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Hosts Note:  Many thanks to Amy Robbins-Tjaden for transcribing this fascinating document onto a spreadsheet.  The names in this section have been faithfully transcribed as they were published, even though in many cases the publisher should have known better.  But translating misspellings into "sounds like" is just one of the hazards of genealogy. 



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Cazenovia Clayton Cruger El Paso
Eureka Greene Kansas Linn
Metamora Minonk Montgomery Olio
Palestine Panola Partridge Roanoke
Spring Bay Worth    


Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Allen David Young Fannie Kansas Sec 17 O10a   1878
Alvis Will Johnson Ruth Kansas Sec 7 T135a Umbarger, Thomas 1914
Arnold G.D. Reich Amie P. Kansas Sec 16 T80a Arnold, J.W. Est. 1885
Barlett Charles B. Dennis Rosa Kansas Sec 19 T10a Carlock Est. 1902
Bateman C.C. Potter Lucy Kansas Sec 5 T560a W.N. Bateman Est. 1860
Bateman James D. Cruise Della Kansas Sec 9 T60a W.N. Bateman Est. 1875
Bateman Louisa Mrs     Kansas Sec 9 T960a W.N. Bateman Est. 1898
Bell J.E. Alvis Kathrene Kansas Sec 16 O40a   1887
Bell Thomas Moore Mary F. Kansas Sec 17 O107a   1885
Bingner Harry E. Curtain Nellie Kansas Sec 1 T80a Stevens, Andy 1872
Bozarth G.S. Downs Belle Kansas Sec 21 O40a   1912
Breach T.J. Shoup Alice Kansas Sec 6 T248a Weldon, John 1905
Brown G.S. Stephens Emma Kansas Sec 10 O40, T169a Brown, Mary Mrs 1883
Carlock E.W. Nichols Carrie M. Kansas Sec 19 T20a Carlock, J.W. 1913
Chaffin S.M.     Kansas Sec 2 O68a   1872
Chaffon John W.     Kansas Sec 11 O49a   1872
Cotte Jesse G. Dorney Rachel Susan Kansas Sec 19 O114a   1916
Craig J.K. Blust Evelena Kansas Sec 9 O190a   1869
Craig Lewis C. Blust Sophie Kansas Sec 2 O42a   1872
Craig Nicholas     Kansas Sec 4 T60a Craig, Rachel Mrs 1911
Craig Mrs Rachel     Kansas Sec 4 O60a   1867
Crump Andy Bayles Launa Kansas Sec 17 T110a Hosplehorn, G. Est. 1900
Crump Earl Little Charlotte Kansas Sec 8 T80a Anderson, Mrs M. 1900
Crump Harvey Simmons Susie Kansas Sec 17 T50a Crump, Henry 1912
Crump Henry Foster Emily Kansas Sec 17 O316a   1890
Cunkler Esther Mrs     Kansas Sec 10 O206a   1865
Cunkler Walter     Kansas Sec 10 T206a Cunkler, Esther Mrs 1874
Curtis Mark Wiw Belle Kansas Sec 7 O130a   1885
Dennis C.C. Snodgrass Gertrude Kansas Sec 5   Bateman, C.C. 1881
Dixon W.H. Arnold Lizzie Kansas Sec 9 O120a   1865
Edgington George F. Stroman Stella Kansas Sec 3     1916
Farrell G.W. Kilmer Etta Kansas Sec 2 T170a Custer, F. 1913
Fogel George Woosley Edna Kansas Sec 16 T140a Custer, Charles 1900
Fowler Scott W. Chaffin Nancy J. Kansas Sec 11 O21a   1896
Franklin C.C.     Kansas Sec 12     1871
Franklin O.E.     Kansas Sec 12 O225a   1864
Fuller C.A. White Iona Kansas Sec 17 O10a, T50a   1900
Gaddis Alber W. Funks Ida Kansas Sec 20 T140a Carlock, W.B. 1892
Green Henry Woosley Laura Kansas Sec 30 O80a   1892
Grim John     Kansas Sec 21     1853
Grove  W.H. Geiselman Angeline Kansas Sec 13 O240a   1867
Hanshaw C.L.     Kansas Sec 1 O104a, T53a   1907
Hanshaw Doss Simmons Lizzie Kansas Sec 1   Hanshaw, C.L. 1917
Harper Harry Curtis May Kansas Sec 8 O160a   1916
Hormell George Dearth Myrtle Kansas Sec 21 O20a   1901
Jett Curtis O. Kaylor Lelia M. Kansas Sec 10 T186a Velde, D.D. 1905
Johnson Frank E. Wangler Katie Kansas Sec 2 O35a, T57a   1876
Johnson William H. McClure Mary Kansas Sec 10 O95a   1873
Kamp Omer M. Metzger Adalina Kansas Sec 2 O30a   1886
Kaylor H.B. Conkler Gertrude Kansas Sec 10   Kaylor, Walter  
Kohl F.W. Kratz Ella M.  Kansas Sec 1 T196a Kratz, J. 1905
Littell L.V. Dixon Flossie Kansas Sec 12 T101a Littell, L.A. 1915
McClure Frank Crawford Ida Kansas Sec 14 T257a Brown, H.J. 1897
McClure J.M.  Mishler Fannie Kansas Sec 12 O90a   1887
McClure Orville J. Sutton Lois R. Kansas Sec 11 T84a McClure, Frank 1897
McClure P.O. Wangler Bertha Kansas Sec 11   Brown, G.S. 1913
McClure W.L. Chaffin Pearl Kansas Sec 2 O47a   1887
McGraw J.P. and G.W.     Kansas Sec 4 T200a McGraw, B. Mrs 1878
Metzger Lee W. Burger Ethel Kansas Sec 12 T160a Hart, John 1894
Michael Edward E. Shepherd Almeda Stephens Kansas Sec 3 T26a Sparks, Lester 1886
Mikel William Arnold Mae Kansas Sec 16 O160a   1897
Miller Caleb Moser Lydia Kansas Sec 30 O72a   1886
Miller Simon Schippert Mary Kansas Sec 30 O120a   1874
Mishler Eli S.     Kansas Sec 11 T120a Schoenfeldt, F. 1898
Moore J.W. Amrine Grace B. Kansas Sec 17 O48a   1885
Moore Phoebe Mrs     Kansas Sec 9 O120a   1886
Noel Asa S. Parker Pearl Kansas Sec 9 T100a Ross, S.D. 1914
Parker James Brown Mary Palmer Kansas Sec 9 T80a Stephens, S.S. 1875
Piper Mary Mrs     Kansas Sec 8 O230a   1892
Piper Robert  Young Ethel Kansas Sec 8 T115a Piper, Mary Mrs 1892
Poland Jess Piper Nora Kansas Sec 6   Breach, T.J. 1892
Rader Harry   Otto May Kansas Sec 17 T280a Snavely, S.W. 1915
Reich Eliza Mrs     Kansas Sec 4 T120a Dennis, M. 1907
Reich Michael M. Stephens Hazel M. Kansas Sec 4 T120a Dennis, M. 1907
Renolds Chris Woosley Letitia Kansas Sec 19 O36a   1917
Ross S.D. Gravett Kitty J. Kansas Sec 10 O200a   1900
Schultz A.J. Wells Anna C. Weber Kansas Sec 16 O100a   1915
Search W.M. Bateman Mollie Kansas Sec 4 T160a W. M. Bateman Est. 1907
Stalter William Gingerich Cora Kansas Sec 7 O280a   1908
Stephens E. L. Sutton Susanna Kansas Sec 7 O194a   1892
Stephens E. W. Fry Ella   Kansas Sec 19 O153a   1873
Stephens L. R. Bell Birdie Kansas Sec 20 T20a Bell, Thomas 1876
Stephens Sylvester     Kansas Sec 9 O80a   1867
Stinlicht William Beltz Minnie Kansas Sec 21 O7a   1906
Stretch Harry H. Porter Sara R. Kansas Sec 11 T180a Smithson, Mary 1917
Sweet Arthur Ritz Hazel Kansas Sec 9 T110a Dearth, Hannah 1904
Thirio John Huff Ellen Kansas Sec 17 O32a   1870
Umbarger Thomas Gingerich Mary Kansas Sec 6 O250a   1874
Wallace Alvin Grim Lucy Kansas Sec 21 T72a Hospelhorn, H. Mrs. 1897
Walter M. C. Clay Alice Kansas Sec 15 O90a   1905
Woosley Ike Snodgrass Lidy Kansas Sec 18 T45a A. Stephens Est. 1877
Woosley Isaac Allen Woosley Fannie Kansas Sec 16 O40a   1877
York Dewitt Craig Kate Blust Kansas Sec 2 T40a Blust, Mary Mrs. 1893
Zimmerman John Jr. Belsley Emma C. Kansas Sec 19 T120a Zimmerman, John Sr. 1890
Zimmerman J. C. Altorfer Anna B. Kansas Sec 19 T120a Zimmerman, John Sr. 1892
Zook J. L.  Wilson Callie R. Kansas Sec 20     1907

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Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Ahrens Wilke Tjaden Minnie Linn Sec 9 O280a, T80a Tjaden, Ed and Lon 1887
Arrowsmith Geo. Retter Mollie Linn Sec 12 T200a Arrowsmith, Helen Mrs 1881
Bachman J.H. Bachman Louisa Linn Sec 31 T208a Bachman, Peter and Segar Mrs 1890
Beenders Frank Woltzen Cora Linn Sec 36 T220a Beenders Est. 1885
Beschorner Robt. Held Nellie Linn Sec 18 T120a Held, Jno. 1882
Bixby Frank L.     Linn Sec 14 T80a Bixby, Frank L. and Jennie 1868
Black Isaac Hopwood Lilly Linn Sec 8 O160a   1863
Black John H. Kerner Idella Linn Sec 9 O80a   1877
Black S.J. Black  Jennie Linn Sec 6 O120a   1865
Blanchet Eugene Miles Catherine Linn Sec 17 T160a Fagot Est. 1917
Boeschen E. Oscar Jannsen Ella Linn Sec 15 T160a Deering, Jno. 1917
Boyunga Boye L. Quithammer Annie Linn Sec 10 O200s   1887
Brandt These Hamil Elizabeth Linn Sec 7      
Bratt Thos. H. Jury Lulu   Linn Sec 17 O320a   1887
Buettemeier Fred Tjaden Jane Linn Sec 25 T160a Tjaden, H.J. Mrs 1899
Carrithers Calvin Bienemann Anna G. Linn Sec 19 t240a Jury, Clarence 1896
Chew H.M. Forsythe Martha Mary Linn Sec 19 T160a Jury, C.L. 1900
Corbin Ed L. Davis Nellie Linn Sec 10 O40a, T120a Corbin, Wm. 1878
Cordes Fred Savage Bell Linn Sec 21 T160a Rockie, Christ 1870
Crawford H.E. Piatt Minnie May Linn Sec 5 T120a West, Mary Mrs 1910
Damerell Q. Jacquot Mary Linn Sec 20 O160a   1872
Damerell Wilbur Kolb Sarah Linn Sec 18 T160a Jamison, Clara M. 1885
Davison A.H. Perry Margaret Linn Sec 12 O280a      1853
Davison C.R. McGinnis Ethel Linn Sec 1 O40a   1893
Davison Frank G. Hattan Edith M. Linn Sec 1 O84a   1858
DeMange Cora Mrs     Linn Sec 18 T160a Cress, B.K. 1915
Eckhoff Arthur Tjaden Minnie Linn Sec 30 T160a Tjaden, Ludwig 1912
Eve Harry Bucklear Anna Linn Sec 14 T80a Goodwin, John Mrs 1879
Fagot F.J. Isler Jennie Linn Sec 29 O183a   1864
Faw Bloom Marsh Louisa Linn Sec 7 T282a Black, Tom Mrs and Black, W.C. 1895
Faw Frank Nelson Rita Linn Sec 9 O120a   1867
Faw R.M. Peter Mary E. Linn Sec 13 O160a   1870
Feazel Elmer   Laible May Linn Sec 4 T167a Feazel, B.F. Est. and Feazel, Elmer 1888
Fewell Victor Phillips Maggona Linn Sec 11 T160a Meyers, Jennie and Parkins, Thos. 1913
Fischer Heye Tredges Rica Linn Sec 26 T160a Wessell, Chris 1893
Fischer Jacob Arands Etta Linn Sec 26 T160a Corbin, Joe 1892
Fischer Remmer H. Frerichs Gertrude Linn Sec 14 T80a Ryan, John H. 1892
Fitz Frank Tomlinson Phebe Linn Sec 30     1916
Flohr Dick Duden Mary Linn  Sec 30 O80a   1876
Flohr Meint Marquard Wilma Linn Sec 30 T240a Flohr, Dick, Meint and Will 1894
Flohr Theodore Backer Marie Linn Sec 25 T150a Flohr, Margaret and Theodore 1892
Flohr Wait Hanson Annie Linn Sec 29 O96a   1882
Ford Lawrence Feazel Gertrude Linn Sec 12 T160a Davison, A.H. 1901
Fox Joseph Corbin Jennie Linn Sec 8 T100a Haig, John Est. 1877
Freese George Veese Antonette Linn Sec 27 T120a Mennen, H. 1910
Geiken John H. Meents Antya Linn Sec 22 O100a Geiken, A. 1905
Goodfellow Dena Mrs     Linn Sec 11 O40a   1881
Greear H.R. Bruce Lelah Linn Sec 7     1817
Greis J.C. Kolb Caroline Linn Sec 28 O40a, T102a Greis, A.L. 1878
Gries L.F. Schleich Katie Linn Sec 24 O40a, T257a Gries, A.L. 1875
Gries Roy Haig Elsie Linn Sec 23 T160a Gries, A.L. 1890
Gronewold Carl Ivens Emma Linn Sec 20 T160a Gronewold, J. Mrs 1896
Haferman J.W. Rev. Sommer Cora Linn Sec 36 T40a St Peter's Church 1912
Harber Fred Happley Orra Linn Sec 15 T80a Harber, Jacob 1886
Harbers Hacob F. Schoon Mary Linn Sec 15 O160a   1862
Hardyman A.J.  Riley Mary Linn Sec 8   Goodell, Charles and Mrs 1917
Harms Henry H. Tjaden Katherine M. Linn Sec 28 O280a, T70a Harms, Lena and Woltzen, Emma 1869
Harms John R. Miller Minnie Linn Sec 21 O160a   1862
Harms Lena Miss     Linn Sec 27 T2a Harms, Lena and Woltzen, Emma 1857
Harms Will Thierer Dora Linn Sec16 T160a Harms, John 1896
Hawk Millard Wells Ethel Linn Sec 10 T120a Hawk, James 1886
Hawk Phillip Perry Daisy Linn Sec 11 T160a Hawk, Elex 1916
Hawk W.J. Reed Margaret Linn Sec 10 T120a Hawk, Maria 1915
Heedt John Mehrings Emma Linn Sec 35 T120a Heedt, Fred 1890
Hollis John Bye Lizzie Linn Sec 8 T160a Peabody, Frank F. 1909
Hollis T.T. Dean Laura Linn Sec 7 T80a Rea, Mary Mrs 1909
Huenefeld Henry Grunkemeyer Anna Linn Sec 35     1917
Iliff Herbert A. Carrithers Pearl Linn Sec 3 O85a, T211a Combes, Frank and Martini, Aug. 1910
Janssen Harm R. Schoon Anna Linn Sec 11 T80a Goodfellow, Dena Mrs and Schoon, John E. 1887
Johnson Henry Harms Lizzie Linn Sec 22 T160a Harms, Ben and Woltzen, Annie 1908
Jones Ray E. Nellinger Ella M. Linn Sec 2 T170a Nellinger, George 1915
Jury F.O. Thompson Margaret Linn Sec 19 O320a   1869
Kanive Walter Stonier Josephine Linn Sec 2 T169a Hollenback, Geo. Mrs 1913
Karl George W. Frichs Sarah Linn Sec 35 O165a   1877
Kennell John W. Bachman Sarah Linn Sec 32 O240a   1862
Kennell P.S. Keller Sarah Linn Sec 31 T156a Kennell, J.W. 1893
Klaner E.E. Ellet Nellie Linn Sec 5 T200a Peabody, N.W. 1913
Klein Frank J. Sattler Lena Linn Sec 23 T268a Mrs. P. Fagot, P. Mrs. and Greies, Adam 1882
Kleopfer Philip Suter Ida Linn Sec 12     1917
Kolb William G. Thierer Katherine Linn   T160a Kolb, William H. 1883
Kolb William H. Narr Caroline Linn Sec 22 O240a   1857
Krueger Fred Cordes Mary Linn Sec 4   Wallace, Thomas 1908
Linde K.F. Rev Weber Anna Linn Sec 36 T3a Trinity Lutheran Church 1910
Martens August     Linn Sec 36 T120a Parkhouse, James 1904
Martens William     Linn Sec 36 T96a Meyers, Albert Est. 1917
Mavity W.H. Tolan Florence Linn Sec 11 T80a Tolan, Robert 1914
Meinhold Herman Kolb Sophie Linn Sec 14 O190a   1889
Meinhold John Redenius Hilda Linn Sec 14 T90a Meinhold, Herman 1887
Mennen Herman Tjaden Minnie Linn Sec 27 O186a   1868
Mennen James     Linn Sec 26 O40a   1877
Mennen William Peters Lena Linn Sec 34 O160a   1872
Miller John Jr Feldt Marine Linn Sec 9 T160a Miller, John Sr 1913
Miller John Schoon Minnie Linn Sec 22 T100a Miller, John Sr 1886
Miller John J. Folkers Tallie Linn Sec 23 O340a   1881
Moore Ed Gosset Josie Linn Sec 20     1915
Moritz Christ Scheepy Leta Linn Sec 34 T336a Moritz, John 1883
Moritz Henry Edmund Gertrude Linn Sec 24 T160a Moritz, John 1876
Moritz Herman Tesch Ella   Linn Sec 25 T160a Lineweber, Mary Mrs. and Moritz, John 1876
Onnen Fred Jr Folkerts Lena Linn Sec 27 T160a Onnen, Fred Sr 1883
Oyer John P. Smith Mary Linn Sec 16 T160a Banta Bros. 1886
Parkin Thos. D. Blackman Elsie Linn Sec 18 T156a Parkin, Elizabeth Mrs 1882
Patterson G.M. Thierer Emma Linn Sec 13 T110a Rewerts, John 1890
Peabody Henry F. Owen Lottie   Linn Sec 5 O200a   1872
Peters John     Linn Sec 27 T120a Moser, John 1893
Prunty John Brunner Parthena Linn Sec 2 T80a Underwood, Ed 1911
Quiram Carl Harms Anna Linn Sec 21 T160a Harms, John Mrs 1914
Reents Andrew H. Heedt Lena Linn Sec 36 T160a Reents, Antje 1876
Reiner Seth Wragge Maggie Linn Sec 34 T140a Mennen, James 1892
Reinken William H. Folkers Dorothea Linn Sec 28 T120a Tjaden, Menke 1884
Rewerts William G. Strick Elsie Linn Sec 24 T110a Rewerts, R.F. 1896
Robbins E.W. Newton Effie Linn Sec 7 T160a Robbins, J.W. 1911
Robbins J.W. Irwin Lizzie Linn Sec 7 O160a   1870
Rogge John P. Tjaden Gleaske Linn Sec 33 O160a   1898
Rummer Gust. Webber Sophia Linn Sec 15 O80a   1888
Safford C.B. Peabody Lottie E. Linn Sec 6 O160a   1872
Savage George Loscher Edna Linn Sec 3     1888
Schlomer Carl Reents Minnie Linn Sec 35 T170a Wessell, Chris  
Schoon Charles J. Gerdes Margaret Linn Sec 15 T80a Schoon, John E. 1888
Schoon Eggie     Linn Sec 21 T80a McLaughlin, James 1881
Schoon Elmer Flohr Margaret Linn Sec 10 T100a Schoon, John   1894
Schoon George Meinhold Louisa Linn Sec 16 T80a Meinhold, Sophia Est. 1881
Schoon John E. Harpers Annie Linn Sec 10 O40a   1881
Snyder George Neuenschwander Mayme Linn Sec 31 T160a Seiger Est. 1889
Springer Joseph Ulrich Lizzie Linn Sec 33 T200a Kennell, Joe 1897
Stauter John Hoobler Bertha B. Linn Sec 4 T178a Ireland, H. T. and Schwartz, William 1904
Sunken B. D.     Linn Sec 16 O80a   1859
Thierer John Beeschonern Emma Linn Sec 20 T320a Freeman, Sarah 1889
Tjaden Edw. H. Harding Luella Linn Sec 29 T160a Tjaden, Edw. H. and Tjaden, J. Est 1895
Tjaden Ernest Diebel Pauline Linn Sec 9 T160a Tjaden, Herman J. 1895
Tjaden Herman Backer Lena Linn Sec 33 T220a Tjaden, Ludwig 1891
Tweddale James T. Hawk Nellie M. Linn Sec 17 T240a Tweddale, Margaret 1892
Ulrich C. K. Unzicker Emma Linn  Sec 30 T80a Kennell, John  
Underwood Ed Hatton Claudia V. Linn Sec 1 T320a Kennedy, Thomas A. 1893
Unzicker P. E. Schrader Mary Linn Sec 7 T160a Black, Wallace 1907
Unzicker S. E. Steider Sarah Linn Sec 32 T160a Kennell, J. W. 1897
Walker Louis Long Matilda Linn Sec 6 T160a West, John 1877
Warnke Edward Oncken Ella   Linn Sec 3 O160a Warnke, John 1888
Warnke John Cordes Rebecca Linn Sec 10 O120a   1873
Warnke John Oltman Cassie Linn Sec 4 T189a Warnke, John Sr and Black, Mary Mrs. 1892
Warnke William Coleman Anna Linn Sec 25 T190a Warnke, M. A. and St Peters Lutheran Church 1883
Weers H. G. Harms Katherina Linn Sec 17 T140a Schoon, Geo. And Weers, H. G. 1889
Wehrli Emil Meinhold Edna Linn Sec 14 T190a Meinhold, Herman 1917
Wessel Edward Hartman Emma Linn Sec 34 T200a Wessell, Ed and Chris 1883
White S. J. Baer Hazel Linn  Sec 7 T190a White, S. P. 1890
Wragge William Miller Mary Linn Sec 26 T200a Wragge, George 1883
Zoss B. W. Kennell Barbara Linn Sec 30 T155a Kennell, John 1902
Zoss Fred Brechbuhl Mary Linn Sec 31 O160a   1888

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Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Attig George U. Ramige Julia Metamora Sec 7 O300a   1857
Attig Reuben J. Bohlander Lydia Metamora Sec 7 T160a Attig, George 1888
Bachman J.C. Studer Katie Metamora Sec 2 O191a   1870
Bachman J.J.     Metamora Sec 11 O160a, T80a Bittner, Cleo 1865
Bachman Peter B. Ulrich Lizzie Metamora Sec 19 O220a   1871
Bachman Sam Good Barbara Metamora Sec 1 O160a   1862
Baker Charles Schneider Amanda Metamora Sec 6 O160a   1883
Bastian Henry Klug Lillie Elizabeth Metamora Sec 18 O40a   1880
Bellsley David Martin Mary Metamora Sec 31 T200a Bellsley, Samuel 1894
Bittner Bros.     Olivia, Anna Metamora Sec 26 T488a Bittner, C.F. 1892
Bittner    C.F. Marten Elizabeth Metamora Sec 25-26 O488a   1861
Bittner John Smith Lidia Metamora Sec 26 O160a   1866
Bohlander Fred Attig May Metamora Sec 7  O150a   1879
Bowald John Hodel Carrie Metamora Sec 14 T100a Hodel, Peter 1908
Boys Mrs R.J.     Metamora Sec 4 T270a Boys Est. 1865
Camp C.W. Gringrich Delia Metamora Sec 16 O113a   1869
Camp S.D. Camp Anna (sister) Metamora Sec 21 O133a, T80a Camp Est. 1878
Capron Ryland Payne Addie Metamora Sec 13 T280a Camp, Mary A. 1873
Donohue James     Metamora Sec 7 O150a   1872
Durst Joseph Winkler Amanda Metamora Sec 16 T170a Grieser, Jos. 1887
Engel Joseph N. Garber Mary Metamora Sec 19 O160a   1892
Fandel John M. Grebner Victoria Metamora Sec 17 T22a Meismer, Henry 1867
Fehr C.A. Schappy Sophia Metamora Sec 25 O200a   1855
Fehr P.C. Kempf Sarah Metamora Sec 26 T150a Fehr, S.S. 1888
Fehr S.S. Martin Bertha Metamora Sec 35 O440a   1887
Fuchs Vitus Knoblauch Jennie Metamora Sec 12 T160a Boys, Jas. E. and John H. 1870
Gangloff George Miller Susie Metamora Sec 19 O81a   1873
Gangloff Henry Scheirer Susan Metamora Sec 30 O93a   1885
Garber J.A. Schertz Martha   Metamora Sec 3 O240a   1867
Garber J.H. Littler Myrtle L. Metamora Sec 1 T80a Garber, Jacob 1917
Gingrich Jacob Bachman Phoebe Metamora Sec 3 O320a   1860
Greenagel Joe A. Mason Blanche Metamora Sec 20 T95a Greenagel, David 1889
Grieser John Hintzman Mary Metamora Sec 32 O160a    
Guth Dan Roth Sarah Metamora Sec 5 O160a   1917
Heintzman Michael Waldschmidt Katherine Metamora Sec 30 O187a   1871
Hodel Benjamin Minger Emily Metamora Sec 14 O200a   1889
Hodel Peter Minger Ida Metamora Sec 14 O100a   1869
Imhoff Joseph E. Schertz Alvina Metamora Sec 9 T150a Schertz, C.H. 1869
Isch H.A.   Lena (sister) Metamora Sec 34 T160a Isch Est. 1873
Ivens Ora Call Edna Metamora Sec 16 O159a   1889
Johnson E.P. Jones Lula Metamora Sec 28   Woodford County Farm Supt. 1874
Kamm C.H. Zoller Carrie Metamora Sec 9 T160a Snyder, S.M. 1897
Kerker C.H. Miller Mary Metamora Sec 7 O160a   1860
Kern A.W. Williams Sarah Metamora Sec 31 O40a   1875
Kern R.W. Ricketts Effie Metamora Sec 36 T120a Wagner, Emanuel 1905
Klein George E. Seckler Bertha Metamora Sec 16 T160a Wetmore, Nellie M. 1879
Knoblauch Joseph G. Rudolph Rosie Metamora Sec 31 T80a Cress, Benjamin 1888
Kuntz John W.     Metamora Sec 36 O100a   1857
Leman Alpheus Sauder Lena Metamora Sec 23 T160a Leman, Joseph Sr 1893
Leman Chris Gudeman Lena Metamora Sec 22 O240a   1867
Leman Henry Gudeman Cordelia E. Metamora Sec 27 O160a   1879
Leman John Zimmerman Elizabeth Metamora Sec 12 O160a   1870
Leman Joseph Jr Unsicker Bena Metamora Sec 24 O160a   1874
Leman Samuel   Bittner Minnie Metamora Sec 23 O160a   1872
Ludeman H. Browes Nancy Metamora Sec 35 T200a Ludeman, Frank 1869
Marchland Joe Marchand Ida Gries Metamora Sec 15 T160a Heininger, Katherine 1888
Martin Joseph Sister Minnie Metamora Sec 28 T160a Martin, John  1884
McWhister Andrew Harkness Isabel Metamora        
Meismer Albert     Metamora Sec 22 T80a Lang, Lawrence 1905
Meismer Henry Sheppard Elizabeth Metamora Sec 17 T160a Meismer, Henry 1882
Meisner George Alig Mary Metamora Sec 27 T160a Meismer, Joe  
Meister John Noe Caroline Metamora Sec 8 T160a Summers, Thomas Mrs 1886
Meyer Martin F. Weppler Annie Metamora Sec 29 T240a Schieber, Louis Mrs 1912
Michael August Seipel Elizabeth Metamora Sec 7 O25a   1900
Michael Fred     Metamora Sec 17 T200a Spaulding, Bishop  
Miller J.L.   Haas Maggie Metamora Sec 20 O120a   1851
Minger J.A. Grob Rosa Metamora Sec 22 O160a   1876
Murphy P.B. Mrs     Metamora Sec 1 O233a   1853
Nauman Adam J. Rossman Susan Metamora Sec 17 T91a Alig, Jacob 1874
Nuhn Adam J. Schrepfer Annie Metamora Sec 18 T88a Schrepfer, John 1896
Obery Ed Elbert Hilda Metamora Sec 15 T128a Obery, M.C. 1894
Orth William Smith Josephine Metamora Sec 34 T200a Smith, W.H. 1909
Oyer E.H. Smith Ellen Metamora Sec 9 T160a Schertz, D.H. 1907
Perine Margaret  Rishforth Fremont (nephew) Metamora Sec 34 O80a   1867
Ranney Mark J. Parminter Lillie M. Metamora Sec 4 O325a   1867
Rexroth George Guth Mary Metamora Sec 32 O160a   1897
Rich Clifford Johnson Nellie Metamora Sec 10 T165a Wilson, M.W. 1890
Rich F.W. Leonard Lucy Metamora Sec 21 O80a   1855
Robinson A.L. Irving Anna Metamora Sec 2 T320a Robinson, Emma E. Mrs 1887
Robinson Emma E. Mrs     Metamora Sec 11 O320a   1858
Robinson F.M McMurtrie Emma Metamora Sec 10 T320a Robinson, Emma E. Mrs 1880
Robinson George W. Alt Julia Metamora Sec 2 T160a Robinson, Emma E. Mrs 1879
Rocke J.L. Minger Mary Metamora Sec 27 O240a   1876
Scheirer W.J. Waldschmidt Anna Metamora Sec 20 O40a, T100a Scheirer, Mary 1890
Scherer Fred Martin Priscilla Metamora Sec 1 O240a   1895
Schertz A.H. Strubhar Esther Metamora Sec 13 T200a Schertz, P.D. 1889
Schertz C.H. Gingrich Annie Metamora Sec 8 O240a   1844
Schertz Ed C. Garber Emma Metamora Sec 5 T240a Schertz, C.H. 1880
Schertz E.R. Schertz Emma Metamora Sec 31 T178a Schertz, Peter 1881
Schertz H.G. Steider Louisa Metamora Sec 13 O160a   1871
Schertz L.C. Ellen Anna Metamora Sec 24 O160a, T80a Schertz, C.S. 1879
Schertz Peter Esch Lena Metamora Sec 31 O80a   1910
Schertz P.B. Belsley Barbara Metamora Sec 2 O252a   1874
Schertz P.R. Schertz Anna Metamora Sec 13 T200a Schertz, P.D. 1886
Schierer A.C. Murray Delia Metamora Sec 30 T166a Schierer, John 1894
Schierer E.J. Gangloff Pauline Metamora Sec 18 O40a, T100a Schierer, John 1886
Schreiber William Bruns Kate Metamora Sec 35 T100a Fehr, F. 1910
Schrepfer Harry Seckler Edna Metamora Sec 18 T120a Schrepfer, J.M. 1889
Schrock Andrew Bachman Barbara Metamora Sec 4 O278a   1868
Seckler John A. Obery Katherine Metamora Sec 19 T200a Seckler, John 1889
Shea John     Metamora Sec 5 O200a   1870
Shea N. P. Irving Julia Metamora Sec 33 O80a   1882
Shea Thomas     Metamora Sec 14 O80a   1878
Shea William     Metamora Sec 34 O80a   1874
Sheppard John Ward Agnes Metamora Sec 7 T150a Donohue, James 1917
Slabach C. D. Bachman Magdelena Metamora Sec 11 O160a   1870
Sluga George Nakowitz Marie Metamora Sec 8 T208a Snyder, John 1869
Smith J. C. Streid Josephine Metamora Sec 23 O120a Oyer, Ed Mrs. 1877
Smith J. D. Belsley Anna Metamora Sec 15, Sec 22, Sec 23 O320a, T36a Garber, Valentine 1868
Smith L. H. Orth Katie Metamora Sec 32 O80a, T80a Smith, W. H. 1905
Smith S. E. Drange Emma Metamora Sec 23 O40a   1873
Smith W. G. Low Grace Metamora Sec 33 T400a Smith, W. H. 1888
Smith W. H. Foster Genevieve Metamora Sec 33 O525a   1873
Snyder George Irving Margaret Metamora Sec 16 T80a Snyder, Joseph 1894
Sommer J. S.     Metamora Sec 24 O160a   1877
Springer Andrew Camp Katie Metamora Sec 21 O66a, T83a Camp, Peter and Joe 1896
Springer Peter Esch Emma Metamora Sec 17 O240a   1890
Steider D. W. Schertz K. E. Metamora Sec 12 O160a   1875
Steider J. W. Grob Barbara Metamora Sec 11 T80a Steider Est. 1872
Steider Peter Grob Elizabeth Metamora Sec 12 T160a Steider, Katherine Mrs. 1889
Stickelmaier George M. Reising Mary Metamora Sec 30 T240a Volz, Henry 1880
Stickelmaier Joseph     Metamora Sec 20 O107a   1875
Stieglitz Joseph P. Conkey Lottie F. Metamora Sec 32 T160a Stieglitz, Mary E. 1914
Stites Leslie Kohl Ethel Metamora Sec 5   Boys Est. 1917
Stock Edwin Nuhn Matilda Metamora Sec 31 T198a Stock Est. 1881
Theena Catherine Mrs     Metamora Sec 17 O180a   1872
Unsicker Samuel Zimmerman Lena Metamora Sec 27 O80a   1891
Valentine J. F. Lyons Effie Metamora Sec 22 O80a   1871
Voelker C. Durst Caroline Metamora Sec 4 O160a   1887
Volz Carl Giehl Pauline Metamora Sec 27 T160a Giehl, Frank 1889
Wagner David Dellenbach Emma Metamora Sec 12 O1a   1865
Wagner Elmer Hinck Luella Metamora Sec 12 T160a Wagner, David 1898
Waldschmidt Andrew Ehrnthaller Josephine Metamora Sec 15 T152a Waldschmidt, Adam Mrs. 1894
Waldschmidt A. G. Knoblauch Catherine Metamora Sec 20 T153a Waldschmidt, Emil 1879
Waldschmidt Emil Moyment Catherine Metamora Sec 20 O153a   1855
Wilson M. W. Fairchild Patience Metamora Sec 10 O165a   1845
Winkler Doctor O. Schertz Cathrine Metamora Sec 33 O160a   1863