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Hosts Note:  Many thanks to Amy Robbins-Tjaden for transcribing this fascinating document onto a spreadsheet.  The names in this section have been faithfully transcribed as they were published, even though in many cases the publisher should have known better.  But translating misspellings into "sounds like" is just one of the hazards of genealogy. 



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Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Ackerman R.L. Skiles Elsie May Palestine Sec 35 O140a   1873
Armstrong Arthur and Guy     Palestine Sec 17 T240a Knoll, Chris 1884
Armstrong Frank R. Shaffer May Palestine Sec10 T160a Ludenson, A. 1897
Armstrong Jesse J. Ekiss Mertle Palestine Sec11 T80a Brubaker, Ben 1884
Armstrong Steve Yordy Leah Palestine Sec 25 T160a Hexamer, Dan 1886
Armstrong W.J.     Palestine Sec 6 T83a Armstrong, Mrs P. Est. 1863
Baber Ed Smith Bertha Palestine Sec 29   Thatcher, Chas. 1876
Beck H.F.     Palestine Sec 12 O160a   1881
Beck Mary     Palestine Sec 12 O60a   1881
Benson E.T. Crusius Emma Palestine Sec 35 T212a Crusius, Jno.  
Beoughter James K. Brown Mattie Palestine Sec 27 T165a Hart, M.A. Mrs 1915
Bigger Emory Walston Grace Palestine Sec 3 T100a Hester, L.L. 1912
Breese J.E. Berger Tessie Palestine Sec 35 T280a Van Seyl, Jno. 1895
Bright W.F. Enox Ocia Palestine Sec 26   Benson, E.T. 1917
Brown E.E. Hitch Ellen J. Palestine Sec 12 T80a Wolfe, C. 1912
Brown J.W. Brown Ella and Maggie (housekeepers) Palestine Sec 24 O229a   1867
Byrd J. Thomas Burger Grace Palestine Sec 31 O116a, T80a   1897
Clausen Lewis Wessel Annette Palestine Sec 12 O80a   1913
Colbur4n Clyde C. Wilcox Vieve Palestine Sec 21 T320a Colburn, W.A. 1891
Colburn John H. Lough Luela Palestine Sec 18 O320a   1865
Cooper Frank Applegate Della Palestine Sec 24     1916
Cooper Harry Wingstern Matilda Palestine Sec 24 T220a Meargreath, Margaret 1902
Cooper Samuel O. Gerfelman Clara Palestine Sec 32 O140a   1900
Cooper William Grass Mary M. Palestine Sec 30     1912
Crump Delmar Bateman Gladys Palestine Sec 32 T160a Bateman Est. 1916
Culp John R.     Palestine Sec 25 O160a   1901
Dearth Albert M. Michael Mary M. Palestine Sec 3 T160a Warner, J.T. 1892
Dearth Henry Slack-Miller Lizzie Palestine Sec 31 O159a   1869
DeGroot John DeGroot Elsina Palestine Sec 7 T140a Herman, Mary 1881
DeGroot Herman Huschen Anna Palestine Sec 12 T160a Kyser, J.H. Mrs 1889
Dehority Harry Easter Eva Palestine Sec 15 T200a Spenser, Mrs 1899
Deimer J.R. Polhemus Lydia Palestine Sec 5 T170a Deimer, T.R. 1884
Delaney James Kridner Ella Palestine Sec 22 O80a, T120a   1897
Delaney John     Palestine Sec 15 O120a, T180a   1903
Dixon Earl Miller Freida Palestine Sec 29 O160a   1890
Duball Ira Green Stella Palestine Sec 18   Van Seyoc, John 1907
Dunmire Lester L. Kyser Mary K. Palestine Sec 23 O160a   1887
Easter Charles S. Blair Lulu   Palestine Swc 15   Merrtt, Eubert 1915
Eckstein J.W. Harris Nettie Palestine Sec 22 T200a Cribbens, T. Est. 1897
Elkin Orin B. White Millie Palestine Sec 35 T140a Scofield, John 1902
Fletcher Guy Gauger Amelia Palestine Sec 22 T160a Reinheart Est. 1915
Gardiner J.E. Armstrong Emma Palestine Sec 13 T160a Madison, Mary 1867
Geifelman William Hexamer Emma Palestine Sec 29 O120a   1875
Gingerich P.N. Bowen Stella Palestine Sec 7 O80a   1875
Hamilton Robert A. Bradley Laura H. Palestine Sec 3 T228a Otto, A.E. and S. 1912
Henderson Hiram Slown Ella Palestine Sec 33 T200a Van Seyoc, William 1915
Hexamer Fred Hoppert Elizabeth Palestine Sec 31 O160a   1868
Hexamer Jake Shepherd Pearl Palestine Sec 21 T100a Oster, I.D. 1881
Hunzinger Charles Miller Emma K. Palestine Sec 1 T140a Hunzinger, John Sr 1873
Hunzinger Emma Miss     Palestine Sec 10 O40a   1867
Hunzinger Henry     Palestine Sec 10 O80a   1872
Hunzinger Jacob Reel Ada Palestine Sec 6 O97a   1870
Huschen August Rebemaker Frederica Palestine Sec 4 O219a   1889
Jones Thomas L. Askey Alice Palestine Sec 9 O160a   1887
Jones Will     Palestine Sec 9 O160a   1878
Kaiser Emory Ummel Mary Palestine Sec 36 O260a   1891
Kearney L.C. O'Rourke Mary A. Palestine Sec 23 T160a Kearney, C. Mrs 1881
Kenyon Frank Phipps Gertrude Palestine Sec 36 T320a Kennell, J.J. 1886
Kindig David H. Lemon Salina Palestine Sec 19 O177a   1870
Knepp W.A. Baer Freda Palestine Sec 13 O80a   1900
Knoll Edward C. Wilkey Lottie Palestine Sec 15 T80a Hunzinger, F. Sr 1886
Knoll Harvey W. Renken Dena H. Palestine Sec 12 O100a   1881
Koerner F.B. Schultz Pearl Palestine Sec 2 O77a   1874
Koerner W.F. Ludwig Elizabeth Palestine Sec 3 O84a   1873
Lape J.A. Greiner Carrie Palestine Sec 35 O240a   1870
Lester B.T. Goodenough Anna Palestine Sec 32 T120a Dillingham, L.C. 1914
Lindsay Henry Morgan Lottie May Palestine Sec 11   Stitt, B.L. 1910
Lucas Homer Easter Carrie Palestine Sec 20 T120a Lucas, S.B. Est. 1868
Magee George W. Rice Nettie Palestine Sec 9 O240a   1864
Malcom H.W. Seaver Anna Palestine Sec 23 T160a Boroughs, W.S. 1906
McClane George O. Patterson Naomi Palestine Sec 16 T121a Warner, J.L. 1906
McConkey Elvy L. Buchanan Lydia M. Palestine Sec 15   Delaney, John  
Menssen Carl Hartman Mary Palestine Sec 7 O175a   1890
Merrick J.H. Sutton Mary J. Palestine Sec 14 O215a   1899
Meyer Fred C. Keehne Rosie Palestine Sec 25 O170a   1879
Miller George     Palestine Sec 31 O47a   1891
Miller John C. Sandhorster Lena Palestine Sec 9 O135a   1879
Miller John L. Baum Ida Palestine Sec 1 O160a   1860
Miller W.J. Lester Mabel Palestine Sec 30 O120a   18192
Mohr Melven J. Kingdon Edna L. Palestine Sec 3 T160a Mohr, Anna Mrs 1886
Moreland Harry S. Miller Lena Palestine Sec 32 T80a Moreland, Adam 1889
Moreland James A. Search Roma Palestine Sec 33   Van Syroc, William 1890
North John W. Pinkham Edith E. Palestine Sec 10 T320a Pinkham, George Est. 1908
Partner L.H. Wurmmest Anna Palestine Sec 21 T240a Burger, G.W. 1910
Patterson Jane, Mrs     Palestine Sec 29 O160a   1872
Patterson Margaret, Mrs     Palestine Sec 7 T240a Bradley 1873
Paulen George Johnson Marie Palestine Sec 18 T290a Richardson, William Est. 1908
Pfleeger J.W. Mayne Maud Palestine Sec 26 T80a Pfleeger, A. 1870
Pisel John Buck Bertha Palestine Sec 20 T120a Colburn, J. 1904
Pohlschneider Joe J. Stephens Bessie Palestine Sec 8 T140a Dansycoe, William 1907
Poland Benjamin Thario Addie Palestine Sec 36 O40a   1870
Polhe;mus R.G. Van Seyoc Beulah Palestine Sec 6 T113a Polhemus, R.W. 1889
Porth William Flyr Anna Palestine Sec 4 O117a   1884
Porzelius Fred Stehly Carrie Palestine Sec 29 O160a   1901
Potter C.E. Harper Mary Palestine Sec 16 T440a Frey, J. Mrs  
Potter Gilford E. Curtis Lydia Palestine Sec 15 T160a Potter, M. 1884
Potter M. Fry Mary A. Palestine Sec 17 O280a   1843
Powell Charles H. Pierce Bertha V. Palestine Sec 28 T160a Pierce, H.W. 1908
Prior Fred Reed Inez Palestine Sec 10 O80a   1907
Rankin J.D. Greiner Caroline Palestine Sec 35 T155a Greiner, F.F. 1914
Rankin J.T. Eads Myram Palestine Sec 35   Rankin, J.D. 1916
Remmers Jake Peters Emma Palestine Sec 10 O80a   1870
Riehl Levi Schuch Louise Palestine Sec 30 O115a   1887
Roberts Charles Kridner Ida Palestine Sec 14 O120a    
Schwitters Chris Kamp Ada Palestine Sec 14 T160a Schwitters, H. Est. 1911
Schwitters George B. Penner Julia Palestine Sec 14 T160a Graft, Mrs Ed 1886
Schwitters John Ludwig Elenore Palestine Sec 11 T120a Schwitters, H. Est. 1884
Seggerman Harm   Jutyting Gertie Palestine Sec 12 O80a   1865
Seggerman H.D. Aberdeen Margaret Palestine Sec 5 O160a   1900
Seibel Henry Hunzinger Mary Palestine Sec 1 O80a   1880
Sengpiel Henry W. Vosberg Fanny Palestine Sec 2 O80a   1915
Shepherd Earl Meharry Grace Palestine Sec 33 T80a Shepherd, E. Mrs. 1882
Shoup Ancil Woosley Goldie Palestine Sec 17 T160a Shoup, Ben 1887
Shoup T. H. Woosley Irene Palestine Sec 36 O20a, T14a   1879
Simmons Frank Smith Mary M. Clay Palestine Sec 8   Pohlschnieder, J. J. 1887
Simmons Roy A. Davidson Mary E. Palestine Sec 20 T240a Davidson, J. C. 1883
Smith J. L. Fell Elizabeth Palestine Sec 23   Dunmire, T. L. 1915
Snodgrass Frank Reich Katie Palestine Sec 31   Letcher, Albert 1888
Snow Ivan Hester Edna Palestine Sec 2 T260a Hester, L. L. 1915
Snyder David M.     Palestine Sec 10 O80a   1890
Sparks G. L. Giselman Margaret Palestine Sec 29 O80a    
Sparks Floyd     Palestine Sec 34 O50a   1895
Sparks Lester Burges Jeannette Palestine Sec 34 O80a   1872
Sparks Walter Thomas Lillie   Palestine Sec 34 O220a   1871
Starkman James A. Jones Clem A. Palestine Sec 16   Potter, M.  
Stitt Byron L. Griswold Nora G. Palestine Sec 11 O200a   1874
Sutton Chester Armstrong Edna Palestine Sec 3 T84a Sutton, T. W. 1885
Sutton J. R. Stevens Maud Palestine Sec 16 T40a Stevens, C. W. Est. 1881
Sutton T. W. Biebes Margaret Palestine Sec 3 O84a   1858
Swayne Henry Ferguson Mabel Palestine Sec 25   Cooper, Harry 1914
Tarpey Margaret Miss     Palestine Sec 22   Tarpey, James 1913
Thatcher Charles Peters Ella   Palestine Sec 29 O90a, T160a   1900
Thomas A. H. Fischer Martha   Palestine Sec 4 T82a    
Thompson Earl Thomas Grace Palestine Sec 34   Wurmnest, C. 1882
Tietge John Hasty Minnie Palestine Sec 33 T160a Van Scyoc, J. 1884
Van Scyoc Charlie Hettinger Della Palestine Sec 8 T250a Van Scyoc, John 1888
Van Scyoc John Burger Ida Palestine Sec 8     1860
Van Scyoc W. A. Van Alstine Clara L. Palestine Sec 28     1863
Veuve Louis Hunzingler Lilie Palestine Sec 1 T156a Hunzingler, F. 1904
Visbrock A.   Redeneus Rosia Palestine Sec 13 T240a Beck, F. 1873
Weber John Thomas Margaret Palestine Sec 11   Snow, Ivan 1878
Wingstein John Baker Ella   Palestine Sec 31 O80a   1889
Wurmnest C. Coffenburger Barbary Palestine Sec 27 O360a   1871
Yerk Earnest E. Michael Edna A. Palestine Sec 9 T120a Yerk, William 1904
Yordy Joseph Roeschley Elisebeth Palestine Sec 13 O254a   1911
Zeiger William Leinweber Mary Palestine Sec 6 O95a    

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Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Abbott C.S. Ruvenacht Laura Panola Sec 3 T200a Ruvenacht, John 1907
Agnew And. Blackmore Hattie Panola Sec 26 O120a, T80a Blackmore, Albert 1905
Alt John, Sr Salate Louisa Panola Sec 23 O260a   1873
Alt John, Jr May Anna Panola Sec 23 T160a Robinson, Geo. 1883
Armstrong Clark Nethecott Irene Panola Sec 14 T120a Armstrong, Chas. 1897
Bailey Chas.   Miller Mary Panola Sec 27 T200a Bailey, Emma 1875
Baker Albert Mool Gladys Panola   T80a Pitman, Susan 1890
Baringer Ralph L. Burrough Lulu F. Panola Sec 32   Baringer, S.C. 1863
Baughman L.A. Carrigan Kathryn Panola Sec 3 T200a Baughman, J.W. Mrs 1914
Beale Irvin Herr Elena Panola Sec 29 O471a   1875
Bell Roy C. Roth Mabel Panola Sec 4 T160a Bell, Geo. F. 1894
Berry T.S. Smithpeters Flora Panola Sec 8     1917
Besett O.C. Phillips Dora Panola Sec 3 T120a Phillips, Elmyra Mrs 1913
Beull Vincent Strickland Susan Panola Sec 32 T75a Strickland, James Mrs 1871
Blackmore Albert Pinkham Ida Panola Sec 23 O105a   1861
Bomgarden Enno Fink Katie Panola Sec 24 T80a Bomgarden, Geo. 1884
Boyd R.S. Holt Anna Panola Sec 9 T200a McBride, A. and Miller, C.S. 1865
Breese Arthur W. Frey Matilda Panola Sec 11 T200a Horner, Mary Mrs., Shaw Jas. Mrs. and Shaw, Will  1912
Bullock C.Q. Brooks Ida Panola Sec 31 T303a Bullock, W.M.  
Burroughs C.R. Stotler Mabel E. Panola Sec 28 T255a Burroughs, W.S. 1885
Burroughs Geo. McCarney Ida Mae Panola Sec 34 T400a Burroughs, W.S. 1880
Burroughs W.S. Pinkham Elizabeth Panola Sec 28 O105a   1874
Buss L.H.     Panola Sec 20 T132a Buss, Hilda and L.H. 1886
Cannon Lester Fairbanks Mildred Panola Sec 11   Breese, A.W. 1916
Cox Frank Wilkie Annie Panola Sec 33 T185a Stambaugh, Levi 1913
Crane Fred Barber Eletha Panola Sec 9   Kelsey, Walter 1916
Crawford H.G. Scott Adelaide Panola Sec 8 O120a   1888
Daniel C.M. Childress Alice Panola Sec 13     1916
Danner Michael Ioerger Elizabeth Panola Sec 4 O120a   1888
De Vries L.J.R.     Panola Sec 17 O200a   1876
De Vries Steven     Panola Sec 8 O160a   1877
Eft Fred     Panola Sec 26     1912
Eft Joseph and George     Panola Sec 26 O200a   1912
Eft William Causey Belle Panola Sec 26 O120a   1869
Engel E.J. Phillips Lula Panola Sec 3 T320a Engel, Lena 1863
Fairbanks John F. Eft Ollie Panola Sec 14 T200a Hindert, George 1892
French Edward Carpenter Alta Panola Sec 25 T200a Adams, Stella 1916
French Oscar E. Wakefield Ader Panola Sec 34     1916
Funke Henry Breese Evaline Panola Sec 22 O120a   1868
Gash J.T. Jeffres Constance Panola Sec 31     1917
Gerdes  H.M. May Gertrude Panola Sec 14 T120a Gerdes, J.S. 1887
Gibbons James J. Kelly Sarah Panola Sec 7 O167a   1864
Gibbs John Nethercott Jennie Panola Sec 35 O40a   1906
Golden Oder Picker Clara Panola Sec 31     1916
Gray James M. Raney Sarah Panola Sec 7   William Beale, William 1908
Greene C.E. Sloan Iona Panola Sec 16 T200a Hamm, Miss and Pitman, Ed Mrs. 1904
Guard Arthur Kingdon Laura Panola Sec 26 T120a Guard, Frank 1883
Guard J.H. Kreiter Anna Panola Sec 27 O120a   1863
Guth Sol E. Heiple Elsie Panola Sec 9 T159a Guth, Joseph 1915
Haas Andrew Kelly Elizabeth Panola Sec 32 O103a   1877
Haas Arch S. Cleary Loretta Panola   T500a Barringer, P., Haas, Arch S. and O'Connell 1884
Haas Ralph Schlink Anna Panola Sec 27 T140a Haas, Joseph and Ralph 1887
Harms H.M. Seggerman Helen  Panola Sec 30 T200a Harms, H.M. Mrs 1870
Harms John H. Kark Hattie Panola Sec 5 T150a Harms, J. H. 1883
Harris Rollin H. Seaver Elizabeth Panola Sec 13 T80a Gerdes, Jacob 1904
Herr Fred F. Kindig Maude S. Panola Sec 18 T377a Herr, Martin 1876
Holt J.M. Roth Amelia Panola Sec 21 T320a Holt, J.M. and Roth, Peter Mrs 1909
Horn George Willhelm Julia Panola Sec 16     1914
Ioerger George E. Meade Maude   Panola Sec 5 T120a Ioerger, Anna Mrs 1885
Ioerger Henry D. Miller Lorine Panola Sec 4 T240a Ioerger, Esther Mrs 1887
Ioerger Peter A. Daum Kate Panola Sec 3 O160a   1857
Ioerger Wilbur H. Sakes Minnie Panola Sec 4 T120a Ioerger, Anna Mrs 1893
Johnson Arthur F. Brown Daisy Panola Sec 33 O160a   1897
Johnson George McHugh Leona Panola Sec 31 O104a    1871
Jones W.A. Durfey Nellie Panola Sec 32 T220a Shuck, Mrs 1907
Karr J.M. Willhelm Olive Panola Sec 17   de Vries, L.J.R. 1914
Kelly Ed Schlink Olive Panola Sec 6 T93a Kelly, Mary 1886
Kelly Leo J. Mangin Madeline Panola Sec 6 T80a Kelly, Mary 1892
Kelly Martin F. Vogel Veronica Panola Sec 6 T80a Kelly, Mary 1889
Kelsey Walter Ruvenacht Elsie Panola Sec 9 O80a, T140a Ruvenacht, C.H. 1901
Kennell Edward Miller Sophia Panola Sec 3 T240a Donner, Pete and Strubhar, Catherine 1906
Kingdon Louis Gibbs Grace Panola Sec 35 T560a Various 1865
Kingdon Roy   Kingdon Isa Panola Sec 33 T120a Kingdon, W.H. 1890
Kirby James Raby Nannie Panola Sec 3   Baughman, L.A. 1914
Klaman Herman Vosberg Elsie Panola Sec 18 O103a   1875
Klaman John Johnson Minnie Panola Sec 15 T200a Hall, R.H. 1869
Klug C.J. Dawson Lizzie Panola Sec 30 T93a Schafer, Ed Mrs 1869
Koch Chester Pinkham Elsie Panola Sec 19 T173a Koch, John E. 1894
Koch John Schweizer Katie Panola Sec 21 O200a   1890
Krug George W. Bayer Louisa Panola Sec 8 T100a Krug, George 1879
Krug Henry Foskule Lena Panola Sec 8 O418a   1857
Krug John Hartz Josephine Panola Sec 15 O120a   1857
Lee Albert C. Punke Caroline W. Panola Sec 25 O160a   1892
Lee Jeff Watkins Lida Panola     Engel, E.J. 1912
Longman Daniel Krug Rosie Panola Sec 7 O160a   1865
Lyons John M. Hindert Cathryn Panola Sec 13 T120a Lyons, H.L. 1884
Lyons Patrick     Panola Sec 13 O120a   1864
Lyons William     Panola Sec 13 T400a Hannafin, P.H. and Lyons, Patrick 1878
Major C.W. Ioerger Matilda Panola Sec 29 T400a Herr, Fred and Major, Horace and Price, Miss 1872
Major Horace Boyd Lucy A. Panola Sec 16     1848
Manley Edward J. Petri Elizabeth Panola Sec 7 T120a Manley, John Mr. and Mrs. and Ryan, Margaret Mrs. 1886
Manley Frank Hindert Helen Panola Sec 6 T170a Manley, John 1893
McDonell Edward Huxtable Effie Panola Sec 12 T160a Belsley, Sol 1889
McDonell John Mool Sarah Panola Sec 14 T120a Funk, John Mrs. and Yoder, Joseph 1893
McKay Michael     Panola Sec 6 T360a McKay, Ellen 1880
McKay Robert  Corbett Mary Panola Sec 5 O25a, T50a McKay, Ella Mrs 1867
Miller A.P. Scates Emma Panola Sec 33     1892
Mool Henry Feller Sophie Panola Sec 22 O80a   1904
Mool Robert  Bell Pearl Panola Sec 16 T80a Mool, Will 1900
Mool Sam  Rhum Lizzie Panola Sec 24 T120a Mool, Sam and Punke, Herman 1868
Mool William Kelso Lazette Panola Sec 15 O110a   1862
Mool William C.     Panola Sec 14 T105a Mool, William Sr 1893
Morris E.G. Forsyth Ida Mae Panola Sec 10 O200a   18870
Morris Frank Boyd Tillie Panola Sec 11 T270a Price Est. 1910
Morris Ralph E. Boyd Elsie Panola Sec 10 T80a Punke, R.G. 1892
Nethercott Archie Schlink Fannie Panola Sec 35 T160a Nethercott, Arch and Jennie 1869
North Ralph   Bailey Ella   Panola Sec 35 T160a McOmber, H.L. 1913
Overlander H.H. Ommen Grace   Panola Sec 12 T160a Price Est. 1884
Palm William Rippel Mary Panola Sec 26 T120a Rippel, Charles 1916
Peyton J.C. Gill Ora E. Panola Sec 11   Taylor, Frank M. 1915
Pfister Emma Mrs     Panola Sec 28 T120a Haas, James Sr 1870
Pfister Lloyd     Panola Sec 28 T80a Crousis, Jacob F. Jr 1893
Pickett Cleve May Vernie Panola Sec 26     1916
Pinkham George Mrs     Panola Sec 29 T100a Pinkham, George Est. 1875
Pinkham G.C. Mooberry Alvira Panola Sec 29 T114a Pinkham, Alvin Mrs 1884
Pitman Dave Wagner Annabel Panola Sec 4 T80a Pitman, I.E. and Dave 1885
Poynter B.T. Bitner Lula Panola Sec 9   Guth, Sol E. 1915
Punke Adolf     Panola Sec 13 T200a Punke, Adolf and Funk, Amelia 1867
Punke Carl Zimmerman Ethel Panola Sec 24 T120a Punke, Henry Sr 1892
Punke Herman Lucas Josephine Panola Sec 24 T120a Punke, Reinhold and Herman  
Punke Otto Peck Phoebe Panola Sec 14 T240a Punke, Otto and Henry 1864
Punke R.G. Garman Katie M. Panola Sec 12 O120a   1866
Quinn Thomas Childers May Panola Sec 33 O120a   1890
Raby Carl Childers May Panola     Lyons, William 1916
Reed Dell H. Brand Bell Panola Sec 2 T80a Reed, J.C. 1883
Reinhardt Fred P. Zeddelmein Caroline Panola Sec 1 T100a Ruvenacht, Kate Mrs 1891
Ripper Henry Miller Anna Panola Sec 35 T160a Rippel, Charles 1889
Ripple Mary Mrs     Panola Sec 36 O80a   1889
Roberts A.Y. Cox Mamie Panola Sec 10   Abbott, C.S. 1916
Roth John Holt Mattie Panola Sec 16 O160a   1874
Roth Peter Mrs     Panola Sec 16     1888
Roth Phillip Hefler Anna Panola Sec 27 O200a   1887
Ruvenacht John Engel Magdelena Panola Sec 3 O200a   1856
Saltzman Peter     Panola Sec 2 O200a   1865
Sanders John C. Berry Agnes Panola Sec 8   DeVries, Steven 1917
Schertz S.E. Roth Emma Panola Sec 15 O60a, T100a Roth, Peter Mrs 1887
Schmillen John Devon Alessa Panola Sec 12 T80s Monk, R.H. 1915
Schrock E.H. Schertz Anna Panola Sec 2 T200a Ruvenacht, S.H. 1903
Shuck William DeVries Gertie Panola Sec 17 O160a   1873
Skaggs George Horn Olive Panola Sec 28     1916
Smith Bart Childress Mary Panola Sec 24     1909
Snyder H. A. Grundy Olive Panola Sec 17 T80a Grundy, E. C. Mrs. 1911
Sommer J. H. Costner Lena Panola Sec 10 T80a Baughman, Joe and Ruvenacht, S. H. 1880
Steffen William Guard Stella Panola Sec 28 T100a Guard, Frank 1910
Stimpert Theobald Reiners Fredericka Panola Sec 18 O330a   1866
Switzer R. H. Kindig Mary F. Panola Sec 18 O92a   1877
Swords N. A. Horrie Minnie A. Panola Sec 11 T80a Garrels, Herman 1914
Taylor Frank M. Shisler Ada C. Panola Sec 11 O280a   1866
Uphoff John     Panola Sec 20 T75a Adams, John, Harms, H, Uphoff, Wait 1893
Uphoff W. B. Oltman Rena Panola Sec 20 O173a   1868
Wilkey George Mapes Eva Panola Sec 35 T200a Wilkey, John, Kingdon, Liza and Ella 1893
Willhelm C. B. Well  Olive Panola Sec 16     1913
Williams William Pearson Anna Panola Sec 19     1912
Witten Robert Paris Edna Panola Sec 33     1915
Wolfe Joseph Freidi Caroline Panola Sec 20 T180a Lanton, T. O. and Price, Emma Miss 1884
Woltzen  John Aeschliman Laenia Panola Sec 30 T92a Aeschliman, T. H. 1893
Yambert J. A. Greiser Matilda Panola Sec 11 O158a   1869

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Farmer's Surname Given Name Spouse's Surname Spouse's Given Name Township Section  T/Tenant, O/Owner, Acres Property Owner if tenant In County since
Adams Albert Kissewetter Mary Partridge Sec 34 T160a Sacy, J. R. 1896
Arnold A. Aust Emma Partridge Sec 24 T440a Banta Bros. 1914
Baggs Otis Schneider Kate Partridge Sec 36 O96a   1867
Baker Amanda     Partridge Sec 3 O100a   1848
Baker  Mary     Partridge Sec 3 O100a   1843
Beavers Ross Seward Laura Partridge Sec 15 T200a Hunter, Emily 1885
Bennington Joseph H. Moulton Stella E. Partridge Sec 14 O437a   1914
Bevers Elizabeth     Partridge Sec 22 O180a   1868
Bishel Hubert Todden Dora Partridge Sec 32 T250a Schneider, Ellen 1874
Bodinus Helmen Knappe Marguerite Partridge Sec 29 O160a   1884
Bohlander Jess  Schwartz Ida Partridge Sec36 O120a   1883
Bohlander John Wagner Mary Partridge Sec 25 O308a   1852
Braun George   Black Bell   Partridge Sec 2 O140a   1877
Brown Harry Crumley Daisy Partridge Sec 15 T1 1/2a Hunter, Emmie 1900
Clark Clarence Bohlander Edna Partridge Sec 24 T170a Rediger, Louis 1875
Clark Dow G. Kerrick Marguerite Partridge Sec 11 T1 1/2a Bennington, J.H. 1895
Clark John Beavers Alice Partridge Sec 23 T150a Heininger, Kate Mrs 1889
Clark  Mary E.     Partridge Sec 13 O154a   1883
Conaway George E. Bleil Elizabeth Partridge Sec 23 T70a Bleil, Otto 1887
Cuny Louis Noll Elizabeth Partridge Sec 11 O170a   1864
de Guibert Clarence Eidman Kate Partridge Sec 22 O60a   1871
de Guibert Ernest Seward Kate Partridge Sec 10 T160a de Guibert, Ella 1879
de Guibert Guy Ellwood Edna Partridge Sec 22 O167a   1876
de Guibert Sidney Foster Dora Partridge Sec 10 O80a   1872
Durst Peter   Walton Maggie Partridge Sec 33 T370a Belsly Est. 1885
Eiben Albert     Partridge Sec 12 O240a   1878
Eiben John de Guibert Rosie Partridge Sec 13 T200a de Guibert, Alla Mrs 1878
Farraher John de Guibert Juanita Partridge Sec 10 T80a de Guibert, Sidney 1917
Fehr George DeBold Gail Partridge Sec 15 T83a Moulton, Ben 1907
Fuchs Joseph Lang Kate Partridge Sec 27 O30a   1883
Gangloff L.G. Seckler Nellie Partridge Sec 36 T160a Gangloff, John 1890
Hendricks Charles Barbar Rosie Partridge Sec 12 T160a Schorch, Ernest 1901
Hesselein Fred     Partridge Sec 25 T81a Meister, George 1867
Hunter Clara     Partridge Sec 15 O700a Hunter Est. 1909
Hunter Emily     Partridge Sec 15 O700a Hunter Est. 1909
Johnson Art  Beaver Mabel Partridge Sec 28 T40a Johnson, Isabelle 1885
Johnson W.I. Edson Ella Partridge Sec 17 T110a Johnson, Easebell 1892
Jones William Winkler Katherine Partridge Sec 10 t185a Jones, Jane 1865
Kemp Christ Mrs Boyer Ethel Partridge Sec 32 T220a Kemp, Barber 1884
Kirchgessner Albert Waldschmidt Anna Partridge Sec 23 O203a   1911
Kirchgessner Charles Gilles  Teresa Partridge Sec 26 T100a Kirchgessner, Joseph 1908
Kirchgessner Frank Breckenridge Mary Partridge Sec 25 T72a Schneider, J.G. 1916
Kunkel Marton Glaub Rosie Partridge Sec 33 T187a Engle, Mrs 1892
Long H.C.     Partridge Sec 10 T40a de Guibert, Ella 1897
McFarlin Ivan May Anna Partridge Sec 24 O80a   1881
Mennen Henry     Partridge Sec 12 O65a   1886
Meister Leo Wagner Pearl Partridge Sec 32 T500a Wagner, Lena 1888
Mitchell Archie Gisch Rose Partridge Sec 27 T3a Fox, Vitus 1901
Moulton Ben     Partridge Sec 11 T157a Rediger, John 1867
Moulton Jerry     Partridge Sec 2 T160a Black, John 1916
Nartinladd Marton Moulton Mary Partridge Sec 2 T160a Black, J.M. 1916
Patterson J.H. Schible Minnie Partridge Sec 16 T2a Zincer Est. 1916
Pierce Peter Adam Emma Partridge Sec 11 T240a Eiben, Albert 1916
Poignant Louie Clark Ellie Partridge Sec 21 T540a Zincer, B.F. 1867
Pritchertt Frank     Partridge Sec 10 T2a DeGuibert, Clarence 1871
Pritchett Louis  Davis  May Partridge Sec 16 T80a DeGuibert, Ernest 1875
Quiram William Fitschen Freda Partridge Sec 3 T150a Fitschen, Angelo 1910
Rediger Louis     Partridge Sec 24 O170a   1866
Rehner Ernest Wagner Ella   Partridge Sec 32 T280a Wagner Est. 1896
Reising Leo T. Villger Elsie Partridge Sec 34 O280a   1893
Rohmann Clarence Scheirer Frances Partridge Sec 35 T120a Gangloff, John 1894
Rohmann Joseph P. Schneider Kate Partridge Sec 35 O120a   1916
Schneider Fred Conurro Myrtle C. Partridge Sec 36 T40a Ganglough, John 1874
Schneider John A.     Partridge Sec 34 O79a   1916
Shepler Elle     Partridge Sec 21 T40a Wagle, Albert 1913
Simpkins Tracy Beecher Grace Partridge Sec 13 T2a Kenyon, James 1890
Speck Anton Ossenbeck Caroline Partridge Sec 27 O120a   1889
Steffen Daniel Mitchell Janet Partridge Sec 23 T233a Beer, John 1884
Steward James Pice Mattie Partridge Sec 22 O30a   1896
Waldschmidt Vitus Scheirer Gertie Partridge Sec 27 T230a Waldschmidt, Mary 1892
Walker William Hesterbell Hettie Partridge Sec 23 T95a Jorden, Herman 1873
Weis Mechail Lincy Johanna Partridge Sec 12 T215a Weis, J. 1897
Whitmer Walter Hirsistine Anna Partridge Sec 25 T190a Bendy Bros. 1916
Winkler Joseph Lower Pearl Partridge Sec 21 T40a Boutier, Harman 1913
Winkler Sol Speck Louise Partridge Sec 29 O139a