Woodford County

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Hosts Note:  Many thanks to Amy Robbins-Tjaden for transcribing this fascinating document onto a spreadsheet.  The names in this section have been faithfully transcribed as they were published, even though in many cases the publisher should have known better.  But translating misspellings into "sounds like" is just one of the hazards of genealogy. 



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Cazenovia Clayton Cruger El Paso
Eureka Greene Kansas Linn
Metamora Minonk Montgomery Olio
Palestine Panola Partridge Roanoke
Spring Bay Worth    


Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Abel Fred Ellsworth Anna Cazenovia Sec 33 T320a Fanton, Esther Mrs 1895
Adami Benj. Davis Florence Cazenovia Sec 4 T120a Davis, Henry 1913
Adami Ora R.     Cazenovia Sec 4 T200a Adami, Victor 1895
Adami Ralph Roberts Angie Cazenovia Sec 4 T240a Adami, Victor 1895
Adami Victor Laible Carrie Cazenovia Sec 9 O460a   1890
Bachman Arthur R. Sutter Ida Cazenovia Sec 36 T200a Bachman, Peter 1892
Bachman John Bachman Mary Cazenovia Sec 36 T200a Bachman, Chris and Bittner, Cleo 1889
Bachman J.A. Schertz Lena Cazenovia Sec 35 O160a   1869
Bachman Peter   Dellenbach Lizzie Cazenovia Sec 35 O20a        1863
Bachman Soloman Crawford Emma Cazenovia Sec 35 T160a Bachman, Christ 1894
Baker Fred L. Schneider Louisa Cazenovia Sec 31 T173a Baker, F.L. and Edwards, E.D. 1883
Banta John L. McFarlin Rosa Cazenovia Sec 22 T37a Banta, Jno. 1865
Berry E.R. Kellogg Jennie Cazenovia Sec 34 T208a Tanton, Frank 1898
Black Mary         Cazenovia Sec 4 O119a   1860
Brandt Christof Follmers Katie Cazenovia Sec 4 O80a   1894
Braun D.E. Gifford Amy Cazenovia Sec 4 T120a Braun, Martha E. 1875
Braun L.A. Clark Elsie May Cazenovia Sec 22     1872
Braun Theodore Iron Celia Cazenovia Sec 18 O316a   1864
Buckingham J.H. Harper Bertha Cazenovia Sec 16 T200a Buckingham, Morgan 1890
Buckingham Wiliam Glover Mae Cazenovia Sec 16 T330a Buckingham, Morgan 1881
Burnell Wm. Cook Irene Cazenovia Sec 2   Moschel, John H. 1900
Burnham H.E. Owen Minnie B. Cazenovia Sec 1 O5a   1868
Call David Owen Mary Cazenovia Sec 32 T220a Ranney, M. 1887
Carrithers Frank Kent Addie Cazenovia Sec 29 T228a Banta, A.D. Mrs 1867
Clearwater Charlie Maybee Amanda Cazenovia Sec 31     1877
Cluer Edward Holmes Laura Cazenovia Sec 14 O77a   1881
Coen E.B. Wheelock Clara Cazenovia Sec 9 O200a, T400a Coen Est. 1894
Corey David Graves Stella Cazenovia Sec 19     1916
Crank Ed Pelz Hannah Cazenovia Sec 7   Holman, John 1877
Crawford Geo. A. Hoffrichter Clara M. Cazenovia Sec 12 O160a   1861
Crawford N.B. Dowty Lizzie Cazenovia Sec 26 T240a Banta, D. 1901
DeBolt Ray Adami Amy Cazenovia Sec 4   DeBolt, Victor 1917
DeBolt V.J. Parker Eva Cazenovia Sec 17 O80a   1851
Dubois Lawrence Miller Rosena Cazenovia Sec 32 O80a   1872
Eikelbarner John Feazel Carrie Cazenovia Sec 12 O60a, T300a Ireland, Charles 1907
Engel Mearl Grass Lena Cazenovia Sec 14 T200a Engel, A.W. 1884
Foster Henry A. Ramsey Laura A. Cazenovia Sec 21 O400a   1879
Foster William Ramsey Lulu   Cazenovia Sec 21 O240a   1870
Fowler William     Cazenovia Sec 33 T103a Tanton, R.F. 1868
Garber V.F. Camp Lena Cazenovia Sec 23 O200a   1895
Giesking W.C. Tunis Alice Cazenovia Sec 23 T160a Rupert, L.S. 1886
Gooding George     Cazenovia Sec 34     1917
Gooding Silas Hearst Hattie Cazenovia Sec 34     1912
Grafelmann C. Beenders Etta Cazenovia Sec 35 T240a Tanton, John 1864
Griffin William Van Middlesworth Cora Cazenovia Sec 31 T200a Banta Bros. & Co 1916
Haig David Furrow Hazel Cazenovia Sec 14   Shugart, Warren 1917
Haig John L. Scott Lou Cazenovia Sec 2 T240a Haig, Adam 1887
Hare William C. Gifford Grace Cazenovia Sec 20 O40a   1885
Hare W.W. Weaver Amanda Cazenovia Sec 28 T37a Mundell, J.S. 1869
Harris Larren Boswell Mary Cazenovia Sec 9     1917
Heck Fred Schneider Mary Cazenovia Sec 29 O240a   1867
Heck Jesse Weber Ida Cazenovia Sec 28 T160a Ranney, Milo 1894
Hohn C. Elmer Braun Katie Cazenovia Sec 29 T372a Mundell, Joe and Tanton, Essie 1903
Hood R.E. Lightfoot Frances Cazenovia Sec 22 O70a   1877
Hoover Martin Remeley Elizabeth Cazenovia Sec 14 O207a   1880
Imhoff S.P. Garber Nora Cazenovia Sec 35 O160a   1877
Ivens John   Emma Cazenovia Sec 26 T160a Tanton, R.F. 1883
Jenkins Clyde Damerell Govilla Cazenovia Sec 15   Gingrich, Arthur 1910
Kellogg George Duke Ruth Cazenovia Sec 36 T100a Murphy, Alvin 1882
Kennedy George Bond Lockie Cazenovia       1915
Kennedy James M. Hart Mary Cazenovia     West, William G. 1915
Kenyon D.D.     Cazenovia Sec 17 O80a   1846
Kenyon G.F. Foster Fannie H. Cazenovia Sec 27 T240a Dodds, J.E. 1879
Kenyon James  Arrowsmith Mary Cazenovia Sec 18 O20a, T96a Weber, Fred 1875
Kenyon Will L. Wefler Sophia N. Cazenovia Sec 19 T80a Sneider, George 1882
Knoblauch Ben Meismer Mary Cazenovia Sec 8 T240a Knoblauch, D. 1889
Kohl C.M. Earion Lillie Cazenovia Sec 4 O40a, T119a Black, Mary 1880
Laible John     Cazenovia Sec 6 O300a   1866
Laible Samuel   Crank Rosa Cazenovia Sec 2 T440a Ireland, C.H. and Moschel, J.H. 1904
Lewis Ernest Bruder Irene Cazenovia Sec 20 T80a Eshelman, D.E. 1889
Lisle A.G. De Vries Sophia Cazenovia Sec 24 T108a Jamison, Mrs. C. and Schertz, E.J. 1901
Long C.N. Duncan Willie Cazenovia Sec 20 T120a Schneider, J.G. 1913
Loscher Frank Attig Saraphine Cazenovia Sec 16 T299a Crew, George 1865
Loscher John Scheidler Agnes Cazenovia Sec 11 T340a Freeman Est. 1901
Mau Vcharles H. Krull Alvina Cazenovia Sec 5 O160a   1890
McFarlin Ed Ivens Martha Cazenovia Sec 30 T25a Marshall, William Mrs 1860
Meismer John     Cazenovia Sec 32 T180a Schrock, Andrew 1886
Moschel John H.     Cazenovia Sec 2 O205a   1861
Moss William     Cazenovia Sec 31 T61a Moss, Charles 1908
Moulton Orville J. Giver May Cazenovia Sec 20 O80a   1869
Neuhauser Peter Bachman Lydia Cazenovia Sec 25 T160a Bachman, J.A. 1905
Newell William P. Blossom May Cazenovia Sec 13 T200a Ireland, Charles H. 1890
Noll Charlie May Lenora Cazenovia Sec 17   Weber, Henry 1917
Noll O. Mrs     Cazenovia Sec 7 O120a   1905
Owen Frank Call Elizabeth Cazenovia Sec 29 T220a Owen, Mrs. E.J. and Mundell, E.S 1891
Pelz Ed Retter Alma Cazenovia Sec 10 T280a Freeman Est. 1885
Pelz Emanuel Miller Louisa Cazenovia Sec 5 O130a   1881
Pelz John Diebel Anna Cazenovia Sec 3 T280a Hall, Tracy 1884
Pelz Rosa     Cazenovia Sec 10 T345a Freeman Est. 1860
Piercy Harry S. Phillips Maude Cazenovia Sec 21     1915
Prinzinger Joe       Cazenovia Sec 8 O100a   1867
Quiram Edward Laibe Anna Cazenovia Sec 2 O97a   1905
Quithamer J.B.     Cazenovia Sec 12 T80a Black, Fred 1880
Robinson S.M. Hawk Florence Cazenovia Sec 1 O120a   1867
Scheirer August Meismer Emma Cazenovia Sec 23 T100a Scheier, Mary and August 1886
Schertz August Ulrich Emma Cazenovia Sec 36 O40a   1878
Schertz E.J. Drange Lena Cazenovia Sec 24 O200a, T40a Schertz, John 1887
Schertz S.D. Garber Anna F. Cazenovia Sec 25 O280a   1871
Schneider John G. Long Cornelia Cazenovia Sec 15 O81a   1884
Schoaf Gilbert Hofstetter Minnie Cazenovia Sec 5 T240a Hofstetter, Philipina 1897
Schoon Herman Schlimmer Dora Cazenovia Sec 20 T5a Perkins & Eckhoff 1887
Schrock Emanuel Garber Anna M. Cazenovia Sec 25 T160a Garber, V.F. 1888
Schrock Peter Imhoff Katherine Cazenovia Sec 26 T240a Imhoff, Mary Mrs 1881
Seckler John Yost Mary A. Cazenovia Sec 32 O320a   1863
Shafer William B. Arnett Lou Big Cazenovia Sec 2 O40a   1855
Shultz Henry R. Hill Sarah M. Cazenovia Sec 14 T160a Norris, Robert Mrs. 1877
Shultz John Gill Clara Cazenovia Sec 13 T320a Jury, John 1873
Snyder Col. E. Childress Lucy Cazenovia Sec 27 T320a Stevenson, William 1884
Speas Adolph Ironside Lillie Cazenovia Sec 2   Moschel, John H. 1917
Stites Charles Marshall Jessie Cazenovia Sec 14   Hoover, Martin 1915
Tanton J. O.     Cazenovia Sec 34 O240a   1885
Voelker Herman Hagenstatz Sadie Cazenovia Sec 15 T80a Voelker, Casper 1890
Waldschmidt John H. Elbert Ida Cazenovia Sec 31 T200a Gangloff, J. J. 1889
Walker Henry B. Beschorner Annie C. Cazenovia Sec 11 T80a Buckingham, N. Mrs. 1870
Weber Fred     Cazenovia Sec 18 O80a   1865
Weber Henry Ironside Almedia Cazenovia Sec 12 O320a   1862
Wehrli Ernest Geyman Ruth Cazenovia Sec 27 T80a Geyman, John 1891
Wolber John R. Dille Ora Cazenovia Sec 11 T160a Mansfield, Dr. 1915
Zook Fred W. Manbach Mamie E. Cazenovia Sec 35 T110a Schertz, Peter B. 1887
Zoss Fred J. Garber Lena Cazenovia Sec 25 T210a Schertz, J. W. and S. D. 1889

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Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Austin Joe Khols Kate Clayton Sec 8      
Backer Bert Redenius Anna Clayton Sec 31 T130a Backer, Jacob H. 1890
Backer Jacob S., Jr. Brandt Katie Clayton Sec 31 T130a Backer, Jacob Sr 1887
Barth Charles Gerner Sophia Clayton Sec 16 O160a   1877
Barth Daniel Gerner Mary Clayton Sec 3 O160a   1870
Barth Ed Timmerman Lizzie Clayton Sec 10 T260a Barth Est. 1888
Barth Henry Kerner Christina Clayton Sec 7 O200a   1868
Barth Robert M. Barth Katie (sister) Clayton Sec 10 T260a Barth Est. 1889
Barth William Gerner Caroline Clayton Sec 2 O120a   1874
Bates Charles Tucker Rose Clayton Sec 6 T120a Bates Est. 1869
Bell W.M. Redenius Dena Clayton Sec 18 T80a Redenius, T. 1878
Bishop Henry May Emma Clayton Sec 16 T80a May, Gustav 1914
Brockling A.J.  McDonald Elizabeth Clayton Sec 26 T160a Brockling Est. 1890
Bucklear Joseph, Sr Haas Katherine Clayton Sec 14 O120a   1862
Bucklear J.C., Jr Kelly Elizabeth Clayton Sec 14 T120a Bucklear, Joseph 1889
Buettemeier Louis Warnkes Emma Clayton Sec 31 T160a Eckhart Est. 1902
Campen Ralph Hinrichs Jenny Clayton Sec 20 T80a Shuck, Geo. 1912
Cirks D.M. Janssen Ida Clayton Sec 23 T160a Wilcox. F.W. Dr 1890
Cirks William Brauer Annie Clayton Sec 1 T320a Freeman, Julius 1890
Clayman Eppie Folkers Henrietta Clayton Sec 24 O80a   1857
Cremer F.H. Eilts Minnie Clayton Sec 10 T280a Livingston, Robert 1917
Cremer Udo Meyer Lena Clayton Sec 3 T280a Livingston, Robert 1917
Davison Paul H. Trullender Bertha O. Clayton Sec 5 O400a   1867
De Freese Reinke Baker Katie Clayton Sec 20 O160a   1868
Diebel W.M. Pelz Minnie Clayton Sec 27 T80a Davis, Eunice Kirby 1891
Eilts Henry Uphoff Flora Clayton Sec 17 T160a Uphoff, John 1870
Falk Otto Knapp Phoebe Clayton Sec 10 O120a   1903
Falk Theodore Jochums Tena Clayton Sec 13 T160a Barth, William 1884
Fischer Harm Kleen Galke Clayton Sec 7 T260a Ryan, John H. 1881
Fischer M.R. Monk Gertie Clayton Sec 18 T220a Weast, Henry 1883
Fischer R.M. Timmerman Minnie Clayton Sec 32 T151a Folkers, John W. 1890
Folker Aaron Brandt Antonette Clayton Sec 33 T80a Folker, John W.  1882
Folkers George     Clayton Sec 36 T80a Clayman, Eppie 1896
Folkerts Julius J. Eden Alma Clayton Sec 22 O240a   1876
Ford Graham Leonard Inez Clayton Sec 7 T160a Forney, Alfred 1907
Garrells Fred T Koch Elizabeth Clayton Sec 28 T200a Forney, H.C. 1892
Gaspardo Charley Vittone Josephine Clayton Sec 23 T160a Forney, David 1901
Gastman U.B. Uphoff Katie Clayton Sec 21 T160a Uphoff, B.W. 1883
Geiken John Karl Martha Clayton Sec 33 T120a Geiken, A. H. Mrs 1885
Gensler Casper Rossman Mary Clayton Sec 36 T160a Manley, W. 1902
Gerdes Dick Bens Phoebe Clayton Sec 21 O120a   1868
Gerdes George H. Koch Anna Clayton Sec 23 O80a, T40a Forney, H.C. 1883
Gilliatt Felix Miller May Clayton Sec 4 T180a Stoddard, B.M. 1899
Gommels Frank U. Schroder Gretje Clayton Sec 31 O125a   1875
Grassman W.C. Schlosser Martha Clayton Sec 15 T120a Schlosser, Charles 1886
Harber Eggie Miller Annie Clayton Sec 36 T160a Schneider, John 1889
Harms A.W. Vissering Betke Clayton Sec 17 O320a   1865
Harms Ed    De Worth Ella Clayton Sec 17 T320a Harms, A.W. 1890
Harms John A. Poppinga Frances Clayton Sec 27 T160a Coleman Est. 1912
Hindert L.J.     Clayton Sec 25 T320a Hindert, U.J. 1895
Hock Frank Hindert Clara Clayton Sec 36 T208a Hindert Est. 1886
Hock Frank M. Gretter Sophia Clayton Sec 35 T240a Hock Est. 1862
Hunley Henry Smith May Clayton Sec 17 O120a   1916
Huschen Henry Flohr Tenni Clayton Sec 28 O55a, T100a   1903
Janssen Anna Mrs     Clayton Sec 20 T80a Shields, James 1871
Janssen Frank T. Buck Katherine Clayton Sec 30 T80a Janssen, John L. Mrs 1885
Janssen Mary Mrs     Clayton Sec 30 O250a   1884
Jochums George Lohr Lena Clayton Sec 22 T120a   1879
Jochums Joe B. Worthington Fern Clayton Sec 34 T80a Kindig, Rev 1885
Jochums John Claussen Take Clayton Sec 14 O160a   1874
Johnson John A. Gerdes Fannie Clayton Sec 16 T200a Peters, Henry 1884
Jones B.E. Mahaffie Nora Clayton Sec 11 T400a Dennis, Frances Mrs. and Van Doren, J.W. Mrs. 1903
Kettwich Henry Barth Philopena Clayton Sec 2 O40a, T260a Barth Est. 1907
Koch Albert Tarman Clara Clayton Sec 26 O80a   1882
Koch Charles Grampp Lena Clayton Sec 23 O80a, T70a Shuck, Jacob 1877
Koch Joseph Vissering Johanna Clayton Sec 35 O120a   1882
Koch J. Keenan Cecelia Clayton Sec 7 T120a Livingston, Philip Mrs 1917
Koch Mike Renkin Henrietta Clayton Sec 26 T120a Koch Est. 1890
Koehler Jacob Graack Martha Clayton Sec 9 O87a   1873
Kolb John C. Thierer Tillie Clayton Sec 30 T240a Hindrich, George 1886
Krull Harm M.     Clayton Sec 2 O290a   1872
Lindley W.G. Raitt Margaret Clayton Sec 24 O160a   1867
Livingston J.N. Miller Anna Clayton Sec 4 O80a, T180a McChesney, Ed 1876
Manley James Breen Anna Clayton Sec 25 O200a   1865
Marshall   Clarence Lillie F. Clayton Sec 2      
Marshall E.R. Boyd Bessie Clayton Sec 27 T80a Davison, Will 1909
Matter Henry Meinholt Mary Clayton Sec 6 O40a, T240a Christians, Herman and Corbin, Joseph and Hangartner, Jacob 1886
McChesney E.D. Livingston Fanny Clayton Sec 4 O180a   1865
McMahon Harry S. Bally Florence Clayton Sec 15 T80a Kohl, Mrs 1893
Meismer Joseph G. Schoff Louisa Clayton Sec 34 T160a Meismer, Henry Sr 1882
Merry Mike McFarland Iona Clayton       1915
Mosbach Joseph Vaith Annie Clayton Sec 1 T190a Brumwell, Mrs 1893
Obert Martin   Kolb Katherine Clayton Sec 22 O80a   1881
Oltman John Sr   Grunwald Gretje Clayton Sec 8 O160a   1870
Oltman John     Clayton Sec 21 T80a de Freese, Reinke  
Oltman Ralph Livingston Sheba Clayton Sec 21 O80a   1874
Parks A.J. Clark Anna Clayton Sec 12 T164a Parks, H.B. 1884
Parks Fred C. Shepherd Jane Clayton Sec 3 T340a Parks, A.H. 1888
Parks Harrison M. Prosser Louise Clayton Sec 5 T254a Parks, H.P. 1886
Perry T.P. Moulton Laura Clayton Sec 6 O132a   1889
Peters Charles Redenius Anna Marie Clayton Sec 32 T157a Haas, Mrs 1888
Peters Herman Oltman Jessie Clayton Sec 32 T160a Peters, John Mrs 1888
Redenius Albert     Clayton Sec 18 T105a Redenius, T. 1881
Reese Louis Smith Rosie Clayton Sec 12 T160a Kennedy, Thomas 1891
Reh Max Weers Marie Clayton Sec 28 T97a Schuck Est. 1910
Rewert Jurgen Ennen Harmka Clayton Sec 32 T40a Moretz, D. 1893
Ruestman Frank Kark Clara Clayton Sec 12 T86a Ruestman Est. 1877
Ruestman Peter Cremer Helen Clayton Sec 2 O110a Ruestman Est. 1885
Ruestmann George Strack Ida Clayton Sec 12 T80a Ruestman, Frank Mrs 1874
Rufing Joseph Zilm Clara Clayton Sec 19 T100a Rufing, A. Mrs 1874
Ryan John H. Rev Grove Lizzie Clayton Sec 7 O260a    
Sake Anton     Clayton Sec 28 O160a   1887
Sake Charlie Miller Lena Clayton Sec 22 T80a Sake, Anton 1887
Sake Joseph     Clayton Sec 24 O80a   1872
Schlosser Frank Rossbach Lizzie Clayton Sec 14 T142a Schlosser, Charlie 1885
Schneider J.J. Hindert Rosie Clayton Sec 25 T320a Hindert, U.J. Est. 1887
Seifert Charlie Tarman Magdeline Clayton Sec 5 T240a Sloan, E. D. C., Bob Livingston and Paul H. Davison 1876
Seifert F. E. Uphoff Anna Clayton Sec 19 T160a Reints, George F. 1876
Shuck Magdeline Mrs.     Clayton Sec 15 O400a   1851
Shuman James Garrels Reka Clayton   T160a Westerman Est. 1905
Sloan E. D. C. Tarr Nancy Clayton Sec 5 O100a   1877
Snyder J. S. Buck Mattie Clayton Sec 15   Shuck, Magdeline Mrs. 1906
Specht William E. Schneider Rose Clayton Sec 26 T160a Schneider, George J. 1897
Stimpert Philip Folkers Lizzie Clayton Sec 21 O120a   1875
Sullivan E. O. Boyd Ella   Clayton Sec 11 T385a Stoddard, B. M. 1903
Sullivan Frank McCall Hazel Clayton Sec 7     1915
Sullivan O. M Tucker Frances Clayton Sec 8 T200a Davison, W. S. and Davison, M. 1902
Sullivan W. H. Berry Katherine Clayton Sec 29 O215a   1860
Sunken John Uphoff Mary Clayton Sec 24 O80a   1863
Swan Frank S. Feazel Ollie Clayton Sec 6 O97a   1881
Swan Simon Mrs.     Clayton Sec 6 O240a   1877
Tallyn E. M. McCue Sarah M. Clayton Sec 35 O240a   1859
Tallyn N. O. Eckhert Mary Clayton Sec 29 O337a   1869
Tamman H.     Clayton Sec 19 O80a   1852
Timmerman Henry Meirath Maria Clayton Sec 25 O160a   1874
Tjaden Harm   Waltzen Hannah Clayton Sec 28 O120a, T80a Shields, James 1879
Turner J. E. Bennett Ida Clayton Sec 16 T280a Parks, R. H. 1907
Uphoff Bros.       Clayton Sec 20 T220a Uphoff, W. 1893
Uphoff George Thierer Benna Clayton Sec 18 O180a Uphoff, B. W. 1879
Uphoff Harry Lynch Fern Clayton Sec 24 T160a Lindley, Will 1890
Uphoff Jacob Weidt Nora   Clayton Sec 8 T180a Uphoff, F. W. Mrs. and Oltman, John 1879
Uphoff Otto J. Folkers Annie Clayton Sec 24 O93a   1871
Uphoff Wait B. Von Behren Annie Clayton Sec 10 O140a   1870
Uphoff William Knapp Amelia Clayton Sec 15 T120a Uphoff, B. W. 1886
Vissering Wm. Kalkwarf Dena Clayton Sec 13 T220a Busher, John 1887
Vittone Mary     Clayton Sec 13 T80a Manly, John 1915
Vogel Henry Reiter Rose Clayton Sec 33 O205a   1868
Vogel Herman Schneider Lena Clayton Sec 27 T153a Manley, James 1884
Vogel L. S. Ryan Margaret Clayton Sec 21 T160a Vogel, Veronica Mrs. And Ford, Mrs. 1883
Vogel Veronica Mrs.     Clayton Sec 33 O80a   1862
Von Behren C. H. Fulfs Augusta Clayton Sec 14 O120a   1871
Von Behren F. W. Timmerman Katy Clayton Sec 10 O100a   1892
Von Nordheim John Meierhofer Louise Clayton Sec 23 T160a Von Nordheim, B. Mrs. 1871
Wagner Christian H. Hindert Ida Clayton Sec 13 T90a Claymon Est. 1881
Wallace Henry Reiners Nettie Clayton Sec 19 T120a Uphoff, B. W. 1913
Warnkes Edward Johnson Cena Clayton Sec 27 O80a   1892
Weber Henry C. Mrs.     Clayton Sec 18 T140a Danforth, Mrs. 1884
Westerman Minnie Mrs.     Clayton Sec 28 O160a   1869
White John T. Beatty Eliza  Clayton Sec 1 T190a Stoddard, B. M. 1901
Wilkey Henry Pile Elizabeth Clayton Sec 34 O80a   1887
Willms John Hinrichs Rick Clayton Sec 20 T120a Jacobs, L. 1867
Wilts George Borchers Anna Clayton Sec 33 T160a Kindig, J. J. 1894
Winans Ellsworth Cox Ida Clayton Sec 11   Jones, B. E. 1917
Woltzen Andrew Zilm Tillie Clayton Sec 19 T200a Woltzen Est. 1877
Yordy Joel Bollinger Prudence Chadock Clayton Sec 34 T200a Kindig, Betty Mrs. 1886

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Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Blumenshine W.P. Vaubel Lydia Cruger Sec 15 O160a   1876
Bradle C.D. Vogelsang Bertha Cruger Sec 23 T160a Miller, Jacob Mrs 1878
Bradle D.J. Frerichs Theresa Cruger Sec 23 O116a, T80a Bradle, John 1884
Casper R.G. Schaumburg Emma Cruger Sec 23 T160a Reiser, John Mrs 1916
Clymer Frank Mentz Nettie Cruger Sec 34 T100a Dorward, Geo. 1900
Colburn C.M. Lynch Myrtle L. Cruger Sec 25 O450a   1876
Davidson W.O. Ellis Eliza Cruger Sec 13 O185a   1855
Dingledine John H. Blumenshine Mary Cruger Sec 14 T135a   1877
Dingledine L.H. Risser Charlotte Cruger Sec 14 T135a Dingledine, John 1893
Dingledine Walter Hagenstoz Clara Cruger Sec 22 T160a Blumenshine, John 1881
Dorward Earl House Gladys Cruger Sec 34 T35a Dorward, Frank 1894
Dorward Frank Reed Ida Cruger Sec 27 O160a   1866
Dorward John W. Small Jennie Cruger Sec 14 O240a, T80a Dorward, Maggie 1873
Dorward J.T. Rein Katie Cruger Sec 34 O200a   1865
Ekena Harm Dikien Maggie Cruger Sec 27 T180a Meek, Henry 1885
Finck George Bucher Emily Cruger Sec 2 T231a Bechtel, Sam 1913
Fisher Charles Alexander Dorie Cruger Sec 36     1917
Freese J.M.     Cruger Sec 35 O165a   1867
Harter Fred Taylor Myrtle   Cruger Sec 23 T150a Davidson, W.O. 1891
Harter Mike Jr Roth Katie Cruger Sec 14 T200a Harter, Mike Sr 1881
Hasty Alva Whistler Susie Cruger Sec 35 T165a   1916
Heiken Ben  Frerichs Gertrude Cruger Sec 25 T284a Meek, J.W. 1890
Heiken John Cordes Margaret Cruger Sec 36 T200a Banta, Annie 1889
Humphrey Mary Belsley     Cruger Sec 35 `O80a   1864
Hutson Nat Fendell Nola Cruger Sec 3 T110a Caperon, R. 1900
Jennings Lucy Mrs     Cruger Sec 2 O118a   1835
Kaufman B.J.     Cruger Sec 11   Kaufman Bros. 1872
Kaufman Bros.       Cruger Sec 11 O250a    
Kaufman F.H. Moore Edna Cruger Sec 11 O40a Kaufman Bros. 1869
King Jacob Lehman Emma Cruger Sec 26 T200a Dorward, F. and King, Lydia 1908
Kinsinger David     Cruger Sec 15 T80a Kinsinger, Emilie 1890
Klaus William Brown Mary Cruger Sec 24 T179a Dickinson, R.B. 1890
Lee David Graves Louise Cruger Sec 1 O883a   1913
Lehman Edward Haag Emma Cruger Sec 35 T160a King, Lydia   1889
Lewellyn J.L. Mrs Woods Ida Cruger Sec 2 T308a Davidson Est. 1914
Ludwig G.G. Smith Anna Cruger Sec 10 T320a Crawford, N.B. and Trumble, C.E 1891
Ludwig William Redder Lena Cruger Sec 26 T320a Meek, R. 1892
Meinders Fred Simens Mate Cruger Sec 36 T127a Rich, Jacob 1916
Miller Henry Meammar Anna Cruger Sec 22 T160a Fleffenger, P. 1880
Mundinger Ernest     Cruger   T160a    
Perrine Ed Davidson Ester Cruger Sec 11 T260a Sullivan Est. 1874
Perrine T.W.     Cruger   T260a Sullivan Est. 1877
Pfeffenger J.L. Siglee Minnie Cruger Sec 22 O160a   1861
Rastetter A.D. Kinsinger Anna Cruger Sec 15 O80a   1888
Rebenstein George Mienaer Riemke Cruger Sec 2 T128a Procter Est. 1916
Reinholtz Harvey   Keil Theresa Cruger Sec 3 T149a Reinholtz, H. 1916
Rich A.J.     Cruger Sec 36 T160a Rich, Jacob 1888
Rich Jesse L. Heiken Gertrude Cruger Sec 35 T240a Rich, Jacob 1889
Rich Silas G. Teague Belle Cruger Sec 3 T40a Rich, Jacob 1879
Rider August Eartlay Reka Cruger Sec 10     1912
Roemersberger Henry Ellis Clair Cruger Sec 34 T160a Banta, A.J. Mrs 1889
Sander Ervin Thwelies Myrtle Cruger Sec 35   Rich, Jacob 1916
Schieber John W. Keswetter Margaret Cruger Sec 2 O155a   1867
Schumacker Andrew Steffen Emma Cruger Sec 2 T106a Schumacker, I. 1884
Smith C. M. Moore Cenie Cruger Sec 2 T265a Moore, E. D. 1887
Stormer Theodore Meyer Clara Cruger Sec 27 T160a Stormer, Arthur Mrs. 1883
Sullivan James Burkey Edna Cruger Sec 27 T80a Sullivan, Peter 1894
Sullivan Peter, Jr Pifer Alice Cruger Sec 27 T80a Sullivan, Peter 1912
Voorhees John Keil Katherine Cruger Sec 34 T160a Voorhees, Martin 1896
Wistehuff Ray M. Espenchied Lillian Cruger Sec 15 T200a Blumenshine, John 1897
Woodley Horace Golden May  Cruger Sec 36   Rich, Jacob 1915
Wuethrich Chris Pelsy Barbara Cruger Sec 3 T160a Blumier, Sam 1887
Wuethrich D. D. Kloppenstein Bertha   Cruger Sec 10 O160a   1878

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Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Ackerman C.R. Ackerman Rebecca El Paso Sec 36 T80a Ackerman, W.T. 1871
Allen Wesley Walsh Mayme El Paso Sec 31 T10a Dixon, E.E. 1915
Armstrong Chas. E. Sutton Martha J. El Paso Sec 7 O200a, T80a   1897
Armstrong Guy Nichols Lillian El Paso Sec 17 O200a, T320a   1883
Arnold Joseph Sparks Emeline El Paso Sec 31 T80a Sadler, L. 1910
Berg Walter     El Paso Sec 13 O120a, T80a   1882
Bigger Judson Greiner Nellie K. El Paso Sec 21 O160a   1895
Blumb Joseph Lehew Jennie El Paso Sec 13 T320a Zerwick, Geo. 1906
Bolz Andrew Valentine Anna El Paso Sec 7 O160a   1868
Boyd Robt., Sr Munnis Eliza J. El Paso Sec 5 O10a   1903
Brickner A.W. Ekiss Nellie J. El Paso Sec 6 T80a North, John 1896
Bright Kevey Cox Sallie El Paso Sec 17   Armstrong, Guy 1917
Burtis John C. Perry Clara El Paso Sec 8 O38a   1869
Canull Lawrence Canfield Esther El Paso Sec 13   Berg, W. 1915
Cleary J.T. Corbley Mary El Paso Sec 20 O257a   1893
Cleary J.W. Doyle Mary E. El Paso Sec 4 O160a   1890
Corbitt James Parr Mary El Paso Sec 30 O180a   1866
Corbley John W. McGraw Margaret El Paso Sec 28 T80a   1903
Crout J.W. Turner Alice El Paso Sec 33 T360a Turner, A.W. 1903
Crowe Hubert Lynch Katherine El Paso Sec 29 T80a O'Connell, James 1857
Crowe H.H. Gallaher Mabel El Paso Sec 30 T100a Crusius, Jake 1891
Crowe M.W. Yerion Anna El Paso Sec 21 T160a Yerion, M.E. Mrs Est. 1863
Crusius Jacob, Sr Steatlemeyer Louisa El Paso Sec 30 O120a   1855
Crusius Jacob F.     El Paso Sec 30 T240a Crusius, Jacob Sr 1880
Crusius John G. Bailey Laura El Paso Sec 6 O160a   1877
Davidson I.E. Ross S.A. El Paso Sec 31 O80a   1833
Davidson Jordan     El Paso Sec 31 O40a, T80a   1882
Deerwester John L. Fogle Sadie El Paso Sec 30   Dunmire, Perry 1916
Dehority Frank Plumb Barbara El Paso Sec 17 O157a   1890
Dixon Elmer E. Johnson Emma El Paso Sec 36 T220a Lewis, Ben 1864
Dixon Frank E. Trunnell Alice El Paso Sec 29 O70a   1871
Dixon Smith Mrs     El Paso Sec 31 O210a   1867
Dressler Henry Crusius Elizabeth El Paso Sec 19 T80a Crusius, Jacob Sr 1894
Duncan John Royalty Eliza El Paso Sec 7   Mayne, Robert 1914
Dunmire Perry P. Schrock Edith M. El Paso Sec 31 O120a   1884
Dunmire Ralph Erskine Isabel El Paso Sec 25 T140a Dunmire, Hattie Mrs 1889
Dunmire W.W. Betz Hattie C. El Paso Sec 30 O260a   1865
Enwright Thomas McHugh Anna El Paso Sec 1 O161a   1902
Erskine C.C. Geiner Sophie El Paso Sec 32 O160a   1887
Erskine Frank Drake Mabel El Paso