab John Haas Mary Spring Bay Sec 13 O144a   1867
Staab M. J. Wissel Josephine Worth Sec 19 T147a Staab, John 1869
Staider Anna     Worth Sec 35 O20a   1885
Stalter William Gingerich Cora Kansas Sec 7 O280a   1908
Starkman James A. Jones Clem A. Palestine Sec 16   Potter, M.  
Stauter John Hoobler Bertha B. Linn Sec 4 T178a Ireland, H. T. and Schwartz, William 1904
Steffen Ben Aeschleman Nettie Roanoke Sec 24 T72a Aeschleman, Matt 1893
Steffen Daniel Mitchell Janet Partridge Sec 23 T233a Beer, John 1884
Steffen David Smith Emma Roanoke Sec 22 T160a Beer, J. J. 1890
Steffen Joe H. Aeschelman Anna Greene Sec 21 T160a Camp, Mary 1883
Steffen Samuel Kempf Caroline Greene Sec 8 T200a Steffen, N. 1892
Steffen William Guard Stella Panola Sec 28 T100a Guard, Frank 1910
Steider D. W. Schertz K. E. Metamora Sec 12 O160a   1875
Steider J. W. Grob Barbara Metamora Sec 11 T80a Steider Est. 1872
Steider Peter Grob Elizabeth Metamora Sec 12 T160a Steider, Katherine Mrs. 1889
Steider Samuel Schertz Emma Olio Sec 17 O160a   1874
Steinhilber William     Minonk Sec 3 T160a Goodrich, Helen Est. 1907
Stephen Ada Mrs.     El Paso Sec 36   Ackerman, C. R. 1910
Stephens Charles A. Schwarzentruber Mona Montgomery Sec 24 O80a   1875
Stephens E. L. Sutton Susanna Kansas Sec 7 O194a   1892
Stephens E. W. Fry Ella   Kansas Sec 19 O153a   1873
Stephens Leroy F. Lemm Edith Montgomery Sec 13 T12a Stephens, Mary 1882
Stephens L. R. Bell Birdie Kansas Sec 20 T20a Bell, Thomas 1876
Stephens Sylvester     Kansas Sec 9 O80a   1867
Stephenson Lewis D. Schwarzeruber Lizie Montgomery Sec 24 T360a Stephenson, Helen 1874
Steward James Pice Mattie Partridge Sec 22 O30a   1896
Stickelmaier George M. Reising Mary Metamora Sec 30 T240a Volz, Henry 1880
Stickelmaier Joseph     Metamora Sec 20 O107a   1875
Stieglitz Joseph P. Conkey Lottie F. Metamora Sec 32 T160a Stieglitz, Mary E. 1914
Stimpert Philip Folkers Lizzie Clayton Sec 21 O120a   1875
Stimpert Theobald Reiners Fredericka Panola Sec 18 O330a   1866
Stinlicht William Beltz Minnie Kansas Sec 21 O7a   1906
Stites Charles Marshall Jessie Cazenovia Sec 14   Hoover, Martin 1915
Stites Leslie Kohl Ethel Metamora Sec 5   Boys Est. 1917
Stitt Byron L. Griswold Nora G. Palestine Sec 11 O200a   1874
Stock Edwin Nuhn Matilda Metamora Sec 31 T198a Stock Est. 1881
Stoller G. W. Bradle Anna Roanoke Sec 36 T160a Hersiem, Amil 1875
Stormer Theodore Meyer Clara Cruger Sec 27 T160a Stormer, Arthur Mrs. 1883
Stortz I. W. Onnen Susie Roanoke Sec 16 T80a   1894
Stotler Walter Stephens Huldah El Paso Sec 9 O160a   1887
Stretch Harry H. Porter Sara R. Kansas Sec 11 T180a Smithson, Mary 1917
Studer Chris Bachman Emma Roanoke Sec 5 O120a   1894
Studer Frank C. Naumann Lena Worth Sec 24 T250a Streid, B. F. 1888
Studer Louie Iost Gusta Worth Sec 24 O90a   1886
Sullivan E. O. Boyd Ella   Clayton Sec 11 T385a Stoddard, B. M. 1903
Sullivan Frank McCall Hazel Clayton Sec 7     1915
Sullivan James Burkey Edna Cruger Sec 27 T80a Sullivan, Peter 1894
Sullivan O. M Tucker Frances Clayton Sec 8 T200a Davison, W. S. and Davison, M. 1902
Sullivan Peter, Jr Pifer Alice Cruger Sec 27 T80a Sullivan, Peter 1912
Sullivan W. H. Berry Katherine Clayton Sec 29 O215a   1860
Sunken B. D.     Linn Sec 16 O80a   1859
Sunken John Uphoff Mary Clayton Sec 24 O80a   1863
Sutter Fred Merkle Liddie Spring Bay Sec 36 O40a   1915
Sutton Chester Armstrong Edna Palestine Sec 3 T84a Sutton, T. W. 1885
Sutton J. R. Stevens Maud Palestine Sec 16 T40a Stevens, C. W. Est. 1881
Sutton T. W. Biebes Margaret Palestine Sec 3 O84a   1858
Swan Frank S. Feazel Ollie Clayton Sec 6 O97a   1881
Swan Simon Mrs.     Clayton Sec 6 O240a   1877
Swayne Henry Ferguson Mabel Palestine Sec 25   Cooper, Harry 1914
Sweet Arthur Ritz Hazel Kansas Sec 9 T110a Dearth, Hannah 1904
Switzer J. W.     Roanoke Sec 12 O80a   1877
Switzer R. H. Kindig Mary F. Panola Sec 18 O92a   1877
Swords N. A. Horrie Minnie A. Panola Sec 11 T80a Garrels, Herman 1914

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Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Tallyn E. M. McCue